16. The Movie Queen’s Domineering Fan (16)

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Liu Jie has been unable to sleep all night since he became suspicious of Xu Zifan. She secretly hired a private detective to investigate all the deeds of Xu Zifan from childhood to adulthood, but the results came out in one day. Data show that Xu Zifan is an ordinary person who grew up in a well-to-do family and has been studying well. However, the death of both of his parents at the age of 18 was a big impact and he went home without going to college. He has lived in seclusion for many years. He has no relatives, friends or girlfriends and is an ordinary shut-in. Then he suddenly appeared beside Qiao Zixin, selling his family property and speculating in stocks for profit. And finally, self-directed ‘A Strong Mother.’

The information is too simple, because Xu Zifan hasn’t made any contact with people these years, and people can’t find out what he is doing when he was staying at home all day. The more so, the more Liu Jie wondered, if a person is so capable, how can he be willing to stay at home and be a shut-in? Others think that rebirth is a fantasy thing, naturally wouldn’t think about that, only that Xu Zifan is an absolute genius in this field. But she is different, she is reborn, if she can be reborn, then others naturally can be reborn too.

And she has tried every means in her two lives to be famous. She never believed that capable people will be willing to be ordinary and not want to be famous. She thinks there must be something wrong with Xu Zifan!

If she is the only special person, she is the chosen daughter of heaven! And if there is one more person, then they must be the enemy. Liu Jie doesn’t care about anything right now. She didn’t even ask Lin Yan when he would come home at night. She just wants to confirm whether Xu Zifan is a genius or a reborn. If he is a reborn, she must kill Xu Zifan, so that she can regain her former glory and continue to be heaven’s darling.

Liu Jie did a lot of little things, and Xu Zifan knows that; Because, from the beginning, he hired people who monitor Lin Yan and Liu Jie, working all the time and never relax. Every time Liu Jie wants to do something, he knows in time and let Liu Jie suffer the consequences. On the other hand, he already has a lot of scandal material about Lin Yan and Liu Jie.

Every kind of studio dropping names, beating and scolding assistants, flirting with the crew and so on are all trifles. He has never sent them out, just waiting for that big moment. When these things can completely tarnish their reputation. Show them out all at once, that will have the best effect. As for Liu Jie’s little schemes, Xu Zifan just hired two bodyguards. One to follow him and the other will follow Qiao Zixin. He is busy again now. He said on Weibo that he was going to make the next film, it wasn’t a lie. He is going to catch the Spring Film Festival this time. There are still four months to go. If he wants to film, he can only continue to make this kind of feature film with no special effects and common scenes. Considering the atmosphere of the Spring Film Festival, he is going to make a comedy.

He told Lan Gui his request directly. “At first, I wanted the heroine to be badly impacted and commit suicide. Then there is a male match, a kind and playful angel. He cast a spell to show the heroine what kind of butterfly effect would be triggered without her in the world, the pain of relatives and the laughter of enemies. Then the angel will take the female lead to experience interesting and fun things one by one, and then do some good deeds to help people, so that the heroine can truly experience the beauty of life. After that, the male lead returned to heaven, and the woman lived an active life and made a lot of achievements. She met a rich and handsome man, they got married and had a happy life.”

Lan Gui looked at him and wanted to say, ‘here’s a pen, you write it.’ But because he was the boss, she could only swallow the complaint silently and smiled and said, “no problem, guarantee to finish the task.”

Xu Zifan nodded with satisfaction and smiled: “Although you have been a novice writer for several years, you have written such a touching story at the beginning. I believe you have the ability to construct a good story. I am waiting to see your script.”

“Thank you for your trust Boss! I will not let you down!” Lan Gui continued to smile, in her mind, she waved goodbye to the website. She had a premonition that she might often receive the Boss’s ideas and write it into a script. However, this is very good. Who could be a fan like her? The characters the goddess plays, is written by her. She is satisfied with just one book. She can laugh in her sleep now!

Xu Zifan recruited two other small screenwriters as assistants to Lan Gui. Then he began to contact investors and look for various shooting sites. Since he wanted to experience the beauty of the world, of course, he had to go to all the interesting places. Diving, skiing, bungee jumping and so on all had to be played twice, so as to have visual impact and happy feelings.


As soon as the news of his new movie was released, many people contacted his assistant. There are people who want to invest, people who want to be his deputy director, people who want to join the production team, people who want their own artists to take part in the film, and people who want to cooperate in publicity. In a word, there’s everything. Compared with the previous time, it is really a hundred times more convenient, and naturally it was smoother to do things.

Xu Zifan didn’t add people to the team. The team he wanted shouldn’t be too expensive, and it was most important not to have second thoughts. He only added a Doctor, four professional photographers and a stylist. This time he distributed 40% of his investment to several investors, all in order to let them help with large-scale publicity. Some people think that since he has money, why not invest on his own, but in fact, if he distributes some of his investment to the industry, it will be much smoother whether he goes through the state trial or goes through the cinema line. He will earn much more than investing alone and will not suffer.

When the team was assembled, Xu Zifan set up a company and turned the whole team in the company into regular employees. They were all seniors and well paid. Their company is called ‘Zifan Entertainment’. He is use to naming the company after himself. His enthusiasm for running the company surpasses everything else.

As soon as Lan Gui’s script was written, Zifan Entertainment’s first movie has officially started. The title was ‘Life Is Beautiful.’

If the title had not been directed by Xu Zifan and starred by Qiao Zixin, it would have been impossible for others to raise any interest. However, Xu Zifan felt that the name was very much in line with the concept of the movie, and he strongly recommended the name.


Qiao Zixin raised an objection during the casting. She said to Xu Zifan: “I hope you can play the angel. I think this is very similar to us. Although I didn’t want to commit suicide, if it weren’t for you, I might really be as depressed as the heroine. The role of angel is best played by you.”

Xu Zifan thought for a moment and replied, “yeah, in fact, this is the life I wanted to give you. Indeed, we are the most suitable performers.”

Qiao Zixin’s face changed slightly, and soon she smiled to hide it, but her eyes were not as bright as before. A little bud in her heart was crushed by her and replaced by a little uneasiness. If Xu Zifan disappeared one day, would she accept it? She really hated giving this up.


When the new movie started, Qiao Zixin only had to recall the feeling of being betrayed by important people. However, when she played the suicide scene, she made mistakes several times. She is not that kind of person, even when she was in despair, she didn’t want to commit suicide. She doesn’t know what the thoughts should be when ‘she’ decided to commit suicide.

Xu Zifan took several shots and felt that they did not achieve the expected results. He took her to the emergency rooms and intensive care units of several hospitals to see the miserable people, their desperate cries and the pain of dying. Finally, he took Qiao Zixin to a psychologist to learn about some cases of suicide due to depression.

In fact, Xu Zifan hesitated for three days before taking Qiao Zixin. Because in the original world, Qiao Zixin’s suicide did not come from her own will, but because she suffered from severe depression and could not control her thoughts. Depression is a very terrible disease. It can make people feel depressed continuously and unable to escape the state of a dying heart. It can make people feel that living had no meaning. Death is no different from living. It can make people involuntarily think about all the negative things, even some physical pain, and finally commit suicide and die so suddenly.

The original Qiao Zixin died this way. Although she was strong enough, she did not resist the erosion of depression. Xu Zifan wanted to think about it some more, but he still felt that Qiao Zixin should know something about depression, so that Qiao Zixin would adjust her mood in time no matter what happened in the future; Instead of accidentally getting depression without knowing it and unconsciously escaping.

Qiao Zixin has no tendency to be depressed right now. She has carefully understood the psychology of a depressed state with a psychologist, filming it once after returning to the crew, and has also handled the role better. After the scene, she looked at Xu Zifan. Xu Zifan pulled up the corners of his lips and gave her a thumbs-up. Qiao Zixin also smiled.

After the scene, most of them paid attention to having a good time and enjoying it, and wanted to film the two’s inner happiness. They went to the amusement park to ride a merry-go-round, ride a roller coaster, and challenge the most horrible haunted house … they played almost all the classic exciting games. The heroine shouted heartily when she was afraid, laughed heartily when she was happy, and screamed madly when she was excited! Each of these later stages will be cut out to make a collection. Their smiles are the best display of their feelings.

Then they went skydiving, bungee jumping, diving, skiing, watching the aurora, singing, dancing and laughing in the streets of a romantic city, and then helping animals deliver babies in wild zoos … They played a lot, during which they also worked as volunteers in several countries, often receiving sincere gratitude from others. The smiles on their faces were bright and sunny.

This trip experience was ironic because angels did not know anything about the human world. But finally, the heroine completely let go of the past and opened her heart to embrace a beautiful life. She truly realized that there are many surprises in life and that one life is not enough. How could she give up her life?

After finishing her task and taking her to the highest mountain, the heroine thought it was another extraordinary experience. After reaching the top, she hugged the angel with happiness, laughed happily and shouted at the distance, “I love you~~~I love everything~~~my life is the most beautiful~~~!”

The angel touched her hair, looked at her with a gentle and quiet smile for the first time and whispered, “Yes, everyone’s life is beautiful. As long as you cherish it, it will become even more beautiful. My mission has been completed, lovely girl … goodbye.”

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