Chapter 18 – Tour in S-City

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Translated by fairishalie
Edited by vrethalya

The next day, I woke up at six and stared at my room’s ceiling.

From the window curtains, the morning sun enlightened into the room. Hearing Xiao Cao’s regular breathing by my side, I was hypnotized and went back to sleep until my cellphone vibrated. I grabbed it, looked at the screen and the whole thing last night reappeared in my memory.


“…” (my brain was still buffering)

“Lin Zhixiao.”


“… Who am I?”

“…. Doctor.”

“….” I could even feel his helpless expression through the phone, “I finished my work.”

“I’m — in the dorm, on the bed. I woke up very early, just haven’t got up from bed yet….”

“I can hear it.”

From this phone call, I could hear the traffic and street flow, his footsteps to reach the subway station, and the sound of the swiped up subway cards. My consciousness began to recover, and my heart started to get excited and called out softly, “Gu Wei.”


“What’s on your wrist?”

“A bunch of beads. Are you afraid that I will run away?”

“Ai, just in case there’s a millennium fox demon..” I blinked several times.

A laughed sound passed through, “Do you think we can block it just by wearing a Buddha bracelet?”

“My Grandma read The Heart Sutra for 108 times every day.”

(The Heart Sūtra (Sanskrit: प्रज्ञापारमिताहृदय Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya or Chinese: 心經 Xīnjīng) is a famous sutra in Mahāyāna Buddhism. Its Sanskrit title, Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya, can be translated as “The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom.”)


The phone was silent, “What’s your plan for today?”


“We— “

“Oh, there’s a welcoming ceremony for the new students tonight.”

“…” I heard his voice from the middle of the crowd, “The subway is coming, I will arrive at your school in 45 minutes,”

He hung up the phone, left me who was like an electrocuted eel on the bed. I immediately got up from the bed.

Today was our first day as a couple. A male lead who left speechless and a female lead who overly panicked…

I quickly washed and changed my clothes, ran to the school gate. When I reached there, the Doctor had arrived.

The moment I saw him, my heart suddenly palpitated with excitement. He stood on the sideway with his straight body, bowed down his head and turned over his cellphone. His facial features were bright, his expressions were calm, as this was just another ordinary weekend for us.

He seemed to look at something, smiled, and looked up. He slowly walked to my direction, just like what he did to me every morning in the hospital.

This person, even he wasn’t wearing a white robe, but he could bring up a Doctor’s aura, so I subconsciously nodded and said, “Good morning, Doctor Gu.”


An awkward silence…

“When is the welcoming party?”

“3 p.m.”

He handed over his phone.

『Brother-in-law, give me my sister’s cellphone number.』
『What for?』
『So sister can treat me dinner.』
『She doesn’t have time.』
『Then, I’ll treat her to dinner.』
『She’s not available.』
『All of this time, I vainly called you brother-in-law!』
『 I’ll ask her.』

I was too embarrassed to look up, “I don’t bring my wallet.” I ran out too quickly, and just bring my cellphone with me.

The Doctor glanced at me: “I brought it.”

On the subway, I ate the sandwich given by the Doctor. “Xiao Du knows you first, why he calls you brother-in-law? Logically, he should call me sister-in-law.”

The Doctor knocked on my forehead: “Lin Zhixiao, concentrate while eating.”

I took another bite, and I suddenly had a more fantastic question in my mind, “How did Xiao Du know…? It just happened last night!”

The Doctor finally couldn’t help to laugh out loud.

I felt more embarrassed: “I rarely react so sluggishly.” He said thoughtfully, “Don’t stare at me — it’s not good for your heart and brain.” The Doctor kept his smile, tilted his lips, and stared at me.

“Comrade Gu Wei, don’t casually fascinate people.”

“…” Comrade Gu Wei helplessly dragged me down from the subway to transit.

Before I got to the gate of S City, I saw Xiao Du jumped up and waved, “Sister, Brother-in-law!”

We had passed another summer; He became taller. He vaguely will surpass Gu Wei’s height. On the way here, Gu Wei told me, “Xiao Du has been calling me brother-in-law for over three months.”

(Why don’t you tell me earlier! Why you let me be in pain for so long!)

Xiao Du did not study at the Faculty of Medicine, so he went to a very ‘manly’ civil engineering. I patted his shoulder, “I will introduce a very ‘manly’ sister to you later. She is also an engineering student.”

Doctor: “The girl who came on that day when your father was discharged from the hospital?”

Xiao Du surprised, “Brother-in-law, how could you know everything!”

Doctor: “I guessed it. That day in the hallways, she talked to your mother. She said that you were a shy person. Your mom should arrange a blind date for you, or she guaranteed you would become an extermination teacher after graduating.”

(The extermination of the teacher, the character in the Jin Yong martial arts novel “Eternal Dragon Slayer”)

“….” I looked up at the sky. It was what she said so that you could hear it.

On the way, we visited the supermarket (why on earth I should visit this kind of place?) and met Xiao Du’s dormitory roommates, so he called everybody to have lunch together.

Six people at some table were lively. Some boys were initially feeling reluctant, but when they saw Xiao Du’s attitude who’s always without the slightest scruple, they gradually began to follow.

A: “Sister, how does it feel to have a stroll on S City?”

“There are lots of beautiful girls.” It was said that 1/3 of the beautiful girls in the X City are in the S City.”

The three boys glanced at Xiao Du: “Oh— “

Xiao Du stunned: “What?!”

I smelled the taste of JQ.

(JQ was an internet slang word as if someone who would have a romantic relationship)

B looked sad but frustrated: “Ah, Sister, you don’t know, ah! Each one of us helped him replying love letters until our hands limp with exhaustion.”

Xiao Du’s face blushed: “When did your hands limp with exhaustion?”

C knocked the bowl, “Just the day before yesterday, there was a beautiful girl who’ve confessed to him!”

Xiao Du got angry, “What a beauty, she was nothing compared to my sister! Brother-in-law, what do you think?”

Gu Wei smiled: “Hmm, you set the role model correctly.”

Me: “….”

The lunch ended with a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. Then, four teenagers sent us to the subway station and waved to us: “Sister, Brother-in-law, Goodbye!” They turned around and chatted with a loud voice.

As they walked away, I still could hear Xiao Du’s voice. “It’s all because… My Sister and Brother-in-law is a genius…”

Gu Wei teased me, “Is your brain normally functioning now?”

I glanced at him and ignored him.

“Xiao Du is very happy, thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for? I’m the sister, and you are the brother-in-law.”

I had always been curious, why Gu Wei treated Xiao Du that good.

“Xiao Du’s grandmother was a very kind person. At that time, I just arrived at the hospital. I took an internship while taking the qualification certificate. When I was reading in the office at night, she would give me warm water and yelled at me, ‘Young man, remember to eat some night snack. Otherwise, your body won’t be able to bear it.’ Before I was going home, she will remind me, ‘Go to bed early, don’t forget to cover the quilt before you sleep.’ Later, she mentioned about her grandson, ‘Xiao Du is a very smart, but no one’s guiding him in the front.’ She was old and not talkative, but all the doctors and nurses like her very much.”

I thought of Xiao Du; he was alive and happy. I hugged the Doctor’s arm, “She will be very grateful up there.”

Gu Wei sent me, who was penniless, back to the school and went back to his home in the opposite direction.

Special Dialog:
Sansan: Hahaha! One objects always beat another! Finally, you came through this day!
Doctor: I found out that there were a lot of matchmakers who contribute to blowing up the flames.

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