Entrust the Rest of My Life to You


Author:Bolin Shijiang / 柏林石匠

Title: Entrust the Rest of My Life to You / 亲生,请多指教

Translator: fairishalie & RandomAlex


I used to think that I couldn’t find it for my entire life – the world is very big, and I walked it slowly, what if I couldn’t meet my loved one?

Since I heard “more than 3 billion men in the world, 700 million men in China, there was plenty of fish in the sea”. It became more and more clear that in normal life, the opposite s*x that we could get familiar with and to developed deep feelings with, was too limited. Too limited until I was prepared to accept people’s matchmaking to find a suitable man, simmer slowly and then ordinarily entered marriage life. But in the unexpected corner of life, perhaps we still could find our better half.

In March 2009, I watched my father being pushed out of the operating room, and I had no idea that the doctor followed behind the bed would be my lifelong’s partner.

I think, in this relationship, I could never surpass Gu Wei. I just followed my heart and followed him all the way, but Gu Wei always had to consider the future for both of us. He always jokingly said, “Lin Zhixiao, I don’t dare make mistakes now.”

This man, who was occasionally deep and childish most of the time, occupied almost my entire point of view about love.

He said: “I will always stay by your side, no matter in good or bad.”

I told him: “Even if life rewinds many times, in spring 2009, I will still fall in love with you at first sight.”


Lin Zhixiao’s life hits rock bottom right as she was about to graduate from university. Her father falls ill and has to be hospitalized, she ends up having to give up a job opportunity waiting for her, and she breaks up with her boyfriend. All her hopes and dreams for the future are dashed. At this moment, her father’s lead physician; Gu Wei enters her life and new love blossoms.

Raw : https://www.dizishu.com/b/82225/


Chapter 1 – Phone Call
Chapter 2 – Night Duty
Chapter 3 – His Eyes
Chapter 4 – Apple
Chapter 5 – Inquire
Chapter 6 – Dilemma
Chapter 7 – Chaotic
Chapter 8 – Xiao Du
Chapter 9 – Text Message
Chapter 10 – Meet Again
Chapter 11 – Doubt
Chapter 12 – Rush
Chapter 13 – Get Closer
Chapter 14 – Penetrating
Chapter 15 – Greatly Admire
Chapter 16 – Blessed
Chapter 17 – Night Run
Chapter 18 – Tour in S-City
Chapter 19 – Remain Calm
Chapter 20 – Reluctant to be Separated
Chapter 21 – A Year after Surgery
Chapter 22 – So-called Flash Sale
Chapter 23 – A Lot Of Benefits
Chapter 24 – The Lousy Part
Chapter 25 – Quick Return
Chapter 26 – Meeting the Parents for The Second Time
Chapter 27 – Suit and Tie
Chapter 28 – a Wedding and a Shadow
Chapter 29 – Let’s Talk
Chapter 30 – Fight Head to Head
Chapter 31a – Giving a Real Status
Chapter 31b – Giving a Real Status
Chapter 32a – First Visit
Chapter 32b – First Visit
Chapter 33a – Divide and Conquer
Chapter 33b – Divide and Conquer
Chapter 34a – Peach Blossoms
Chapter 34b- Peach Blossoms
Chapter 35-Parents Meeting the Daughter-in-law
Chapter 36a-Difficult Sister-in-law
Chapter 36b-Difficult Sister-in-law
Chapter 37 – Golden Seal Wedding
Chapter 38 – Jin Shi & Yin Shi Side Story: Talking About the Big Issue
Chapter 39-Throw A Quince Flower
Chapter 40-A Curtain Call
Chapter 41-Love and Separation
Chapter 42- Let Bygones be Bygones
Chapter 43-Marry Me
Chapter 44- Keeping Watch on Happiness
Chapter 45-Spring Has Come (It’s Not Over)

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  1. The chapter updates were heaven, thank you. 💃🏻
    Gu Wei asked Xiao Xiao to marry him, then he was off to Germany, just like that😭😭 she wants to be strong and act normal, but I’m crying for her 😢

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