Chapter 30. One Day Tour of Bai Li Mountain

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Ju Hong served Liu Zhenzhen since she was a child, and her future laid with her. Therefore, knowing that the journey was hard, she volunteered to follow her. Seeing her so angry at this moment, she was afraid that she would turn against Cui Zhenyi in a rage. She hurriedly urged in a low voice: “Miss, you still depend on her, so bear with it first.” Continue reading “Chapter 30. One Day Tour of Bai Li Mountain”

Chapter 29. A Word Can Take Your Whole Life Away

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Every time Lu Ying goes out to patrol the border, he brings back some rare things for Bai Fu Ling.

The so-called patrol, to be frank, it’s actually a threat; showing force to oppress the other side. With Lu Ying and Bai Family joining hands, Beiguan City has become the most prosperous commercial and trade place in the northwest frontier, with many businessmen trudging from the western regions, thousands of miles away. Continue reading “Chapter 29. A Word Can Take Your Whole Life Away”

Chapter 28. Expel the Tiger, Protect the Wolf

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As soon as Bai Fu Ling arrived at Heling Lake, the white tiger noticed her. The fierce and impatient look immediately disappeared, the big cat rubbed against Bai Fu Ling.

It was on all fours, and the height of its head was even with Bai Fu Ling’s chest, which almost pushed her to the ground. Fortunately, Bai Guo, the servant girl who came later, grabbed her and held her. Continue reading “Chapter 28. Expel the Tiger, Protect the Wolf”

Chapter 27. Welcoming an Auspicious Animal

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Behind the couple, there were also ten servants, each of whom had a smart, fresh and good appearance — (especially outstanding against the couple in the background). Their eyes, nose, and heart focused, without any eyes wandering and looking at each other. Yang Heng was satisfied and went into the house first.  Continue reading “Chapter 27. Welcoming an Auspicious Animal”

Chapter 26. ‘Brother and Sister’

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Lu Ying went to see Bai Chou and his wife first. When he heard that Bai Fu Ling was out and would to come back in the afternoon, he was slightly disappointed and had to go to the guest house to wash and eat first then have a rest. The servants of the guest house knew his habits very well, and they had already prepared everything in advance when they heard of his arrival. After Lu Ying bathed, he soon fell asleep on the bed of the guest house and slept much more soundly than the ‘home’ of the General in the city. Continue reading “Chapter 26. ‘Brother and Sister’”

Chapter 25. The Teacher Post

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“You have to ask him about it. I just feel that this guy is definitely not just someone from the Jianghu. We rarely see a real Jianghu person. At least they should look like Bai Ah Da. They either have a tough face or vicious to their bones. They will never look like a white-faced scholar. His bearing is clearly a person who has lived in a high position for a long time, and didn’t Bai Ping Zi say he had the face of a monarch?” Bai Fu Ling thinks everything is possible in this world because of her peculiar experience. The doubts put forward by Bai Guo were nothing.

Bai Guo listened to all her conjectures and was frustrated: “Why did you suddenly believe in the Second Steward?” Continue reading “Chapter 25. The Teacher Post”

Chapter 24. The Evil Delight of Stirring Up Trouble

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Three days later, Yang Heng received the first job of going to the school to teach slaves to read and write.

There is a difference between good and lowly, even an ordinary good citizen is ashamed to associate with slaves, not to mention teaching them to read. Thinking it was a deliberate humiliation of him from Bai Ping Zi, an angry look flashed in Yang Heng’s eyes and he asked Gan Lan, who had come to inform him: “Is this an errand from Steward Bai?”        Continue reading “Chapter 24. The Evil Delight of Stirring Up Trouble”

Chapter 23. There are Predators Inside

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When he thinks of the various fees and charges listed in the bill, apart from the medical expenses, other expenses are really not that outrageous, and even the medical expenses are — to be fair, well worth the money. Miracle Doctor Xinyi is a hard to find doctor. His ‘proud disciple’ received only 452 yuan for three visits, which is actually very affordable.

Besides, Fang Hai’s medicine is really very effective, in two days the poison has almost been completely cured. His other lighter sword wounds have improved significantly. At least he can stand up and walk, this kind of good medicine couldn’t even be found in the palace. Continue reading “Chapter 23. There are Predators Inside”

Chapter 22. Pauper with Fine Skin and Tender Flesh

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Yang Heng has not had any medicine on him, he was unable to open his eyes and speak. He can only try to analyze the information in their words and try to understand his current situation. What did another man say before about ‘the profile of a monarch’?  Who is he talking about?  Is it … is it he; Yang Heng? Continue reading “Chapter 22. Pauper with Fine Skin and Tender Flesh”

Chapter 21. Everyone Has Secrets

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Bai Chou handed over a stack of paper, and Bai Fu Ling took a few simple flips. There were the names, ages and places of residence of these craftsmen. More detailed descriptions of their skills were given. The language was simple and straightforward so that even a layman could understand the general meaning at a glance. Continue reading “Chapter 21. Everyone Has Secrets”