4. The Movie Queen’s Domineering Fan (4)

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Baiyou had long suspected Xu Zifan for a while, but she was anxious to leave and forgot asking. But the conversation the night before was recorded! How can Qiao Zixin help her after hearing that recording? They came to see her as a laughing stock!

Qiao Zixin stared at her and asked, “Baiyou? Why on earth did you do it?”

Baiyou clenched her fist and leaned back on the chair, taking a deep breath to catch Qiao Zixin ‘s eye. “Fine, you need to know, I’ll be clear with you.”

“Qiao Zixin, you have not lived as well as me since you were young. I wear new clothes but you can only pick up clothes that relatives don’t want to wear. I make good friends, you can only squat at the door to play alone; I took part in the school performance, you can only sit under the stage with envy and jealousy; I’m always in the top three in class, you can only take the tail end in grades. Apart from your pretty face, what can you compare with me? Ah!? But it so happened that you made a movie after graduating from high school, won a movie award at the age of 18, and earn more than 100,000 yuan by making an advertisement. What about me? After studying hard in a top-rated university, I could only find a job with a monthly salary of 10,000! Why?!” Baiyou face twisted, bitterly staring at Qiao Zixin.

Under the table, Qiao Zixin’s fingers curled slightly but her face was expressionless. “Because I’m better off than you, you think it’s unfair? Baiyou, don’t forget that when you thought your work was too hard, I asked you to be my assistant, with a salary of 50,000 yuan a month, as well as clothes, jewelry and purses as benefits. You can come and go as you want, and you don’t work for anything with that salary. What did I say? I have nothing to apologize to you for.”

“Ah…” Baiyou sneered. “You are proud of yourself, aren’t you? The neighbor who put pressure on you all the time is trampled under your foot and accepted your handouts. You’re probably laughing inside every time you give me something, right?! Laugh at the fact that I went to such a good university but I’m a mere gofer to you. Laughing that I earn less than your chump change without dignity! If you really want to help me, why don’t you take me to shoot a movie with you? How much do you earn for one shoot? Send me for 50,000 yuan? You just don’t want me to stand out! Why should I be nice to you when you do this to me?”

Qiao Zixin was in a trance for a moment; the sharp-tongued woman in front of her was so foreign, as if all the memories of getting along over the years were fake. She had never known her. But when you think about it, it’s not incomprehensible. Baiyou is used to being arrogant. She is superior to others in their small town. When she came to the big city, she finds herself nothing and is crushed by neighbors who never paid attention to her. She became what she is today. In the end, it’s still jealousy.

Qiao Zixin suddenly felt dull, and finally understood why someone who didn’t like to play with her as kids, would meet her so enthusiastically in Yanjing. She thought it was an encounter with an old friend from her hometown, but it turned out that it was Baiyou who deliberately approached her and wanted to get something out of her. She spoke indifferently: “Believe it or not, I did recommend you to the director, but the director didn’t want to use you. We have known each other for more than ten years. Tell me, who told you to entrap me?”

Baiyou glanced at her, eyes full of gloating, “it’s Liu Jie. You have an honest boyfriend, but you are scolded by this woman as a mistress. She created all your dirty scandals. Oh, you didn’t expect that, did you? A little flower that just got famous did this to you. How many people do you think are behind it? Tsk, how bad are you? If it weren’t for your face, would you have enjoyed the scenery of the past few years? Look, once something goes wrong, it will return to its original shape, won’t it? You have nothing, not as good as me!”

Qiao Zixin got the answer she wanted and never wanted to see this annoying face again. She took out her sunglasses and put them on, as if to draw a line with everyone and draw a safe distance. She got up and said to Xu Zifan, “let’s go.”

Xu Zifan answered, opened the door and walked out with her without saying a word from the beginning to the end, but stood behind Qiao Zixin as her most solid support.

Baiyou’s face became very ugly and he rose to her feet and shouted, “stop! You haven’t made it clear, what happened last night? You called the police and reported me, didn’t you? Qiao Zixin, where did you find the boorish man? If you’re so innocent, why are you scheming against me with him? What face do you have to question me?”

Xu Zifan ignored it and took Qiao Zixin away. Baiyou wanted to catch up but she was stopped by the police, so she had to yell at their backs. The two never responded, making her look like a clown!

The greatest humiliation is to be ignored, as if she has never been qualified to stand on the same level as Qiao Zixin. So, even if betrayed, Qiao Zixin walked away easily and pretend not to know her.

At this moment, Baiyou’s reluctance reached its peak. She pushed the police angrily and wanted to catch up to see Qiao Zixin’s face. She did not believe that Qiao Zixin was indifferent. Obviously betrayed by everyone, obviously has nothing, but how can she be so calm?

The police pinned her to the ground and she suddenly lost her energy and twitched all over. A dr*g withdrawal!

Qiao Zixin heard the sound behind her and pause for a while. Xu Zifan looked down at her, “Let’s go, she’s on her own.”

Qiao Zixin nodded and went to the police officer again. Right now, many news reports are alluding to her; saying that she and Baiyou took dr*gs together. The public was disgusted by this kind of thing. She is being vilified by the whole internet and almost convicted without a real trial. So, she volunteered to be tested. Of course, everything is normal and there was no sign of dr*g use.

It’s really important for Qiao Zixin to ask the police to clarify Baiyou’s charges when they announced her charges. She was in that box, but she left ahead of schedule, and a word of clarification was considered to be in line with regulations, so the police agreed without saying anything more.


The two left the police station. Qiao Zixin sat in the passenger seat with her eyes closed and the wind blowing, feeling the speed of the car. Suddenly, she felt that she had thrown the unworthy friendship behind her. No longer suffering for it, no longer asking why some people would harm others without any reason, and still felt that they had plenty of reasons; so, she did not need to go to the bottom of the matter.

She looked at Xu Zifan, who was driving seriously, with inexplicable peace of mind, and whispered: “Thank you, if it wasn’t for you, I might have collapsed today. I regard her as my best friend. Liu Jie, whom she just mentioned; is Lin Yan’s ex-girlfriend and a third party who sabotaged our relationship. I’ve always wanted to find out why Lin Yan did this to me, what hatred Liu Jie have with me, the company fall out and why they didn’t recognize me; and my parents suspected that the news was true, as if I had betrayed my loved ones, which was really painful.”

Qiao Zixin smiled mockingly and took a deep breath. “It’s a good thing you are willing to believe me, accompany me to face these things, and let me know that I’m not alone. Otherwise, I think I might have rush to confront Lin Yan and Liu Jie. With no proof, I might have been ridiculed.”

“Of course, you are not alone. There are many fans who support you like me. You have to brace yourself to overcome this difficulty. In fact, if they are not taken seriously it’s not a big deal to think about, is it?” Xu Zifan glanced over at her and saw her expression was fine and not prone to depression. He relaxed and said, “seriously, you can stay at my place temporarily. I’ll help you guard against paparazzi. You should stay quiet these days, take it easy, and think about what you should do in the future.”

“Okay, thank you.” Qiao Zixin nodded subconsciously, and then she was surprised that she herself agreed so easily, as if he didn’t learn her lesson and casually trusted a stranger she had just met. But she is too tired, all the bad things are pressing on her these days, and she is a little overwhelmed. Since she can feel at ease around Xu Zifan, she doesn’t want to struggle too much. She can’t even see the true colors of a neighbor who had been together for so many years, so she trusted her intuition this time.

Qiao Zixin stared out of the window in a daze and didn’t say where she wanted to go. Xu Zifan simply took her to contact the realtor he looked up before and opened an account to buy stocks. Of course, Qiao Zixin didn’t show up. She sat in the car all day, as if she were going for a ride to relieve boredom. Xu Zifan took out 2.3 million to buy shares, leaving 50,000 yuan to use. He was very confident in his choice and almost put all his money into it.

They had driven for a long time. Whenever Qiao Zixin is depressed, Xu Zifan would always find a topic to take her attention away. After a few times, she forgot those troubles and is curious about what Xu Zifan is busy with.

When things were done, Xu Zifan looked at his watch and asked, “what would you like to eat? It’s definitely not convenient to go outside to eat. Let’s go back and order takeout, or make something simple. I can scramble eggs and cook seafood noodles.”

Qiao Zixin said in surprise: “Scrambled eggs and seafood noodles are not of the same level, are they? You cook? Then I’d like to try some seafood noodles. Is it easy to make? I can help.”

Xu Zifan looked at her expression and suddenly laughed out loud. He picked his eyebrows and said, “It’s very simple. You’ll know when you see it later.”

Xu Zifan first drove to the supermarket and bought a big bag of things in a black plastic bag. Qiao Zixin didn’t know what they were. After returning home, Xu Zifan let Qiao Zixin watch TV in the living room. He went into the kitchen and closed the door and began to make seafood noodles. Qiao Zixin’s eyes were watching TV, but her ears are listening to the movement in the kitchen. She can’t figure out what’s going on inside. She always thought that cutting crabs and squid should sound like chopping on the chopping board, but why is it so quiet?

She was so intrigued by the seafood noodles that she didn’t think about the bad things at all. As a result, she waited for a while before Xu Zifan came out with a bowl. Qiao Zixin walked over in surprise, “so fast? What did you put in it…”

When she saw the ‘seafood noodles’ in the bowl, she choked in the middle of her sentence, “is this seafood noodles?”

“Yes, crab sticks, shrimp balls, fish tofu, seaweed and lobster chops are all seafood flavor. What part of it is ‘not’ seafood noodles?” Xu Zifan put the bowl in front of her with a smile and made a gesture of invitation, “Please, beautiful Miss Qiao Zixin, try how this bowl of seafood noodles taste, and comment on my cooking skills.”

(TNote: crab sticks, shrimp balls, fish tofu, seaweed and lobster chops = usually sold as frozen seafood, more like imitation seafood. Not bad, but not an actual fresh fish. It’s like the difference between chicken and a chicken nugget.)

Qiao Zixin was amused by his exaggeration, took the chopsticks and sat down. She picked up some noodles and put them into her mouth. The taste is very fresh, moderately salty and light. Although it is not the same taste as proper seafood noodles, it is really special and delicious.

Qiao Zixin smiled and her eyes were covered with moisture. “Yummy, this is the best noodle I’ve ever eaten.”

“As long as it’s delicious, eat some more.”

Xu Zifan went to the kitchen to get himself some noodles. Qiao Zixin looked up at his back and without realizing it, the corners of her lips rose. When she was dejected, someone made a bowl of hot seafood noodles for her, which was really the best noodles she had ever eaten and kept her heart warm. She thought she would remember such a warm flavor for the rest of her life.

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