Chapter 11 [Part 2]

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Never mind.

If Sun Tiantian continued this conversation with Shen Nianshen, she would feel even more annoyed.

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Chapter 11 [Part 1]

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Sun Tiantian was overwhelmed by Shen Nianshen’s reply.

What did he mean by ‘am I crazy’? Were jealous people called crazy?
Sun Tiantian rubbed her nose, slightly unhappy. She lay her face down on the bed and replied to the message, ‘Shen Nianshen, you are very arrogant.’

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The Best of You [Chapter 10]

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Xie Xun’s birthday celebration, many high school friends were present. The event looked like a small high school reunion.

After eating Hotpot, they all went to the bar. Because the school would inspect the dorm rooms every night, they didn’t dare to play until late at night. They returned to school at 9:30.

Other high school friends go back to school with their own cars. Sun Tiantian returned to school with Xie Xun and his two roommates.

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The Best of You [Chapter 9]

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Shen Nianshen ate very fast. In a flash, he finished all the food in front of him.

However, when he looked up, Sun Tiantian’s food remained untouched. That girl hadn’t eaten it at all.

Shen Nianshen’s blinked his eyes and looked at Sun Tiantian, “Are you counting rice?”

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The Best of You [Chapter 8]

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“Why Tiantian hasn’t come back yet, should we call her?” Seeing the lights in the dormitory were going to be turned off, and Sun Tiantian hadn’t returned, several girls in the female dorm began to feel worried.

“Ten minutes ago, I called her. She will arrive shortly.” Cheng Duo said as she stood up from her chair, “I will wait for her at the front gate.”

She said while walking towards the door.

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The Best of You [Chapter 7]

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When Sun Tiantian fell, the incident caused a slight fuss so that all the club members rushed over to her.

As soon as Sun Tiantian got up, the first words that came out of every one were to urge Shen Nianshen to take responsibility.

The word ‘responsibility’ in a situation like this was quite ambiguous. Some guys stood there and put on an expression as if they were watching an exciting show.

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The Best of You [Chapter 6]

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‘Do you like me?’

Shen Nianshen’s eyes fixed on the words written by Sun Tiantian. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Sun Tiantian. He uttered three words without hesitating, “You think too much.”

Sun Tiantian was going to vomit blood.

Of course, she knew that Shen Nianshen didn’t like her; she was joking with him.

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The Best of You [Chapter 5]

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The surprise came too sudden, when Shen Nianshen handed over the milk, Sun Tiantian felt like her brain was hit by something.

She really became dumb, looked up and stared blankly at Shen Nianshen. Even she forgot to accept the milk before her.

Shen Nianshen maintained his position and waited a moment. Seeing that Sun Tiantian didn’t receive it, he put the milk in Sun Tiantian’s hand, turned around and left.

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The Best of You [Chapter 4.2]

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Shen Nianshen knew that he had gone a bit too far, seeing Sun Tiantian, he bit his lower lip and apologized sincerely, “Sorry.”

Sun Tiantian was shocked, but she shook her head, “It’s… it’s fine.”

Xu Li, who saw the whole incident, immediately said, “That… Ah, Nian is a bit hygiene freak, he doesn’t like being touched by other people.”

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The Best of You [Chapter 4.1]

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Sun Tiantian lost her first battle, her mood was a bit complicated.

When she had lunch with her roommate outside the school, Cheng Duo patted her shoulder, “Don’t lose your hope, don’t feel sad. You can do it. I’m very optimistic!”

Xie Yan and He Miao also said the same thing, “We are all optimistic about you!”

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