Chapter 29 – Let’s Talk

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When I got back to my apartment, I took a shower and changed into clean clothes. I buried myself in my pillow and went to sleep.

Can’t sleep. Listening to the sound of water in the toilet, I was in a daze.

Until Gu Wei hugged me from behind: “Xiao Xiao–“

I said: “Sleep. Sleepy. ”

In the afternoon, two people were sitting on the sofa. He watched TV and I read the CNKI.

(TNote: CNKI = (China National Knowledge Infrastructure, 中国知网) is basically a digital database of journals, doctoral dissertations, masters’ theses, proceedings, newspapers, yearbooks, statistical yearbooks, ebooks, patents, standards and so on. find here:

“What are you looking at?”

“Rock formations rupture. ”

This is the only conversation we had in 2 hours.

After 3 o’clock, San San called to ask me to go out shopping. I looked at Gu Wei, who held his chin and stared at the advertisement on the TV, and consented. (if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

Before going out, I thought about it, then walked over and kissed Gu Wei on the cheek: “I’m leaving. ”

He looked up and shook his wrist: “Come back early. ”


The so-called shopping was two women, each have a drink, and sat in a daze in McDonald’s.

I found this picture a little strange, after a young mother at the next table glanced at us too many times.

I poked the back of San San’s hand: “Are you feeling your spring?” Otherwise, I really can’t imagine why such an upright girl can be in a daze.

San San suddenly brushed her hair impatiently: “How can a man be considered-good for you, beyond normal limits?”

“You’re this old and still ask this question–it basically means that the person has gone beyond the normal limits to you. What? Are you interested in someone?”

“Who is interested?!” San San seriously said, “never be knocked down by the sugar-coated shells of capitalism!”   (What kind of education do we receive from an early age? )

“Ah, so it’s a rich man. ”

San San gave me a venomous look: “Are you in love? Has your IQ recovered yet? ”

It was my turn to brush my hair impatiently: “How should a man treat his ex-girlfriend?”

San San suddenly refreshed: “Why? They still have the feeling of love?”

I shrugged. What Gao Xi did in front of my eyes was out of line anyway.

“I don’t care about the other person, but I can’t control him either. All I care about now is Gu Wei’s attitude. ”

San San slapped me on the back of my hand: “It’s not easy for you to be open-minded, but there is time! You can’t see each other when he is in the hospital, so if you don’t wipe her out of his mind completely, are you going to let the doctor bury it in his heart in the next few years?”

“It was wiped out– it should be. Gu Wei wiped her out.” I’m not the reason he did so.

“By the way, what happened to your sugar-coated shell that went out of normal limits?”

“…” (if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

I really didn’t think too seriously about it at first, mainly because I thought it was useless. But soon, I found out that I was thinking too simply.

(this chapter is stolen from

Returning to X City after the National holiday.  The thesis project would be presented together. So, one day I went to the research institute to ask the senior sister for information. On the way back, I thought that I hadn’t seen the Doctor for a few days, so I went to the hospital. Chen Cong told me that Gu Wei went to the clinic.

This is the first time I went to the outpatient building to look for him, it is nearly 5 o’clock, there were not many patients. As soon as I turned up the stairs, before I reached their clinic, I saw a man and a woman with eye-catching white robes standing at the end of the corridor. One looking down and the other looking up. Very close. I felt a cramp on temples: work interaction, work interaction…

How I stood at the door of the waiting room was seen by Bai Mianjun in his office. He walked himself out and looked very happy. He said in a low voice, “Come to catch a cheater?”

I looked at the person in front of me strangely. Do you have a grudge against Gu Wei? How can you say this so easily?

Then he smiled and said, “there are indeed some people who are always afraid of the real world. They are commonly known as ‘shit stick’. ” Ignoring my stiff face, he turned away.       (this chapter is stolen from

(TNote: shit stick/ Jiǎo shǐ gùnzi [搅屎棍子] = someone who loves to stir up trouble. It was originally used by farmers to stir the fertilizer. The original meaning was not derogatory, and later became a full derogatory term.)


I put the wild chestnut I brought on the Gu Wei’s table. Chen Cong said with a smile, “why are you so languid, huh?”

I smiled and nodded goodbye.

Sitting on the bus, Gu Wei called me while gasping for breath: “Where are you?”

“On the way back to school. ”

While silent at both ends, I rubbed my temples: “Gu Wei, there are things we should think about first. I’ll hang up now.”

In the following days, I went round and round — the experimental building – library – tutor’s office – dormitory, and my communication with Gu Wei was reduced to a “Good night” before going to bed every night.

(this chapter is stolen from

In November, the weather is getting colder and colder. During this period, San San called twice to beat about the bush. I fobbed both of them. Finally, Xiao Cao asked: “Are you all right, a school?”

I flipped through the journal of geophysics in my hand and said, “I’m all right.”

When I met with two passers-by in the afternoon, my cell phone rang.

“Let’s talk. ”

“In a meeting. “(this chapter is stolen from

The three of us looked at each other.

“Okay, if you are busy… ” He hung up.

2 hours later, the phone rang again.

I cleared my throat: “I’m not done here…”

“Xiao Cao just passed me. ”

“…”(this chapter is stolen from

“Lin Zhixiao, this has been going on for more than a week. Even a killer gets a fair trial. Are you going to– let me come and get you?” The more he talked, the more I feel helpless.

I doodled on paper with a pen: “I don’t know what to say to you.”

“Then don’t say–”

“All right, bye-bye. ” I hung up neatly. I really don’t know where to start, so I’ll just bury my head for a while.

Twenty minutes later, Gu Wei stood behind me.

I think this man is already familiar with my school, especially with the help of the traitor Xiao Cao.

He pointed his index finger at my doodle and raised his chin: “so, Hainan Island and Taiwan Island. ” (this chapter is stolen from

When I made it up, he took it away and said, “give it to me. ”

I watched this gentle man sit opposite me and suddenly spoke in a cold tone: “shall we go to dinner after talking, or shall we talk slowly after dinner?”

I tapped on the draft paper with a pen: “It depends on whether the story you tell is long-or short.”

Gu Wei pushed his glasses: “do you want to listen from the beginning or just the end?” (this chapter is stolen from

I was silent for 5 seconds: “The end.”

“Colleagues in different departments of the same hospital.” He stood up and held out his hand to me. “Let’s go, it’s time to eat.”

“That’s all?”

“What? What else do you want?” Gu Wei was suddenly a little angry. “I haven’t had a solid meal for a week. I can’t have something wrong with my digestive system as a digestive surgeon, can I? You are very light, believe it or not I can’t eat like you.”

When I was busy eating steak, I looked at Gu Wei’s frosty face and the knife that made the plate squeak. I suddenly felt that it was really a disaster.

I cleared my throat: “Doctor, don’t you think you are a bit of a hooligan?”

Gu Wei raised his eyelids and finally took my plate, cutting it angrily: “I just think I’m too much of a gentleman!”

(this chapter is stolen from

Special Dialog :


Doctor: Yes, you are so light, just like the wind. You made me seem like a madman.

(quarreling is very tiring, but a heart-to-heart talk is even more tiring.)

Doctor: why isn’t eating too tiring?

(only when you have enough to eat and drink can you have the strength to talk about feelings ^ _ ^).

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