18. The Movie Queen’s Domineering Fan (18)

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Xu Zifan stepped down after saying a few words. The host was dumbfounded. Fortunately, she was experienced and invited the next honored guest MC.

Xu Zifan returned to his seat, showed the cup to Qiao Zixin and asked, “Are you happy?”

Qiao Zixin nodded and looked at him with a smile: “Congratulations!”

“If you are happy, I won’t let him get any prizes in the future too.” Xu Zifan whispered to her ear.

Qiao Zixin was dazed. She was happy that Xu Zifan had won such a prestigious award for the first time. As for Lin Yan … Her eyes moved a little to the side and she just saw Lin Yan with his head down trying to relieve his ugly expression. However, she felt nothing in her heart. She didn’t care about Lin Yan any more. Even her memory about him was completely colorless. Now her heart was filled with another person.

The presenters presented the Best Actor Award to the actor of a literary film, and then presented the Best Actress Award. Qiao Zixin looked back at the big screen with a smile and listened to the presenters say: “the winner of this Best Actress Award is … Qiao Zixin! In ‘A Strong Mother’! Please welcome Qiao Zixin!”

Qiao Zixin’s smile remained unchanged. She hugged Xu Zifan tightly and hugged others one by one. Only then did she walk gracefully onto the stage to receive the award. She didn’t see any waves of emotion, just like she had already won the award and was happy and couldn’t get excited any more. She was completely the model of a powerful Movie Queen. She exchanged a few common courtesies with the honored guests MC and looked at the audience with a smile to say her acceptance speech. “I am very grateful to the organizers for their recognition of me and to everyone for their love of this film. As we all know, I was at the lowest point of my life before this movie was made. I was at a loss at that time and didn’t know what to do. Then one day Zifan said, “Let’s make a movie. He found the script, sold his house, and gathered many of my fans to form a team. So, we started shooting.”

“Fortunately, we succeeded! This award is not my honor, but the honor of our team,” Qiao Zixin held up the trophy in the direction of the team, “it belongs to you, my dearest fans! I love you!” She was still smiling, but everyone could see from the big screen that her eyes were wet. At this time, she finally showed a little emotional fluctuation.

Two little girls in the team couldn’t help but shedding tears, and several men couldn’t help blushing. They really like Qiao Zixin, this sincere and kind idol. Seeing her back on the podium, all their efforts were worth it!

(TN: genuinely feel like I wanna cry… so touching! QAQ)

The camera also gave the team a close-up, and everyone clapped their hands, whether familiar or unfamiliar with Qiao Zixin, praising her for her beautiful turnaround, especially admiring her fan team. In their opinion, it doesn’t matter how long she will be popular in the future. Once there were such a group of fans who fought for her sincerely, her career was worth it, which will paint a strong color in the history of the entertainment circle!

Before leaving the podium, Qiao Zixin looked at Xu Zifan with a smile and said: “Finally, I would like to thank my agent, my boss, and the director and supporting actor of this film. Thank you for being with me.”

Fans immediately screamed when they heard the words. Qiao Zixin smiled and bowed slightly to step down. Before she could return to her seat, the guests on the stage said, “in such an exciting atmosphere, I want to give you another surprise. This year’s Best Director Award— from ‘A Strong Mother’! Xu Zifan! Xu Zifan is only 25 years old and a self-taught person. His first movie showed such a perfect scene. He never lost to an experienced Director. A perfect score from all the audience. He deserves this award! Let’s welcome Xu Zifan!”

The screams of fans were even louder. Xu Zifan hugged Qiao Zixin halfway and the camera followed him there. The big smile and tears on Qiao Zixin’s face were caught. It was obvious that she was more excited than Xu Zifan who won the prize. Fans kept taking photos and could not wait for the award ceremony to end before sharing the photos, saying it was the sweetest candy ever sent by the idol.

Of course, Xu Zifan didn’t say much when he came to the podium. He just said, “The new movie ‘Life is Beautiful’ will be released during the Spring Film Festival. Everyone is welcome to see it.”

This is the first time for such a fresh and refined advertisement to be presented at the award ceremony. Everyone was amused by him and then other awards were presented. The winners also joked with each other on the stage to make the award ceremony end with laughter.


On the same day, the words ‘A Strong Mother’, Xu Zifan, Qiao Zixin, fan team and Gemini couple were all blasted. The internet was talking about them, and they once again packed a cruise ship to celebrate for three days and three nights!

After netizens learned this, they all joked that they must go to Xu Zifan’s company to apply for a job. The benefits are so good that even the examination of employment is difficult, it’s worth it! These days, they agreed they aren’t a good fan without proficient skills. The fans of Xu Zifan and Qiao Zixin are the most interesting. They all vowed on the Internet that they would study hard to get into the team next time the company recruits new people. They will also become members of the fan team!

This award ceremony has made Xu Zifan and Qiao Zixin successful, and also let Zifan Entertainment Company officially enter everyone’s eyes. Qiao Zixin’s sentence ‘He is my boss’ made everyone realize clearly for the first time that Xu Zifan is not only a Director and agent now, but also the boss of entertainment company. He is entering the entertainment circle with a strong attitude. He is really a president!

Public figures like Xu Zifan who has few words and is full of unusual confidence. However, Xu Zifan is tall and handsome, with a figure comparable to that of a model. He brings his own aura, acting and talent, and he is still a real CEO. Everything he shows will be said to have ‘personality’. On the contrary, he attracts a large number of fans that frantically leaves messages under his microblog, wanting to ‘give birth to his children’.


In contrast, ‘Double Agent’ suffered a disastrous defeat. Several important awards were cut off by others. Lin Yan was also photographed with an ugly expression and was questioned about his bad character. After a series of gossip, Xingchen’s investment in the film was completely wasted, and several other investors were also dissatisfied with them. They had to reconsider the amount of investment in the next film.

Xingchen’s Lady Boss was angry and scolded Lin Yan in a snarky way. Lin Yan smiled at her in the company and did not dare to say any more. When he got home, he took out all his anger on Liu Jie. Liu Jie is not a good-tempered person either. She has been keeping a low profile to please him for more than half a year. She has not gained any benefits. She also has a ruined reputation. Naturally, wouldn’t let him off too. The two fought at home, throwing ashtrays and vases at each other, scolding each other for what they said. At the end of the night, they did not dare to go to the hospital. They had to use ice on the bruises on their faces and the relationship between husband and wife dropped to freezing point.

Liu Jie was born again but led a life like this. She was even more unwilling than anyone. She has seen Lin Yan’s decline and finally discovered what she had neglected before. She separated from Lin Yan early in her previous life. She didn’t know how Lin Yan became popular. She only regretted the news that Lin Yan became the best actor and loved his wife. As soon as she was reborn, she immediately hooked up with Lin Yan. She also played some dirty tricks to expose that they were lovers and tied down Lin Yan.

But after marrying Lin Yan for so long, she discovered that Qiao Zixin’s support was indispensable to Lin Yan’s success in her previous life. Lin Yan’s acting skill weren’t even that good. If he can be the best actor in his last life, it must be because Qiao Zixin helped him sharpen his acting skills or found an acting teacher for him to study under. Even though, after several years as a Movie Queen and quitting the entertainment circle, Qiao Zixin still had contacts even after getting married, and still had a good relationship with the company, giving Lin Yan the green light. Qiao Zixin paid so much for Lin Yan. Lin Yan naturally wants to be a good man who dotes on his wife in public. Who knows how he was in private?

She hates that she was cheated by the superficial news and plunged into Lin Yan’s lies. Now she feels regret. Without Qiao Zixin, Lin Yan is nothing. Now he even goes home and loses his temper at her. What does he take her for?!

Liu Jie was lying on the bed in the guest room, and she felt that he shouldn’t waste any more time on Lin Yan. It is not clear whether Xu Zifan is a reborn person. Lin Yan’s popularity has fallen sharply again. She is now hidden by the company and cannot see any way out. Her quality of life has plummeted. She must not continue like this. However, if she wants to get a divorce, she can’t just leave. Her reputation is already very bad and she can’t bear any stains. If she wants to remarry well, she can’t have a black history. Divorce, if it works well, she can turn this over, but Lin Yan must be the party at fault.

Liu Jie didn’t have anything to win against Xu Zifan, but she lived a lifetime longer, and it was easy to deal with Lin Yan. Every time Lin Yan went out, she calls a private detective to take photos. No matter whether there is an affair or not, as long as there is a woman at the scene, Lin Yan and the woman’s ‘ambiguous’ photos will be taken. At the same time, she quietly transferred all her family’s property. The property has changed owners, and the deposit was transferred to her foreign account, leaving only tens of thousands of yuan in Lin Yan’s card, which he did not notice at all.

Lin Yan always thought Liu Jie loved himself very much, and did not take her seriously, and never protected himself against her. Liu Jie took advantage of many loopholes. However, he himself is not an idiot. He hid his small safe-deposit box behind Liu Jie’s back and got tangled with a D-list wild model outside. Liu Jie didn’t have to scheme against him. The ready-made photos were stacked one by one! Liu Jie, holding his cheating photo in her hand, was naturally not afraid of anything and began to attend various parties frequently, playing a woman who was hurt and looking for a next home.


Xu Zifan has been sending people to monitor them and look at their situation every once in a while. This time it’s just routine. He didn’t expect to find such interesting things. He looked at the evidence and photos of the two betraying each other in the e-mail, touched his chin and laughed. Playing alone is not as enjoyable as playing together. He simply acted as the driving force behind the scenes and let them have a good time. Don’t they always want to make headlines?  This time it would be even more popular than when Qiao Zixin was wronged by them.







Trivia: Did you know that the name of the little screenwriter fan that Zifan dug out was actualy the name of the real author of this book? Haha, the self-insert was pretty cute.


Hey guys… just cheking-in. Hope you guys are all healthy, stay safe… Stay indoors as much as possible and read books! lol.. 




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