6. The Movie Queen’s Domineering Fan (6)

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  • Translated by: RandomAlex
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Xu Zifan went to the Internet café and sent an anonymous message to Adam: [Your career is almost ruined, are you willing to listen to what I have to say?]  

Adam quickly replied: [Who are you?] 

[You can see which way the wind is blowing on the Internet. You can still make a splash with some sensational news about Qiao Zixin.] 

[How can I turn the public’s opinion around?  What do you mean? Who the f**k are you?] 

[There are so many new people in the entertainment circle that almost no one remembers you. Now, everyone is looking for evidence to help white wash Qiao Zixin. Whoever produces evidence will get noticed. Don’t miss this opportunity.] 

After that, Xu Zifan continued to ignore Adam’s questions. Since Adam had been released by the police, he hired a water army to watch Adam. There were no exaggerated or fake articles on him at the moment. People just kept questioning why he appeared in Qiao Zixin’s box so late at night, what was his relationship with Qiao Zixin, and whether he was well acquainted with Baiyou. 

At the time, Liu Jie was devoted to blackening Qiao Zixin’s image to the end, and naturally maintained the ‘Adam and Qiao Zixin’ news while trying to make sure they seemed to have an “affair”. Who would dare to hire Adam as a male model when he was being shown in such a light? All his work was gone! After that, Xu Zifan went to the blacked out Qiao Zixin, and took Adam out of it. Qiao Zixin’s method of ‘attacking poison with poison’ was beginning to produce good results, but it was not beneficial for Adam at all. If Qiao Zixin had nothing to do with him, then he must have gone for Baiyou that night! What was Baiyou doing? 

In a dim bar box, a single man and woman together, both suspected addicts, and both were later brought into a police station; how could anyone have any positive takes on what was going on? No one helped Adam with public relations, no one guided public opinion, and Adam was as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof. He was just a small model. The company would just let another newcomer take over his job. With no one to save him, he would be finished! 

Therefore, Xu Zifan’s anonymous information seemed to be like a beacon of hope. Didn’t he promise Baiyou to go to the bar just so he could get some popularity from Qiao Zixin? Was this not the right time to do that? Even though it had changed from using her as a stepping stone to washing her white, as long as you could wash yourself white too, that was enough! 

Adam soon posted a video on his account. In the video, he wore a hat to cover his lowered eyes and a large black T-shirt. His face was gaunt. He said in a hoarse voice, “I’m Adam. I’ve read all the messages from everyone these past few days. I thought they would have all been about Xin-jie so, I didn’t want to comment. However, a few people’s suspicions have affected my work. I want to clarify what happened that day. I didn’t take dr*gs or participate in any sort of illicit activity. ” 

“That day, Baiyou contacted me to ask me to come to the bar at night. She would get Zixin-jie drunk. I was responsible for posing in ambiguous positions with Zixin-jie when the reporters arrived, to let the reporters completely ruin Zixin-jie’s image. If I hadn’t agreed, she said she would find someone else. I have always adored Zixin-jie’s movies, I didn’t want her to get hurt, so I could only pretend to agree. At the end of the day, I reported Baiyou to the police, and everyone knows what happened afterward. I may not have handled this matter very well, but I really am not a bad person. I hope people can let this go and let me do my job in peace.” 

Adam’s story had loopholes such as the reason for Qiao Zixin leaving first and who did she go with? For example, when he was caught, why didn’t he clearly state the truth? The police didn’t know who reported the incident, and also, was it necessary for him to conceal his good intentions? However, netizens were currently busy looking for evidence of Qiao Zixin’s innocence. A look at his video focused all of their attention on Baiyou’s scheme to blacken Qiao Zixin, so the other aspects were ignored. 

Under this heat, the fire broke out again. A quarrel between best friends had always been a very explosive topic. Qiao Zixin often took photos of her and Baiyou. The photos were very sweet and filled with smiles. She protected Baiyou all the time and even made Baiyou her assistant. The best friends who grew up stuck together were said to have a most enviable friendship. But what was going on? Why was Baiyou so blackhearted? 

Qiao Zixin was able to go to a bar with Baiyou to get drunk because she trusted her with her own life. This showed that Qiao Zixin had absolute trust in Baiyou. In the end, Baiyou had asked a male model to take ambiguous photos of Qiao Zixin? They thought if she did do so, Qiao Zixin’s claim of chaos in her private life would be confirmed! How much did she hate Qiao Zixin to do such a thing? 

Xu Zifan looked at the public opinion that was trending on the Internet and silently asked his water army to lead the topic towards Baiyou. Why did you ask someone to take ambiguous photos of her? If Qiao Zixin’s private life really was chaotic with a lot of men, wouldn’t Baiyou, as her best friend, be able to take photos anytime and anywhere? Was it because Qiao Zixin had no man in her private life that she had to spend so much time looking for someone to put on such a show? 

A lot of gossip about stars had no evidence. People saw evil, but there was no evil that could not be subdued by goodness. This meant it only mattered whether a star ended up with a positive image or a negative image. Xu Zifan utilized a common method in a debate. Using today’s witness and material evidence to prove that most of the material on her was invalid, he convinced everyone that they were all rumors. 

(Xié bùshèng zhèng [邪不胜正]  = evil cannot bear righteousness.)

After he realized what the result of this incident would be, Xu Zifan immediately hired a lawyer to issue a lawsuit, to take the publicity companies behind several major marketing accounts to court! 

Qiao Zixin did not show up in public for a long time. Cu Zifan forwarded the lawsuit posted by the law firm on Weibo, shocking netizens. Qiao Zixin’s fans flocked to her microblog to leave messages to ask her about her status. Qiao Zixin thought for a moment and took a selfie with a smile and posted a picture with the following words: [A clean hand needs no washing, there will always be rainbows after wind and rain.]        

(Qīng zhě zì qīng [清者自清] = the innocent does not need to defend one’s self.) 

The many fans who really loved Qiao Zixin cried when they saw this sentence! God knows how worried they were about Qiao Zixin’s disappearance. They were worried that she couldn’t bear the gossip, and that she was hiding and crying alone, and that she might have even thought of suicide! They have always fought for her on the front lines to change public opinion, trying to clean up the stain left on their beloved idol, but their collective strength was too little. Just like a grain of sand on the seashore, that could be submerged in a blink of an eye. Useless!

They did not have direction and confidence until a ‘guardian’ who claimed to be Qiao Zixin’s iron-fan gathered them together, methodically issued tasks for them to undertake, and had taken them step by step to help Qiao Zixin turn her image around. Now they had finally heard from their goddess! 

They were relieved to see Qiao Zixin in the photo wearing home clothes, her face ruddy, her eyes clear, with a plain expression while relaxing on the sofa. They didn’t lose this insidious battle! Qiao Zixin did not lose either! 

Qiao Zixin scrolled through the comments on her microblog. This was the first time in many days that she went online. She found that so many people were actually silently caring for her and helping her. She couldn’t tell if this is what it felt like to feel warmth and wanted to smile from the bottom of her heart. Everyone was encouraging her to cheer her up, saying that they had always believed in her. Occasionally, several remarks would call her guilty, but she did notice them. Afterwards, she learned that Xu Zifan bought a water army to attack for her, but she didn’t care about that though. It was just a means to an end. 

Xu Zifan changed his clothes and came out of the bedroom. Qiao Zixin looked at him and wondered, “Are you going to exercise again? I think you’re already in pretty good shape. Is there a need to work so hard?’ 

Xu Zifan picked up his backpack and went to the door to change his shoes. He said with a smile: “I’m still a little bit short of my goal. I have high expectations for myself. ” 

Did he still want to get eight-pack abs? So demanding… Qiao Zixin couldn’t figure out why he suddenly loved fitness so much, and his idea of getting abdominal muscles was not easy to mention. He could only say: “You should listen to your coach more, and don’t exercise too much. ” 

“Okay, there are cut fruits in the refrigerator. Remember to eat them, I’m going. “Xu Zifan waved at Qiao Zixin, and went to the gym.


The original owner was a homebody, 185cm tall, and only 65kg. He was so thin you could see his ribs. He had been eating nutritious food for a while now, plus he kept fit every day. His weight had risen to 70kg, and his body was much stronger. He had basically developed the outlines of abdominal muscles. 

When the coach saw him, he smiled, “You boy, really have perseverance. This is the first time I saw such fast and great results, how about taking a picture to be on our live signboard?” 

Xu Zifan laughed: “Forget about it, I don’t want to be so exposed.”

“You’re so stubborn. I can’t tell just how many women you’ll be able to attract with such a nice figure. Other people can’t get that even if they try.” The coach shook his head regretfully, knowing that Xu Zidan could not be persuaded, and decided to say nothing more. “I’ve reserved the best spot for you. Go quickly, but don’t overwork your body too much. ” 

“It’s not hard to obtain, you should get back to your own work. ” Xu Zifan ran to the innermost area and began to warm up for the fitness program. He could set a goal and reach it if he wanted to. He didn’t think it was hard. It was as simple as eating and drinking. 

In the middle of the exercise, his cell phone rang. Xu Zifan took a towel to wipe his sweat and draped it around his neck. He took out his phone check. It was an email sent to him by a private detective. The email contained detailed information about Lin Yan and Liu Jie, including their interpersonal relationships at school, the opportunity that started their careers, how many people they knew in the entertainment circle, who they’ve had an affair with, and so on. All of it was laid out. Of course, the asking price was also very high. There were several photos attached to the data, which consisted of Lin Yan and Liu Jie taken from another person’s perspective. Some of them were blurry, and some only showed their profiles. However, they were from a long time ago, and it was difficult to dig up. It was absolutely worth the money. 

Xu Zifan hooked his lips up and easily transferred the money. After searching for so long, Xu Zifan finally found the real thing. In a good mood, he went home ahead of time to make two seafood noodle bowls to celebrate, and then hired a water army to deliver the material in the early morning. 

[Surprise!  As soon as Lin Yan and Liu Jie became lovers in their freshman year, they broke up and played around separately in their sophomore year. Lin Yan was once kept by a rich woman for two years, and Liu Jie was passed between three rich second-generation dudes. There are pictures to prove it. They are probably ‘the most exotic couple’ in the entertainment circle!] 

The long Weibo post was justified as the picture content was quite spectacular. From Liu Jie’s smiling expression in the photo, it could be deduced that she was not the pitiful person from before who was crying. This was very different from how she had accused Qiao Zixin of bullying her. The men around Liu Jie in the three photos were all different, and made everyone’s impression of her plummet. 

Lin Yan was Xingchen’s little newcomer this year. He had always shown himself as a positive ball of sunshine. Now people were suddenly shown blurry pictures of him and a well-known rich woman in an underground garage. He was the kind of person who would very quickly kiss a woman passionately and lustfully. This destroyed their three views, and made their eyes spicy.          

 (Three views = The three views generally refer to the world view, values, and life view. These are the three views recognized by most people.) 

Although the photo did not seem to portray them in a genuine relationship, at a glance, everyone felt that the people in the photo had on an ambiguous air. Whether their private lives were chaotic or not, it was a big lie to say that they have been in love for five years. If they really had already split up and gone their separate ways, then when Qiao Zixin had suddenly gotten angry when Liu Jie accused Qiao Zixin of being a mistress, actually had a bigger story! 

Was Qiao Zixin involved in their messy love affair, or did Liu Jie see Lin Yan become popular and got back with her to live an easy life? So what exactly was the relationship between Qiao Zixin and Lin Yan? Was what Qiao Zixin said true, that they were a real couple?

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