Chapter 39-Throw A Quince Flower

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In Geology major, the girls have always been the boss, and the boys were the workers. In Xiao Cao’s words; Research 2 lives like a dog, while research 3 is worse than pigs or dogs. End projects, learning theories, opening questions, ending experiments, signing contracts, one by one. I watched with horror while Xiao Cao’s weight went down 90, 88, 87, 85, 82 … When I saw that he was about to fall below 80, my presumption was finally settled, Amitabha Buddha….


The Doctor and I seem to have been maintaining a state of ‘one working – one not’. When one person is busy, the other person is relatively relaxed. It was gloomy on my side, so the Doctor upgraded to a legendary filial boyfriend and started the life of running to school 3 times a week.

Xiao Cao said wistfully: “Right now, all the girls who have no object of affection are discriminated against …”

I touched her face: “Don’t worry, there’s an understanding friend. ”

Xiao Cao took my hand off: “Go find your understanding friend. ”


I pushed open the shop door and watched two ladies go to the Doctor at the corner of the corridor and pointed to the empty position opposite him, presumably to ask if they could split tables (this kind of Chinese fast food restaurant is more common in peak dining hours).

The Doctor turned his back to them and I did not know what he said. The two ladies walked towards an empty table not far away.

The Doctor pulled out his cell phone and was about to make a phone call when I walked behind him and lowered my voice: “Hi, sir, are you alone? Is it convenient to split tables?”

The Doctor suddenly turned back and gave me a look: “Sorry, my wife will be here soon. ”

I pinched his earlobe and sat opposite him: “Brother, you’re very marketable ~”

Doctor: “I’m flattered. ”

Can you not be so calm!?

When we got up after the meal, the two ladies’ eyes stared back and forth between us. The Doctor was in such a good mood that he pulled me: “Let’s pick up the child. ” (It’s Chen Cong nephew, we were to take care of him for 2 hours.)

I was so speechless I could only look up to heaven.  Ai, just like an old couple…


In the afternoon, after picking up Chen Cong, I went to the kitchen to clean up the little guy’s leftover fruit bowl and heard the phone ring.

“Gu Wei, whose number is it? ”

The Doctor came up with a straight face and handed over my cell phone: “Shao Jiang. ”

Last time we met each other, I left my number, but I really couldn’t think of any reason he would call. I dried my hands and picked it up.

After an innocuous opening remark, he asked about L’s wedding next month. L is my senior for two terms during my undergraduate years. Although I am in the same college, I basically had only communicated a bit, slightly better than nodding acquaintance. The news of her marriage was also mentioned by someone in the classmate circle not long ago. Shao Jiang’s question puzzled me somewhat: “She didn’t send me an invitation.”

“I am one of the best men.”

“Oh… ” Should I say congratulations?

“Well, in fact, we are short one bridesmaid.”

“Oh… ” Why is it so popular to get married now? A group of groomsmen and a group of bridesmaids make it like a group wedding …

Shao laughed at the other end: “Can you help me out?”

I quickly weighed it in my heart and said, “I have nothing to do with her to that extent. It should be more appropriate to find her classmates from the same class. Say congratulations for me.”

Shao didn’t insist, said a few words and hung up the phone.


A week later, at school.

“I’m helping L send the invitation.”

I took the delicate envelope and looked at Shao Jiang in front of me and his French friend An Fei. I only felt that the situation was a bit strange. I subconsciously held Xiao Cao who was ready to return to the dormitory.

In the end, I didn’t know what was going on and turned it into a visit to the campus.


Returning to the dormitory, Xiao Cao asked, “what is the situation?”

Recalling what the Doctor said before, I shrugged my shoulders: “Nothing.”

After that, I helped her find an old journal someone wants to borrow, but the person who came to pick it up was Shao Jiang. I really can’t fathom the behavior of these two people.

At L’s wedding, with only a few people familiar at the table, all night long; In addition to eating food, I just looked up at the stage, bored. After the wedding reception, I said goodbye to L, and Shao Jiang said, “Can I drive you home later?”

On one side, An Fei’s eyelids lifted.

“Thank you. ” Resolutely rejected wading into this muddy water, “my boyfriend will be here soon. ”

When the Doctor arrived, a small circle of people around him had three seconds of silence. I saw Shao Jiang and An Fei smile politely and modestly at Gu Wei, and they were a little upset for no reason. I took Gu Wei’s arm and nodded to say goodbye.

On the way back, the Doctor looked at me holding hot soya-bean milk and sipping it, smiling, “How was the wedding?”

I shook my head: “I am not familiar with the people and the food is not to my taste. ”

I found that something was wrong when Shao Jiang returned the journal at the end of the year, and Gu Wei came to pick me up for dinner at his parents’ house that day.

After receiving the journal from Shao, it was not convenient to bring a thick book, so I took it to the Dormitory Management Department for safe keeping, leaving Gu Wei and Shao Jiang alone.

Five minutes later, I came out: “Well, the management specially found a bag to pack it up, waterproof and burglarproof. ”

The Doctor chuckled.

I turned to Shao Jiang and he nodded: “Sorry to bother you. I’ll leave now. ” He hurried away, before leaving he turned to look at Gu Wei, and said nothing.


Along the way, Gu Wei’s eyebrow and eyes were calm. When we got home, after greeting, he went into the kitchen to help. I felt even more wrong. He often would carry me to the living room or kitchen together.

I thought of San San saying ‘You two should get things done quickly and go out and hang around with your ring. A long delay may mean trouble’ before, so I went into the kitchen firmly.

The Doctor’s mother was stirring the soup in the pan and Gu Wei, who was concentrating on washing his hands, took over her apron.

I went behind Gu Wei, hugged him and buried my whole face in his back.

“It’s almost ready, go out and wait.”

I didn’t move.

Gu Wei ‘shoulder a heavy task’ and added salt to the casserole: “Koala, set the bowl and chopsticks.”

I kept still.

“Okay, what’s wrong with you?”

“Gu Wei, we have been together for more than two years. ” Your little emotional fluctuations, how could I not see it?

The Doctor raised his eyebrows and turned to stir the soup. His attitude was quite uncooperative.

“Auntie!” I raise my voice.

Gu Wei quickly turned and clasped me into his arms.

“What’s the matter?” The Doctor’s mother pushed the door open.

Gu Wei: “Um–we have something to do after the meal. ”

“Next time you have something, don’t rush back, running back and forth will tire you. ” The Doctor’s mother completely ignored the Doctor and I’s intertwined arms and hands, “the soup is about ready, come out for dinner. ” I calmly went out.

The Doctor squinted at me. I ignored him and took the soup out.

As soon as I got up to help clean up the dishes for dinner, the doctor’s mother rushed me out: “You are busy with your work. Tell me in advance what you want to eat when you come back next time. ”

We said goodbye and went out. The doctor was silent and was ready to turn toward the apartment after leaving the intersection.

Me: “XX Road. ”

Doctor: “Shopping?”

Me: “I have already bought it.”


Half an hour later, when the Doctor was swaggering with a ring on me, I felt a sense of accomplishment with a dull expression. He stared at his middle finger for 5 seconds and quickly looked back at my hand. I lit up generously and suddenly felt a little embarrassed: “Well, please take it off before any operation. ”

The Doctor looked at me and said nothing.

“Um, it was ordered before and put here to engraved letters. ”

The Doctor still did not speak.

Every time he looked at me with such indescribable eyes, my irregular brain damage came out: “Well… Throw me a Quince flower, I will return with a red jade; Throw me a Magnolia, I will return with beautiful white jade; Throw me Muli flower, I will return with a black jade…”

(TNote: This sentence is from a collection of ancient Chinese poems. In its entirety it means: Reciprocity, the value in return is much greater than the gift.) 

Doctor: “I am a science student. ”

Me: “Well, you have to repay me well. ”=_=

Doctor: “Promising to repay with all of me.”


Special Dialog 

(… I rarely get romantic!)

Doctor: So, you also know that your rare.

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