17. The Movie Queen’s Domineering Fan (17)

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After the angel said goodbye to the heroine, he would cast magic to turn his figure into a ball of light until he disappeared. Naturally, the heroine was caught off guard by his sudden farewell and wanted to stop him, but could not catch anything and stood there weeping.

After filming this scene, Qiao Zixin squatted on the ground and buried her face in her knees. Tears streamed down her face and her sobs were suppressed for a while. The staff were somewhat frightened. They couldn’t understand how important Xu Zifan was to Qiao Zixin and how deep Qiao Zixin was in her character. They turned to Xu Zifan for help, hoping that this omnipotent boss could coax their goddess.

Xu Zifan waved to the others to leave first, squatted beside Qiao Zixin and handed her a pack of paper towels. He asked softly, “what’s the matter? Can’t you film?”

Qiao Zixin hugged him tightly and cried, “You can’t go! Don’t leave me!”

Xu Zifan was dazed and said with a smile: “It’s just a movie. It’s the angel who left, not me. Am I not standing here right now?”

Qiao Zixin shook her head, her arm clasped him harder, “it’s the same, so similar, you are my angel, you saved me, let me return to the peak. Would you leave? I won’t let you go. Promise me that you would never leave me. I can’t live without you!”

Xu Zifan had never seen her cry like this before, and he didn’t know how to coax a girl. He just hugged her and patted her on the back and told her what he thought. “I won’t go. The angel can still look at the heroine’s happiness in the sky when he goes away. I won’t know anything if I go away. I can only see your happiness when I’m by your side. Have you forgotten? I am your most loyal fan.”

Qiao Zixin only heard the promise she wanted. He won’t leave! She immediately smiled through the tears, looked up at his eyes to confirm, “really? You will stay with me forever, won’t you?”

Of course, guarding a person’s happiness should be done until the end of her life. There is nothing wrong with it. Xu Zifan nodded definitely and even began to think about how to keep fit. He didn’t pay attention to this aspect before. Now thinking about how to protect her; What if he died before Qiao Zixin? He must live longer than her, even if only for a minute.

Qiao Zixin’s uneasy mood finally dissipated, and her heart was no longer heavy. She wiped her tears and thought, Xu Zifan has said twice that he is her loyal fan. Does that mean, so long as she was active in the entertainment circle, he will not leave? She needs to be the best idol to be worthy of such a high-quality fan. Xu Zifan must not get the chance to become a fan of other stars!


After the two went down the mountain, there was only the last scene to be filmed. Qiao Zixin did not like the original ending. She proposed to cut off the happy life of the heroine married to a rich and handsome man. She only filmed the heroine meeting a man at her best friend’s wedding. The man had his back to her, and when he turned back, the two smiled at each other. The man was the incarnation of an angel. Only in this way did the story end with a perfect and sweet feeling.

The plot was unanimously approved by everyone. Xu Zifan was sitting in the director’s chair at that time, tapped his fingers on the handrail slowly, staring at the script for a long time. Finally, he said: “At the end, the man did not look back, but only the heroine saw his back and showed an attracted expression.”

He looked at all the people with regrets and said, “The best comedy must have laughter and tears, touching moments and regrettable scenes. We will take the last act as an open ending, which can be regarded as either a complete ending or a regret. It is like a hook that tickles the heart and cannot be released. Only in this way can the best effect be achieved. It is much better than a happy ending for the audience.”

When they heard this, they were silent. They had to say that he was really a good Director. Instead of being immersed in the plot, onlookers clearly thought of the best arrangement for the movie. Everyone had no opinion, and finally, Qiao Zixin was filmed looking back at the moment when she saw the back of the man, and ending it with her expression.


After the film was finished, everyone had a big meal together, sang karaoke to celebrate, took a two-day holiday, and then began the post-production of the film. The shooting time was very tight, and before that, the shooting was done while editing, which greatly shortened the production time after filming. Xu Zifan doesn’t have to socialize everywhere to find connections like last time. He has plenty of time and has time to deal with other things, such as attending the award ceremony at the end of the year.

As the strongest dark horse of the year, ‘A Strong Mother’ has been shortlisted for many awards. Before going to the awards ceremony, Xu Zifan looked at the timing and asked the Public Relations department to release the results of the celebrities that had previously told the internet to spread rumors about Qiao Zixin. Litigation is a long process. Xu Zifan entrusted all matters to a lawyer. During their two filming, the lawyers went to court one after another and finally got the final result.

At the beginning, the two companies were operating behind the most powerful Big Vs’ that blackened Qiao Zixin. After verification, all their statements were false and caused extremely bad influence. They were found to infringe on Qiao Zixin’s image rights and reputation rights. They must immediately delete all false statements, publicly apologize to Qiao Zixin, and compensate Qiao Zixin for 200,000 yuan in financial losses and emotional damages.

(Big V [大v] = verified accounts of celebrities, political figures ant the likes on Weibo and Chinese social media, that have high follower numbers. In laymen’s terms, those celebrity accounts with blue check marks on twitter that have a high influence and followers.)

When the news was released, everyone was shocked. At the beginning, they only knew that Qiao Zixin had sent a lawyer’s letter, but they didn’t think she had actually sued in court and won the case! Seeing that the accounts sent out sincere apologies, netizens cheered, and Qiao Zixin’s fans were even more elated. The lawsuit completely cleared away all the stains from Qiao Zixin, and no one took those black materials of the past to make sour remarks anymore. The scandals were put to rest one by one, and the water army were also weighing in their hearts, afraid to take the job of scolding Qiao Zixin easily; Just in case they would be the defendants in court one day.


News of the successful completion of ‘Life is Beautiful’ and news of Qiao Zixin’s victory went on the hot search list together. On that night, Qiao Zixin took Xu Zifan to the red carpet of the awards ceremony.

She was wearing a tailor-made dress especially made for her, with simple diamond ornaments, and all her gestures and movement showed an elegant atmosphere, and her Movie Queen’s aura was there. Standing beside her, Xu Zifan is also tall and handsome, dressed in a fitted black elegant suit, with no extra expression on his face and his own aura, he looks even more like a high-profile president. He was not like a Director in any way.

As soon as they appeared, the two were handsome and beautiful, causing fans to scream wildly. Wherever they went, their good looks were even more popular, not to mention their talent.

The host asked them to stop at the signature wall for a while and said, “Miss Qiao has also been shortlisted for the Best Actress Award this time. Are you confident about this award?”

Qiao Zixin raised her hand to brush her hair behind her ear and smiled, “I am very happy, even if I win or not. I am very satisfied to be able to play this movie, and everyone’s love is the best affirmation for me.”

The box office of ‘A Strong Mother’ was set, and Qiao Zixin’s acting skill was the subject of several days of hot searches. It really didn’t matter whether she won the award or not. The audience’s approval was the real approval, but she was still the most popular candidate for the award.

The host turned to Xu Zifan and asked, “may I ask, did Director Xu play a very important role in your first film because you liked acting?”

Xu Zifan said faintly, “No, because I want to win the Best Supporting Actor Award.”

The host laughed: “Director Xu is joking. I heard that Director Xu also played the most important male role in the new play.”

“Yes, to save time.”

The people around them all gave out good-natured laughter. Only thinking Xu Zifan was joking and seemed to have found his cute side. Only Qiao Zixin knew that he was serious. He was filming all the scenes. Wouldn’t it be a waste of time to change to someone else? The movie is still on schedule for the Spring Film Festival. He is really a super confident person.

The host exchanged pleasantries before letting them go. The two were sitting in a row with the first-line stars. They all smiled and greeted each other. No one could see who really had a good relationship and who actually wanted to kill each other. Lin Yan was separated from them by two people. Liu Jie did not have enough status and sat in the back row. From the moment he sat down, Lin Yan glanced at Qiao Zixin from time to time, out of the corner of his eye, regretting both the regret and the blame. Why did he leave such a great beauty behind and marry Liu Jie, that bland woman? He blames Qiao Zixin for not being sincere to him too. Liu Jie could never forget him after a few years after breaking up. How can Qiao Zixin treat him like an enemy after breaking up? He couldn’t find a chance to get back together.

Xu Zifan raised his arm and placed it on the armrest, blocking his sight and glancing at him warningly. Lin Yan immediately withdrew his sight and did not dare to look again. He felt a dull pain in his wrist that had been grabbed last time. Then he became angry from embarrassment. What was he afraid of? Xu Zifan? Isn’t he only a Director? Where did he get such a strong aura? But he didn’t dare to look at him again. He doesn’t know why, he always had a hunch that Xu Zifan would make him regret it for life, and it would be better to stay away from them.


The awards ceremony officially began, and ‘A Strong Mother’ won the Best Editing Award, which Xu Zifan directed several editors to edit together. ‘Double Agent’ won the Best Action Coordination Award, and several other behind-the-scenes awards were won by other films. Soon the Best Supporting Actor Award would be won by him. Lin Yan immediately straightened his back. This is the award he and Xingchen Entertainment are looking forward to, and is also his ultimate goal in filming ‘Double Agent’. This award is very important to him. Once recognized, any Director will invite him to take the leading role, which will greatly enhance his social status. He smiled and believed that he will definitely win this award after his two years of professional training.

The honored guest MC opened the card and said with a smile: “The winner of the Best Supporting Actor Award is… Xu Zifan from ‘A Strong Mother’! Congratulations to Xu Zifan!”

Lin Yan’s frozen expression was faithfully displayed on the big screen. The other finalists all smiled with a gentlemanly smile. Xu Zifan adjusted his suit, got up and hugged the excited Qiao Zixin, shook hands with the people around him one by one, and walked leisurely onto the podium.

He took the trophy, glanced at Lin Yan, and said meaningfully: “What I said just now on the red carpet is true. I played this role to win the Best Supporting Actor Award. Tonight, I got it. Thank you for this recognition, and I will continue to work hard.”


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