Chapter 7. Unfaithful Phoenix Man (7)

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Gao Shiqing nodded.

Meng Tao was dumbfounded and stared at Gao Shiqing savagely. The two lasers in her eyes almost burned through Gao Shiqing. “What’s with your reaction? Your boyfriend said that he didn’t mind having another girlfriend so openly.”

“It’s a bit difficult to explain.” Gao Shiqing is also very embarrassed. Lu Ze’s awkward temper is always easy in her mouth. She is use to indulging him and followed along with him, even if she wasn’t assured, but others don’t understand him.

After struggling for a moment, Gao Shiqing said, “the point of his remarks is that he will only have one girlfriend or wife in his life, and that is me.”

“Ha ha… ” even Meng Tao couldn’t stand this,” silly girl, it’s very kind of you to coax him.” Fool!

After all that, Meng Tao left Gao Shiqing embarrassed and didn’t say anything.

“Shiqing ah, you think about it again, I think Lu Ze is really unreliable.”

“Tao Zi, you see, he won’t hide anything from me, don’t worry, he won’t bully me. ”

(TN: Meng Tao’s nick name is Tao Zi [桃子] meaning Peach.)

Meng Tao: “…”

She seemed to see a big silly and sweet girl falling into the wolf’s mouth.

Or are you jumping in by yourself?

Just as Meng Tao sighed, suddenly a figure flashed in front of her eyes. With a crash, Bai Qianqian covered her left face in disbelief. Obviously, she didn’t expect the normally mild tempered Gao Shiqing to suddenly attack. She stupidly shouted angrily, “you hit me!”

Gao Shiqing withdrew her hand with sharp eyes. “Don’t think that Ah Ze and I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

Meng Tao stared with big eyes, the silly and sweet girl suddenly turned into a poisonous wolf.

“Shiqing, did you misunderstand something?” Bai Qianqian covered her face with tears and looked very wronged.

Seeing her good friend beaten by Gao Shiqing, Lin Yiyi couldn’t sit still. “Gao Shiqing, you are out of your mind!”

She accused Gao Shiqing with a face of justice, “Didn’t Bai Qianqian invited Lu Ze to dinner to ease her relationship with you? She was so kind, and this is what you do to her?!”

“Ease relations?” Gao Shiqing coolly took out her mobile phone. Lu Ze’s screenshots showed her the dialogue from before. Everyone was not a fool. At first, he was biased against Lu Ze. Bai Qianqian blurred her ambiguous attitude towards Lu Ze when talking about eating out. She strongly emphasized that Lu Ze’s rhetoric was that, no matter what, very chauvinistic. So, everyone was fooled by her.

Now when the screenshots come out, everyone who had eyes can see her deliberate smearing of Gao Shiqing.

Bai Qianqian’s seductive mind was naturally obvious.

Soon Lin Yiyi and Meng Tao’s eyes changed when they looked at Bai Qianqian.

“No, that’s not the case, you listen to my explanation!” Bai Qianqian shouted while crying,” I… I… I did it to test Lu Ze.”

“Yes, that’s right! ” Bai Qianqian seemed to grasp a lifeline and said, “Lu Ze is unreliable at first sight. I’m afraid he is using Shiqing, so I just want to test his character.”

Meng Tao’s look turned disdainful, only a ghost would believe it.

Gao Shiqing also didn’t want to reason with her anymore. She turned around and took her bathing things to the dormitory bathhouse downstairs.

Bai Qianqian panicked, “Yiyi, don’t you believe me?”

“Qianqian, don’t treat others as fools.” After saying that, Lin Yiyi pulled down her mosquito net.

Lu Ze!

Bai Qianqian clenched her fist fiercely. Don’t you want to be with Gao Shiqing?

So, I’m not good enough for you?!


The next day, Bai Qianqian called home.

Shangtou village is a small village with an annual per capita income of over 20,000. Bai Qianqian’s family is at the head of the village, while the Lu family is at the other end of the village. The two families originally never intersected, but who made both families have college educated children? Lu Ze was the first college student in the village in the past ten years, and Bai Qianqian was the second.

The village chief was glad to invite Lu Ze and his mother Wang Xiuzhen to have dinner when he was admitted to a university. After three years of waiting, the village chief was glad to invite Wang Xiuzhen and the Bai family to have dinner together, so the two knew each other. However, she was not at home at that time, so she did not see Bai Qianqian. After that, his internship and work did not give them a chance to meet. It was not until he returned to campus and he and Gao Shiqing began to associate with each other that they knew that they were originally from the same village.

Not long after Bai Qianqian called home, the gossipy Mother Bai spread the news that Lu Ze had made a fortune and was cheated out of it by a city girl.

“Er, have you heard that the Lu family boy had made great achievements, and that he has made around a million. But in the end, a city girl cheated him out of it. This scholar, ah… reading too many books made him rigid and naïve.”

“He is still a student, easily seduced. Who knows how he lost the money? Maybe he did some shady things outside.”

“Today’s college students, tsk tsk…”

These words finally reached Wang Xiuzhen’s ears after three days. Wang Xiuzhen didn’t go to school and couldn’t recognize all the characters. She stayed in a small mountain village all her life and had little contact with the outside world. Lu Ze was her lifeblood and darling. When the rumor reached her ears, it had become ‘Lu Ze sold a kidney outside and cheated out of hundreds of thousands by girls in the city.’

Wang Xiuzhen quickly threw away the freshly cut pig grass and called Lu Ze.

Lu Ze froze when he received the phone call, then searched his memory, he nearly vomited blood on the spot.

The original person is ‘very good’, he had even forgotten his mother!!

Lu Ze tried hard to search for the memory, it turned out that his mother was only in a tiny corner of his mind.

The original mother, Wang Xiuzhen, lost her husband in her early years and brought him up alone while being a widow. She even warmed up water and sent it to the original while he was in school.

However, he was originally ashamed of Wang Xiuzhen and thought that Wang Xiuzhen had humiliated him.

Wang Xiuzhen is 1.5 meters tall, very short. She has dark skin and speaks with a dialect all the year round. She wears old clothes from more than ten years ago. In the original’s eyes, this prosperous city is the pearl in the sky, while Wang Xiuzhen is a puddle of mud.

How can a Wang Xiuzhen make a person who is obsessed with getting away from the countryside and climbing up the ladder, comfortable?

So, he hid himself in the city for a long time without contacting Wang Xiuzhen, trying to forget Wang Xiuzhen.

Until the original and Gao Shiqing began to talk about marriage, and both Gao parents also mentioned it. So, the original reluctantly called Wang Xiuzhen, and repeatedly told her not to say anything.

He married Gao Shiqing and soon had a child, a daughter.

The original body itself is chauvinistic, and in his bones, he cares most about offspring; But at that time, he did not control the Gao family, so he could only suppress his dissatisfaction.

On one hand, in order to vent, on the other hand, in order to divert Gao Shiqing’s attention from the company, Wang Xiuzhen was called to take care of Gao Shiqing’s child.

In a small mountain village, men are labor and money. If there are no men, their family will end there.

Of course, Wang Xiuzhen is no exception. She felt that a grandson is a precious treasure, a granddaughter is wasted goods. So, Wang Xiuzhen did all kinds of tricks and scolded Gao Shiqing, and she always made Gao Shiqing give in, which directly caused Gao Shiqing to get postpartum depression and completely retire from the company. The original finally began to control the company.

But despite such a deliberate plan, Gao Shiqing finally tore off half of his fortune at the time of divorce.

This was also Lu Ze’s favorite point about Gao Shiqing.


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