Chapter 80. Wu Qian is Back

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The phone call was from Fu Hengyi. He carefully asked Shen Qinglan how she had been these days. The important point was how she ate. When he heard that Shen Qinglan had moved back to her dormitory, she had dinner with her classmates. Fu Hengyi was relieved.

It’s better than staying at home alone and eating instant noodles.

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Chapter 79. Yan Shengyu is a Troublemaker

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“Did you tell him about your family?” Shen Qinglan suddenly asked.

Fang Tong’s father is the head of Linshi, and will probably be transferred back to Beijing next year. But Fang Tong is a low-key person. Except for her and Yu Xiaoxuan, people in class don’t know about her family. Of course, Ding Minghui also doesn’t know.

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Chapter 78. Shen Junyu’s Request (2)

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When Shen Qinglan came back in the morning, Shen Junyu had already gone out. She went back to her room to take a bath and then went to school.

For a long time, she didn’t come to school. At first sight of the students coming and going, Shen Qinglan was in a trance for a moment. She walked slowly on the school’s pavement.

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Chapter 77. Shen Junyu’s Request

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Although she reproached, her eyebrows and eyes were smiling, obviously just polite words. Madam Mu is a good person, and naturally, she heard it. She couldn’t help but shake her head secretly at the rumor that Miss Shen’s second daughter, who had been circulating in the circle; was not liked by the Shen family because she left home from childhood, lacked education and was rude in words and deeds.

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Chapter 76. This Is My Daughter

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Three days passed quickly and Fu Hengyi’s vacation was over. In the afternoon, the army had already sent a car to pick him up.

“I’m going back to the army, you would be alone at home, so take good care of yourself. You can go out to hang out with friends when you have nothing to do. Don’t stay at home all the time. Eat three meals on time. Don’t deal with it casually. After washing your hair, you must dry it. Don’t sleep without drying it. It will cause a headache.” Continue reading “Chapter 76. This Is My Daughter”

Chapter 75. Wu Qian?

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Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi took the ring and left the jewelry store. The counter lady behind them looked at Shen Qinglan’s back with envy. The ring looked simple, but the price was not low. Moreover, the ring was made by Irving, an internationally famous jewelry designer.

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Chapter 74. Ring (2)

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Shen Xitong looked curiously at Shen Qinglan, as if it were really a casual question. Chu Yunrong also looked at Shen Qinglan.

Shen Qinglan said lightly, “My gift has been given to elder brother, who would give it to Dad together with me.” In the beginning, she gave Shen Junyu; not only a painting to be auctioned by Leng Qingqiu, but also another one. It was a landscape painting specially painted for Shen Qian. Shen Qian’s name was embedded in the painting, which is unique and original. Continue reading “Chapter 74. Ring (2)”

Chapter 73. Ring (1)

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Back from the set, Shen Qinglan suddenly lost interest in playing and left Jinning city with Fu Hengyi the next morning.

“You think she was wronged and unhappy?” In the hotel, Fu Hengyi hugged her from behind and asked softly because she had not spoken much since leaving Jinning city. Continue reading “Chapter 73. Ring (1)”

Chapter 72. Beaten on Set

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Shen Qinglan gave him a look and said nothing, silently putting the mobile phone into her pocket.

The two continued to stroll.

Finally, Shen Qinglan saw a place surrounded by a large number of people in front of her. It seemed that they had reached the place. Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi walked slowly past. Continue reading “Chapter 72. Beaten on Set”

Chapter 71. Do You Want to Travel?

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Fu Hengyi rushed out of a cold bath and saw a woman who had slept soundlessly in bed. He stood by the bed staring at her for a long time, gnashing his teeth and finally turned over and got into bed.

As soon as he was lying down, Shen Qinglan consciously rolled into his arms. He gave a pointed look at the person in his arms and sighed helplessly, “I must have owed you in my last life… ” Continue reading “Chapter 71. Do You Want to Travel?”