Chapter 53. Selected by The Crew

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“Yan Shengyu. I have said it before, no matter what your purpose is, please stop here. I will not grant you any request, and if you continue to be so stubborn, then I won’t be polite.”

The coldness in Shen Qinglan’s eyes shocked Yan Shengyu, and the footsteps that he took to continue to follow her stopped there. Continue reading “Chapter 53. Selected by The Crew”

Chapter 52. Rejection

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Only when Qinglan’s figure completely disappear, did the few people that hid behind the bush stand up.

“Shengyu, how was it? Did Beauty Shen accept?” A tall thin young man asked with enthusiasm.

“This doesn’t need to be asked, from a glance you could see he was rejected. Right, Shengyu?” The one who spoke was a shorter guy. Continue reading “Chapter 52. Rejection”

Chapter 51. Yan Shengyu

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Shen Qinglan for the first time felt that she seemed to have missed a lot of things in the past three years.

She looked around and didn’t seem to notice that someone was walking her way with a lot of books, that was hindering his line of sight.

Suddenly, a ball flew from the field that was coming straight at Qinglan. Qinglan’s foot stepped lightly, and her body moved fast. The ball brushed past her body and flew into the lawn next to her. Continue reading “Chapter 51. Yan Shengyu”

Chapter 50. Moving Houses

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Shen Qinglan lightly nodded, “before, I troubled you many times. It’s just as a thank you. ”

Shen Junyu felt bitter. It turned out that his sister didn’t just give him a gift. He looked at Yu Bin with a hint of dissatisfaction. Continue reading “Chapter 50. Moving Houses”

Chapter 49. Sweetheart

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He said that what he wanted was not only Shen Qinglan’s body but also her heart. He had a lot of patience and could wait until the day Qinglan was willing.

On the second day, Fu Hengyi and Shen Qinglan returned to the Fu’s home and accompanied Grandpa Fu at home for a whole day. Of course, Grandpa Shen also stayed in the courtyard at night. Continue reading “Chapter 49. Sweetheart”

Chapter 48. Is This Really the First Time?

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Shen Xitong drank a lot of wine tonight. This was the first time she had fallen so low. There is a fire hidden in her heart. The fire broke out completely after Fu Hengyi refused her today.

Strange places, strange men, her body seductively twisting. All these experiences are so novel, so fascinating to her. Continue reading “Chapter 48. Is This Really the First Time?”

Chapter 47. Seeing an Acquaintance

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Gu Kai is a silent person. He has not spoken since he first greeted Shen Qinglan. Everyone present is accustomed to it, obviously, this was his personality.

Jiang Chenxi gives out a gentle image. At first glance, he is a bit like her brother. But a closer look shows that the gentleness of the two is different. One is engraved in their bones, while the other is fake. In fact, underneath is the skin of a fox. Continue reading “Chapter 47. Seeing an Acquaintance”

Chapter 46. This is My Wife

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Out of the cinema, Fu Hengyi saw a shop selling ice cream at the door. There were many couples waiting in line to buy ice cream. He glanced at Shen Qinglan and went over to buy two.

He handed one to Shen Qinglan. “The clerk said this yellow peach is the best-selling flavor. Try it.” Continue reading “Chapter 46. This is My Wife”

Chapter 45. Date

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“Shen Qinglan! Shen Qinglan! it’s you again! Why do you always take my things! Grandparents, brother, father… Now you even want to take Fu Hengyi away! What gives you the right?!”

Shen Xitong sat in her car. She was hanging her head on the steering wheel with a face full of tears and bitter hatred in her eyes. Continue reading “Chapter 45. Date”

Chapter 44. Mistaken Grandpa Fu

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Two people quietly ate noodles. The taste wasn’t very good, you could only say it was ordinary, but Fu Hengyi felt it was very fragrant as if it was the world’s best noodles. His eyes swept over Shen Qinglan from time to time.

Shen Qinglan ate her noodles calmly but did not dare to look up at Fu Hengyi.(want to copy to read offline? try asking nicely at… thanks 🙂 Continue reading “Chapter 44. Mistaken Grandpa Fu”