Chapter 36. If You Mess With Me, You Won’t Leave

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At that time, there were guests and waiters in the lobby. Xin Ai said so loudly that many people heard it. They whispered several times in a row, don’t know who was the first dropped these words…

Jian Si lowered his head, his face could not bear it. He was embarrassed!

Xin Ai spoke extraordinary words from time to time, always breaking his bottom line again and again.

The thing of “three values”, as far as Xin Ai was concerned, already didn’t exist.

However, Jian Zechuan seems to have been used to it for a long time. It’s rare for him to have a little bit of temperature in his smile: “Is that what you think?”

Xin Ai’s eyelids were in a fight. It seemed that there was a big fire on her body. Jian Zechuan’s clothes were tightly wrapped around her. She wriggled and struggled to free her hands, but she couldn’t. There was an irresistible urge in her throat, and she wrinkled her nose: “En… Especially, especially… Want to… ”

Jian Si sharpened up his ears to hear what cold-hearted Sanye would say, but he didn’t hear anything.

However, he watched that Jian Zechuan’s long legs had made large and fast steps.

The car stopped at the door. Jian Si walked two steps quickly. He opened the door and reached out to help Jian Zechuan. After Jian Zechuan got in the car, he hurriedly closed the door and didn’t dare to waste time.

He sighed in his heart: Ah, tonight, maybe Xin Ai will get what she wants.

This woman, the stalker, has a real result.

All of a sudden, he felt a little sympathy for Sanye. He was entangled by this little goblin. He doesn’t think he’ll have a safe life in the future.

The car moved slowly into darkness.

There was a black Porsche Cayenne opposite to Yundian club. The smell of smoke in the car was very strong.

Lu Jincheng held half a burning cigarette between his fingers, and the ashtray next to him was already full of cigarette butts.

The car was dark, and only the sparks of cigarette butts were flashed.

Lu Jincheng’s face was completely in the dark, and he could not see anything but hear ridicule from himself.

He personally sent Xin Ai in, took his membership card, and… He watched Jian Zechuan come out with her in his arms.

He knew that she probably succeeded.

But he… He…

Lu Jincheng took a hard breath. The obscure smell of tobacco was instantly inhaled into his throat, choking him and coughing…

He admitted that he had a crush on Xin Ai. He thought she was a rare and interesting girl, and he wanted to chase her.

However, when it comes to love, there is still a long way to go… At least he won’t say that this is the woman he wants to marry, and he can live with her for the rest of his life.

But, just when he saw Xin Ai being carried out by Jian Zechuan from Yundian and drove away, he felt so stuffy in his chest that he felt as if every breath had rough sand grinding his heart, which was so painful that he could not speak.

He didn’t expect that he would suffer so much, which was several times worse than when he sent her to see Jian Zechuan in Wandou hotel.

The cough gradually stopped, Lu Jincheng touched the mobile phone. The screen lit up and then the faint light hit his face. His expression was cold.

He pulled out a number and dialed it.

“Hello, help me to check this person. I’ll send you a photo and name later. I want to know what happened to her recently.”

“I want it tomorrow. The price is whatever you want.”


In the back seat, Xin Ai was no longer rational. If Jian Zechuan hadn’t held her, she would have jumped him and done things directly.

Xin Ai’s face was flushed; she can beat an egg and it’s supposed to be cooked. The shoes on her feet have been kicked off.

The white and tender feet paddled on the black leather seat, muttering: “These clothes… Take… Take it off… ”

Jian Zechuan was not much better than her, even if he was a saint, he couldn’t bear to grind people like goblins.

He really regretted that he should not have fed her that thing, but he did not expect that Xin Ai had even learned to use the medicine.

In the past, if someone gave him medicine, they would never see the sun tomorrow.

Today, he doesn’t even have basic principles. He knows that Xin Ai was plotting against him. He knows that she was approached him purposefully, but … So what?

Since he agreed to her approach, he could make her unable to turn over the waves!

The goblin in his arms wriggled again. Jian Zechuan’s Adam’s apple moved twice and pressed her hard: “Endure it.”

“I can’t endure it… It’s hot… ” Xin Ai closed her eyes and was about to cry.

Jian Si couldn’t wait to cover his ears, the noise was really …. Even he, an iron man, had a hard time to bear it, so it was no wonder that Sanye made an exception.

In this case, a man couldn’t stand it!

Jian Si stepped on the accelerator so hard that he couldn’t wait to get to the destination right away.

When he got to the place, Jian Si stepped on the brake, and he didn’t dare to turn back. “Sanye, we’ve arrived.”

Xin Ai’s medicine has been breaking out in waves. She had been tortured on the road and was out of strength, plus she was drunk. Now she was faint in Jian Zechuan’s arms. Her cheeks were red. She looked like she had been fished out of the water, and it doesn’t look good.

Jian Zechuan suddenly asked, “How did she get to Yundian?”

Jian Si hesitated for a moment and whispered, “It’s… It’s… She used Lu Jincheng’s membership card… ”

Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, the breath of Jian Zechuan suddenly changed.

The temperature was not low in the evening in June, but Jian Si also felt a steady stream of air-conditioning coming out of the car. He heard Jian Zechuan’s smiling voice: “Oh, Lu Jincheng!”

The sound immediately cooled Jian Si’s body.

Jian Zechuan pinched Xin Ai’s face. “You said ‘change’ on Yundian, didn’t you?”

Xin Ai closed her eyes, her face was full of pain, and her mouth hummed unconsciously: “Mm-hmm… Change… ”

Jian Zechuan did not move, squinting at Xin Ai’s painful but seductive face, suddenly bowed his head and took a bite on her red lips.

Xin Ai’s body instinctively struggles. Jian Zechuan only took one bite and then let go. His thumb pressed on her deeply imprinted lip, and his voice was cold: “I told you earlier, don’t mess with me. Do you want to change it now? It’s too late!”

Jian Si shivered!

In other words, if Sanye did not mean that, how could he tolerate a bold woman like Xin Ai to challenge his bottom line again and again.

After all, Xin Ai as a goblin was taken away.

Watching Jian Zechuan go in with the unconscious Xin Ai, Jian Si breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking up at the sky, the moon was bright and the stars were sparsely seen tonight. It will be a fine day tomorrow. It’s estimated that this night will be a lot of trouble. Maybe he will be able to sleep a little longer tomorrow.

Jane Zechuan threw Xin Ai on the bed. She played for a little while and exhorted him to wake up.

If it’s not because of alcohol that makes Xin Ai faint, it would have been estimated that Xin Ai would have really pounced on Jian Zechuan on the way.

There was a light in the room. Jian Zechuan stood still beside the bed, his shirt was wrinkled, and there was sweat from Xin Ai on it. The most difficult thing he could bear was dirt, but he endured all the way this time. He holding a fireball that was dishonest and almost rubbed his pride and self-control.

If it were not for the fact that he had to wash first, he would have done Xin Ai by now.

Jian Zechuan raised his hands and unbuttoned them one by one. His eyes always fixed on the woman in bed.

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