Chapter 54 – The Two Of Us (Vol 2)

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Even if life comes many times, that spring, I will still fall in love with you at first sight.

I once thought that I could not wait for the rest of my life the world was so big and I walked so slowly, what if I could not meet my beloved?

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Chapter 53- Extra: After Marriage (Vol 1, End)

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After getting married, Gu Wei became arrogant.

For example, when I sleep, I always feel like I was a pillow. He has long hands and feet. I just found that 165 is so petite! Continue reading “Chapter 53- Extra: After Marriage (Vol 1, End)”

Chapter 52- Wedding

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This May, the Doctor and I were quite busy with work, but the doctor said: tomorrow and tomorrow, how many tomorrows, it still would never end.  Anyway, we were already so busy, so let the storm come violently!

In regards to the wedding, the Doctor and I decided not to bother the parents on both sides, but to do it by ourselves. Continue reading “Chapter 52- Wedding”

Chapter 51- Extra: Looking for the Southwest.

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Si Lan is my senior sister of different disciplines. From Hangzhou, she exudes a temperament different from that of ordinary Jiangnan girls, just like the old silver bracelet with complicated totem on her wrist—simple and unsophisticated with a dignified s-curve side. Continue reading “Chapter 51- Extra: Looking for the Southwest.”

Chapters 50- Extra: Years of Me and San San

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San San is my best friend. After a kindergarten fight, the heroes cherish each other, so we have been in cahoots ever since.

She is called San San, because she ranks third in her generation. Continue reading “Chapters 50- Extra: Years of Me and San San”

Chapter 49- On-the-Spot Justice

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After obtaining the license, I deeply felt that the Doctor became arrogant.

He used to be gentle on the phone. ‘are you coming back today? Do you want me to pick you up?’ The good young man is gone forever, replaced by: ‘I’ll go there, or you come back. You choose one of the two.’

Yo~ There’s an inferior taste, it’s just dinner together. Continue reading “Chapter 49- On-the-Spot Justice”

Chapter 48b- Private Life

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Out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, I took a long breath and watched the two little red books being held in the hands of the man next to me. Imagining in an unconstrained ‘husband ~’ call to the doctor with little shyness, I was instantly shocked and shivered.

The Doctor asked: “what’s the matter?” Continue reading “Chapter 48b- Private Life”

Chapter 48a- Private Life

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I went back to my apartment early, flipped through my magazine, I saw a funny joke. Then opened my cell phone.

“Doctor, where are you?”

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Chapter 47b- Days Ahead

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When I got home in the evening, I was using scissors to fix the unrestrained-looking hanging orchid on the balcony when I heard the Doctor calling me. When I went to the bedside, I saw him take out a stack of passbooks and cards from the nightstand.

I was dumbfounded: “What are you doing?” Continue reading “Chapter 47b- Days Ahead”

Chapter 47a- Days Ahead

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On the same day, I returned to the apartment after lunch. On a whim, I wanted silver-ear mushroom soup and went into the kitchen to boil it. As soon as the soup was poured from the pressure cooker into the soup pot, the Doctor had packed all his luggage and started the washing machine when the man came over. Continue reading “Chapter 47a- Days Ahead”