5. The Movie Queen’s Domineering Fan (5)

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Qiao Zixin moved everything to Xu Zifan’s house, and stayed in his house. She listened to Xu Zifan, she didn’t surf the Internet, didn’t turn on her cell phone, and isolated herself from the outside world regardless of any disturbance. Watching TV dramas and variety shows every day is really much easier. It seems that the whole internet was not important. If she doesn’t show up like this, what if they scold her harshly? She didn’t even look at it. Those people could only do a ‘one-man show’. It was a little refreshing to think about.

A few days later, because of the special attention on the internet about Baiyou taking drugs; The police finally announced the cause and effect of the incident. Baiyou has a serious addiction to dr*gs. At the police station, she didn’t change her bad attitude and even attacked a police officer. After 15 days of detention, she was sentenced to a public dr*g rehabilitation center and fined 2,000 yuan. Adam; the male model, tested negative for dr*g abuse, and Qiao Zixin; who left earlier and had nothing to do with all this, tested negative for dr*g abuse too.

Liu Jie’s water army still held on to Qiao Zixin, saying that she was so close to Baiyou that she must have taken part in it together. Even if she didn’t, you could still see her bad character that didn’t stop her friend from taking drugs. And Adam must have had an affair with Qiao Zixin when he went to see them that late at night. Indeed, her private life was extremely chaotic.

(Water Army = Paid internet posters/commenters.)

Many people on the Internet follow suit and thought that they were blind when they liked Qiao Zixin because she looked like a pure little girl. In private, it was actually like this! So what if she was good-looking and talented? The entertainment circle does not need such a mess!

Xu Zifan keeps an eye on the Internet every day. Qiao Zixin hasn’t moved. Sunspots have also entered a period of burning-out, which means a little bit of peace. But they can’t do anything without evidence. Otherwise, even if Qiao Zixin turns things over later, these things will stay on the record. They should stir the pot!

(Sunspots = metaphor for scandal/ black spots on an otherwise clean background. And or rumormongers’ / malicious rumor spreader.)

He has already sold the stores. One at the corner of the commercial street intersection, selling 200 square meters for 9 million yuan, and one next to Yenching University, selling 180 square meters at 6.5 million yuan. The price is a little lower, but before using it, he can at least double all of these within the stock market.

Seeing that Qiao Zixin’s mood wasn’t so bad, Xu Zifan took a moment to say to her, “Do you trust me? If you trust me, leave it to me. I’ll manage it. They won’t be able to throw dirty water on you.”

Qiao Zhu was stunned and shook her head. “It’s no use. Lin Yan and I have been together for a year. We haven’t gotten along very well. He also said that he hopes to keep the relationship under wraps and not get caught, so we don’t even have a picture together. My cell phone… I don’t know when he deleted all the chat records. I have no way to prove that he and I were lovers. There are also those who say that I was stuck-up and bully new people. My god-sister personally stood up and said that she broke off her relationship with me. Even if there is no evidence, others would believe her. I don’t know what to do.”

Xu Zifan was not as upset as she was. He picked up an apple and peeled it. He smiled and said, “You are so lucky not knowing these dark methods. Your god-sister is the wife of Xingche’s president. Sadly, she broke her relationship with you. It made it easy for people to believe that your character is flawed. However, she also has no substantial evidence. As long as these things are doubted, when you get angry, someone will help you prove your innocence spontaneously. So, do you trust me?”

Qiao Zixin looked at the apple he handed over. The shape was very round; perfectly round. The thinly peeled apple skins are placed next to each other in a string, like works of art. This person seems to be able to do everything well, inexplicably giving people assurance.  She took a bite of the apple and smiled, “I trust you.”

(TNote: if I said it once, I’ll say it again… Mama, I’m in love with the devil!! Sooo John Wick like! So handsome, yet frighteningly diabolic! Sexy as sin! My type of man! Ok… I need a moment… Ehem… you may continue… sorry)

With Qiao Zixin’s permission, Xu Zifan began to meddle in her affairs and hired a private detective to investigate Lin Yan and Liu Jie’s ‘five-year relationship’. He paid the water army to blacken Qiao Zixin even more. He didn’t care if the rumors were true or not, he just wants it to turn deadly black!

Water army didn’t ask much; anyway, recently there have been many ‘black’ news on Qiao Zixin, this person may have been enemies with Qiao Zixin. Just give them money, churning out whatever black news is the simplest!

The internet, which had gradually subsided, was suddenly full of criticisms about Qiao Zixin. When it came to female stars, they would despise Qiao Zixin. When it came to male stars, they would imply Qiao Zixin had an affair with them. When it came to cooperation with Qiao Zixin, they would satirize Qiao Zixin for throwing her weight around. When it came to social news, they would always bring out a ‘Don’t be as scummy as Qiao Zixin’ comment. When it came to the release of a new movie, they would immediately scold Qiao Zixin for making it a terrible movie …

With a flood of water army frantically condemning Qiao Zixin, it was too much! The public rebounded faster than expected!

[Ha ha ha, what else can I do but laugh at Qiao Zixin? Is she uglier than others? Is there anything better in the entertainment circle than Qiao Zixin? No matter whether you admit it or not, I am absolutely convinced of her beauty. From or whatever angle, she is a beauty!] 

[So many male stars have something with Qiao Zixin, she would go against the whole internet, right? Why are you still bringing her into it? The one who said she was having an affair with the president Xingchen, don’t leave yet! Xingchen kicked her out and made her pay a huge penalty. Didn’t you say that the president of Xingchen kept Qiao Zixin? After all that, Qiao Zixin was the one that paid him ha ha ha]

[Xingchen Entertainment is disgusting. After the first film from Qiao Zixin got an award, nobody stood up for her. Xingchen only regarded her as a cash cow. Now that she had an accident, Xingchen is the first to jump out and step on her, and didn’t even try to protect her. Who would dare to work for them? The wife of Xingchen’s president is the most disgusting. So ugly!]

[Qiao Zixin has made 18 films in 5 years, and won several awards, but the last one is not so good, because the plot didn’t make sense, right? Why is it because of her poor acting? If her acting skill are poor; could she get the best actress award right on her debut? Show me what you think is a good acting performance…!]

[The police said that Qiao Zixin left early and did not take dr*gs when they tested her. When did they say she took dr*gs with Baiyou? Having a good relationship with a best friend can lead to a conviction; what’s the difference with being scolded when you are the one who got rap*d? Victim blaming much?!]

[Why is there Qiao Zixin scandals everywhere? Did she offend someone? Seeing criminals and say ‘Don’t be like Qiao Zixin’. What’s wrong with Qiao Zixin? Did she eat your rice or did she kill your family? Stars are also human beings. As long as she does not break the law, her private life is none of your business!]

[Wasn’t Qiao Zixin Xingchen President’s god-sister before? Or the president’s wife’s adoptive sister? They always take pictures together. How come they broke all relations with Qiao Zixin right when this happened? They said she had a bad personality. Were they blind in the first 5 years? Or is Qiao Zixin’s acting so good she cheated her good sister for 5 years?]

[Yes, yes, why didn’t people hear she was acting high and mighty and bullying new people before? I remember several directors praising Qiao Zixin for her dedication! So, who is lying?]

[Don’t you understand? Blacklisted! You didn’t see the celebrities in the circle clearly when they were asked about it? They said they never saw her bully people. People are cautious, but they can also see the truth.]

[People say that Qiao Zixin has more popularity than Lin Yan and Liu Jie. If she was really sleeping her way up, and a home-wrecker, would she really need to slap Liu Jie like a shrew? Is it true love for Lin Yan? But didn’t you people say that her private life is chaotic? Self-contradictory ah!]

[Similarly, if Lin Yan and Liu Jie said she was the cheap mistress; why did Qiao Zixin hit Liu Jie? She has never lost her temper in 5 years, has she? Would a mistress be that crazy? I don’t believe it!]

Xu Zifan carefully reads the comments on the Internet every day. The effect of using poison to attack poison has come out, but it is necessary to master the heat. During this period, he added a few fans of Qiao Zixin, screened out some reliable ones and rebuilt a new group. He was the only group owner and administrator.

He sent screenshots of the comments on the Internet to the group. The group was discussing the matter, rejoicing and cheering, saying that the eyes of the masses were discerning, and finally seeing that she was the one that had been wronged. Then Xu Zifan asked them to help him find all kinds of beautiful pictures without ugly angles from when Qiao Zixin started her career, edit the classic scenes from Qiao Zixin’s movies, count all the charity deeds Qiao Zixin has done, and collect all the videos that showed her true temperament when she participated in activities or interviews.

Xu Zifan knows all of Qiao Zixin personal likes and dislikes from the world information, but he is not a real fan after all; and he is too tired to find all these things by himself. However, some of these real fans may not have to search for anything at all, they can use what they have stored in their hard disks, and get twice the result with half the effort after distributing tasks and cooperation.

Sure enough, the fans got things ready in an instant, and every high-definition beautiful picture perfectly showed Qiao Zixin’s beauty. Not only without ugly angles, but also her unchanging face from the age of 18 to 23. If you said she was still 18, people would believe it! Moreover, Qiao Zixin’s face value is very special. Without makeup, she looks like a pure beauty and smiles sweetly. Her eyes seem to be decorated with stars. She is the perfect first love in every boy’s dream.

When she wears gorgeous makeup, the whole person is bewitching like a seductress. A glance would make you feel reborn. This is really something other stars can’t compare to. It’s a God-given face to admire!

Xu Zifan has selected the best ten sets of items for fans to post online. This time there was no need to invite the water army. Everyone likes to look at high-definition beauty pictures. Netizens automatically and spontaneously turned around, not to mention a group of ‘Face-dogs’ who only look at faces.

 (Face dogs/ 颜狗 [Yan Gou] = face dogs/ fans who only care what someone/celebrity looks like. They don’t care about other things.)

This was followed by the classic scenes of Qiao Zixin’s various films, which were edited together to give a strong visual impact. Who dares to say that Qiao Zixin’s acting skill was poor! They are absolutely blind! Xu Zifan asked several famous fans to send this video. The idols were scolded and the fans angrily refuted. However, the refutation was about Qiao Zixin having no acting skills.

Do people like a particularly beautiful actress who can act? There was no doubt that people liked her. Some people even began to miss Qiao Zixin’s 4 films the year before. They are not all classics, but they also looked very good. Wouldn’t it be too bad if they couldn’t see her acting later?

People began to look for news of Qiao Zixin, only to find that Qiao Zixin was missing. There had been no news for so long. Has she quit the entertainment circle? Will she never show up again? At first, some people scolded the sunspots for looking for trouble and bullying a little girl too much. At the same time, some people began to suspect that Qiao Zixin’s fall was a conspiracy. Who would benefit if she fell?  Xingchen; who received huge compensation? Lin Yan and Liu Jie, who were pitied by the public? Hua Dan, a recent movie star? There were many suspects, and it seems that they may be the mastermind behind Qiao Zixin fall from grace.

After the incident was reversed, there were doubts everywhere, which aroused people’s curiosity. Perhaps many netizens already had an idea of upholding justice. When they found doubts, they began to question those black materials. The more they question, the more doubts they would find.

However, Xu Zifan felt that it was not enough, the heat was not enough, and the wicked were still alive. He needed another handful of firewood.


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