Chapter 35. Ready To Change People

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Later, Xin Ai was too weak to move. Her rationally quickly peeled off from her mind.

Jian Zechuan narrowed his eyes and pinched her hot chin: “Now you still want to go?”

Xin Ai looked at him with blurred eyes and said, “I… I…”

She had one last reason, and she thought it might be an opportunity to do something.

Xin Ai grabbed Jian Zechuan and pulled his collar. The whole body clings to him like a koala and raised her head to complain: “I … very … I like you very much … Why don’t you like me? Am I not beautiful?”

She behaved as if she were a drunken woman.

Xin Ai pointed to Xia Yinyin and said: “Look … Look at the woman beside you and the one in the room. Which one is more beautiful? Which one has it?”

Xia Yinyin’s fingernails were broken. Her body trembled with anger, and her heart scolded Xin Ai madly.

Shameless b*tch, what’s wrong with her?

With a smile on his face, Jian Zechuan didn’t move to let Xin Ai go crazy. He looked at what she was doing.

Jian Si’s eyes are about to fall out. Where is your penchant for cleanliness, Sanye?

Xin Ai puffed out her chest and the curve was even more impressive: “And … Their bodies are not as good as mine, though … Although I am not 36d, I am … Authentic, the real thing… Do you understand? You… You’ve touched it yourself. Don’t you think so?”

Jian Zechuan’s eyes darkened and pressed Xin Ai’s waist to bring her to closer to him.

“Have you finished?”

Xin Ai straightened up her neck. “It’s not over, and… and …”

She wrinkled her nose and placed Jian Zechuan’s hand in her heart. “You are the only one in my heart, no one else… But why don’t you convinced? Why don’t you believe me?”

Xin Ai’s cheeks were flushed. Her eyes were rippled and were a little more seductive under the influence of the medicine.

With the palm against the softest part of Xin Ai’s body, Jian Zechuan felt that his determination was about to be lost by this little swindler.

Xin Ai stretched out her hand to pull some cloth on her body. Jian Zechuan’s face muscles tightened. He held her in one hand and took off his coat on the back of the chair in other, quickly wrapped Xin Ai like a dumpling. He carried her uneasily, and smiled at the room filled with people with a smile: “This is my woman who already makes everybody laugh.”

These words, this is my woman, show a hint to spoil.

A short sentence was simple and clear. From Jian Zechuan’s mouth, sovereignty was indisputable, and no one dares to say a word.

At the same time, he warning every people, my woman, that none of you should make up your mind.

Suddenly there was a strange shout and ambiguous laughter around.

Xia Yinyin who was sat there looking even paler. She thought this woman was just a wishful gold digger, but she didn’t expect … Sanye admitted it.

He said it was his woman.

Other people who are doing it are extremely fine, but Sanye has never admitted who is his woman on the outside.

The silver-haired boy shouted, “San-ge, San-ge, what about a good idea of being pure and lustless? What about being free of desire? You are a liar. You hid such a beautiful little sister. You didn’t tell us all. You said … When did you hook up!”

Xin Ai stuck out her hairy head from Jian Zechuan’s head. Her cheeks flushed as if wearing natural peach blossom makeup, which is gorgeous and eye-catching. But her eyes are clear and innocent, like the cleanest spring water, which can be seen at a glance.

Xin Ai said drunkenly, “I… I hooked up with him… but he’s too… too hard to hook up …“

Jian Zechuan clenched his teeth and pressed Xin Ai: that arched on him. “Don’t move.”

Xin Ai, who was drunk and given medicine, was so daring that she straightened up her neck and said, “No, I just… Move… It’s very hot… This clothes… Pull, pull it off…”

Jian Zechuan’s patience and self-control were running out, so he clung to Xin Ai’s wrist and told her not to move.

“Well, my San-ge was so hard to get close to, and he didn’t know how to tenderness toward women. He’s really finicky… Don’t be fooled by his face!”

Xin Ai nodded approvingly: “So, I… Prepare to… Ha ha… I’m going to change him… I can’t hang myself from a tree… ”

The silver-haired boy is Jian Zechuan’s cousin, named Xie Qingzhou. He didn’t study well, so he went to form a band with others in his second year of high school and made his debut… He was popular.

Although he is also very afraid of Jian Zechuan but for his own cousin, he couldnt be the same as an outsider. There are even fewer people who had the guts.

He bounced in front of Xin Ai and patted himself: “Change him? Good, good. Little sister, me, me, me, look at me… ”

Jian Zechuan kicked over: “Get out!”

Xie Xiaozhou was kicked and shouted, “San-ge, you can’t do this. Little sister has said that she wants to change people.”

Jian Zechuan’s eyes were cold. At a glance, Xie Qingzhou shut up immediately.

With alcohol and drug effect, originally, Xin Ai has run out of reason. Lying on Jian Zechuan’s chest, her throat overflows with discontinuous groans, and all the people listening to her can get hot.

Jian Zechuan’s self-control ability was also useless.

Xin Ai pressed a button on Jian Zechuan’s chest and said vaguely: “Hot … I’m very hot …”

Jian Zechuan controlled her to stop move randomly, “Be obedient. Let’s go home to keep you cool.”

He said to the man on the poker table who had never spoken opposite him, “I’ll go first. Your gift will arrive in two days.”

The other side gave a hard sentence: “Take it easy. Don’t act indecent in public places.”

And there was a roar of laughter.

Jian Zechuan raised his eyebrows, picked up Xin Ai and left quickly.

As soon as he left, there was an instant explosion in the private room. All people talking about how long Jian Zechuan and Xin Ai had been hooking up with.

“I thought that Sanye would never taste the taste of women in his life. I didn’t expect that… In the end, this beauty didn’t succeed.”

“Nonsense, such a delicate beauty is not uncommon, and Sanye is not Liu Xiahui.”

(*TN: Liu Xia Hui (柳 下 惠) named Zhan Huo 展 獲 aka Zi Qin 子 禽 , he became an official in the country of Lu. He was a man of eminent virtue; which is the opposite character of Sanye. Sorry ToT I don’t know much about that. I just searched in google and copied it.)

“The key is that Sanye was so unkind that he has hidden it for so long without showing it to us.”

“Such a beautiful beauty, I also want to hide it…”

The surrounded voices made Xia Yinyin’s face more and more ugly. She gritted her teeth. Those voices seemed to laugh at her overreached. What’s funny is that she can’t even compare with a vulgar woman who worships money. This was an unprecedented humiliation for her.

Xia Yin’s body shook a few times, her eyes turned over and she fainted with anger.


Carrying Xin Ai out of the elevator and walking through the lobby, Xin AI, who was dazed and hot, suddenly seemed to be awake, opened her eyes and said to Jian Zechuan, “Jian Zechuan… You are very annoying. Don’t you realize it?”

Jian Zechuan is in a good mood. “How annoying?”

“Very!” Xin Ai was pretty sure.


“You don’t even give… Me… Sleep!” Xin Ai puckered her lips and said she was very aggrieved as if Jian Zechuan would not let her sleep, which was a very immoral thing.

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