English Novels





Addicted to Pampering You: The Mysterious Pampered Wife of The Military Ye

Tags: Arranged Marriage; Beautiful Female Lead; Cold Protagonist; Female Protagonist; Military; Modern Day; Power Couple; Strong Love Interests; Wealthy Characters; Assassination; Secret Organizations; Cold Beauty.


Good Man Operation Guide

Tags: Acting; Ancient Times; Beautiful Female Lead; Business Management; Calm Protagonist; Famous Protagonist; Farming; Ghosts; Handsome Male Lead; Interdimensional Travel; Male Protagonist; Modern Day; Multiple Realms; Multiple Reincarnated Individuals; Overpowered Protagonist; Politics; Poor to Rich; Protagonist Strong from the Start; Showbiz; System Administrator; Time Travel.


Yu Ren

Tags: Ancient Times; Black Belly; Cunning Protagonist; Female Protagonist; Time Travel; Politics; Merchant; Bussines.


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