Can You Love Me?


Author: Jian Shiyi / 简十一

Title: Can You Love Me? / 可不可以爱上我/ Dapatkah Kau Mencintai Ku?

Translator: ShinMin


“Sanye, do you know that you are like a book. Every time I see you I want to … sleep.”

After some hesitation, Xin Ai finally decided to approach Jian Sanye, who was famous for his power. She tried hard to make him happy, justify thousands of ways, sacrifice self-esteem and dignity, with the main goal to find her missing sister.

Three months later, the man threw a check in front of her, “I’m tired.”

Xin Ai stood up with her innocent body without a single strand, smiled wryly and said, “Alright, I’ll go as far away from you as possible.”

When they met again, Xin Ai closed her eyes to Jian Sanye’s presence, it made the man angrily push her against the wall, “We’ve slept together a few times. Is it so easy to forget me?”

Xin Ai smiled so sweetly and teasingly, putting her hand on the shoulder of the man, “Sorry, I have slept with quite a few men, sometimes I can’t remember it even happening. If I may know, what’s your name, sir?”

“Just watch, I’ll make you remember who I am.”




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