Chapter 6. Unfaithful Phoenix Man (6)

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Bai Qianqian took a deep breath, tried hard to persuade herself not to argue with a straight man, and build herself up mentally. Only then did she churn out a smile on her face, “Senior Liu, I propose a toast to you with tea instead of wine and apologize to you. Shiqing often complains in the dormitory that there are too many differences between your families and your living habits, so I misunderstood you and fought for Shiqing.” 

 (Straight Man/Steel Straight Man = A man that’s too straightforward that a bit on the dumb side. Or a man with low EQ.)

“You have already talked about this matter before.” Lu Ze said flatly, “I don’t care.”

Naturally, he didn’t need to care about unimportant people.

Bai Qianqian smiled and brushed her long hair. “Senior Liu, shall I follow Shiqing and call you Ah Ze?”


At this time, the first cold dish was served. Lu Ze ordered a bowl of rice and opened the chopsticks. “Only girlfriends and elders can call me Ah Ze.”

“What should people do if they want to call you Ah Ze?” Bai Qianqian said coquettishly. “Ah Ze, Ah Ze, will you be angry if I call you that?”

“If you want to call me Ah Ze, be my girlfriend.” Lu Ze looked at Bai Qianqian with amused eyes.

“I’m kidding.” Bai Qianqian pouted coquetry, although she thought she could kick Gao Shiqing aside, but she couldn’t be too straightforward, men still like women who are silly and sweet.

“In fact, I don’t mind having another girlfriend.”


Bai Qianqian looked at Lu Ze puzzled, but Lu Ze stopped talking after saying this and immersed himself in various delicacies.

Bai Qianqian nibbled at her food, but her heart was full of twists and turns.

She carefully looked at Lu Ze out of the corner of her eye. Does this boy want to hide a beauty in a golden house?

(Hiding a beauty in a golden house = keeping and supporting a mistress financially.)

She touched her nose and felt that Lu Ze’s idea was not a problem.

Lu Ze was originally from humble origins, and Gao Shiqing was also a rich miss. Even if she had a good temper, Lu Ze must have been more accommodating to Gao Shiqing and worked hard for Gao Shiqing. After a long time, it’s inevitable that he would have resentment.

Think about it, if she follows Lu Ze now and gives birth to a son, then Lu Ze will take the Gao’s property and kick Gao Shiqing away. What’s wrong with that?

Bai Qianqian thought it was beautiful. But in fact, he did secretly start raising his mistress after he became rich, and finally divorced Gao Shiqing.

Only Bai Qianqian was not the only mistress in the previous life, and in the end, all these mistresses lost to his ‘heart’s desire’; first love.

After thinking through the joints, Bai Qianqian’s attitude towards Lu Ze became even more excited, and just talked about it directly.

Lu Ze didn’t make a sound, keeping his distance until he had enough to eat and drink and put down his chopsticks and said honestly, “actually, I don’t mind having more girlfriends, but the cost is too high.”

“Ah?” Bai Qianqian looked at him blankly.

“First of all, my girlfriend has to be from a good family, gentle and quiet, loves me deeply, whether it’s wealth or feelings, it only benefits me without harm.” Lu Ze said seriously and continued very seriously, “secondly, my girlfriend is mine, and everything she has is mine. So now my girlfriend spends all my money, it’s only right, having one girlfriend or a wife. It’s too expensive to have two or three.”

“What do you mean?” Bai Qianqian asked with a cold face.

“From the perspective of economic benefits and costs, I will only have one girlfriend or wife in my life, but I don’t mind having more girlfriends.” Lu Ze said solemnly, “if you are willing to give me 1 million a month, I can consider making you my girlfriend.”

Are you insane?!

Bai Qianqian was furious. If she has 1 million yuan a month, does she still need to be a mistress?

Besides, which rich woman has the mind to keep a poor boy for 1 million a month?

Don’t say 1 million a month, even if it’s 1 million a year– What kind of high-end gigolo, with 1 million yuan a year, can’t she find?

“But being a girlfriend is okay. You don’t have to think about children. Raising children is also very expensive, so no one else is qualified to give birth for me except for my wife.”


Bai Qianqian is speechless.

How can there be such disgusting and exotic man in this world?

How blind is Gao Shiqing?

“Thank you, but this girl is not an idiot.” Bai Qianqian was about to leave with her chin held high like a peacock. The ‘Exotic Scum Man’ Lu Ze spoke again, “You haven’t paid yet.”

“I just drank a bowl of porridge.” Bai Qianqian went mad.

With a ‘Green Tea’ expression Lu Ze said, “forget it, although you said it’s your treat, but if Shiqing finds out some other girl invited me to dinner alone, she would be angry. So, let’s split the bill.”

“Ha ha.” Bai Qianqian sneered, “really thank you for your generosity.”

At this point, Bai Qianqian called the waiter and asked. This meal was 1,200 yuan. Bai Qianqian scanned 600 yuan from her mobile payment app, looked at Lu Ze sarcastically and said, “the rest is from this gentleman.”

The waiter looked at Lu Ze embarrassedly and Lu Ze calmly took out a 50% discount electronic coupon worth 9.90 yuan. “Pack the untouched sweet and sour fish and spicy bunting together, and then add a bowl of rice.”

(TNote: Bunting is a type of bird, usually braised or steamed.)

Waiter: “…”

Bai Qianqian: “…”

You’re ruthless!

She was fooled, how could she think that she can take advantage of this sly man?


Scum man!

She wants to tell Gao Shiqing all about today, so this scum man would work hard in vain.


Before Bai Qianqian could tell Gao Shiqing, Lu Ze brought Gao Shiqing to the canteen with the repackaged food, so it could be reheated in the canteen.

Gao Shiqing looked at Lu Ze’s unprecedented packaged restaurant dish, “are you crazy?”

Did this cheapskate changed his mind?

Confronted with Gao Shiqing’s doubts, Lu Ze told Gao Shiqing all the ins and outs of the story, including his wonderful remarks.

Gao Shiqing: “…”

It is also a world-wide anecdote that ‘romance is expensive’.

1 million a month?! This is clearly to satire Bai Qianqian? Do you still have to consider saying that she is too cheap to keep a gigolo?

Also, it’s thanks to her understanding of Lu Ze. If he had another girlfriend, and she heard it, she might just knock his head off.

But still, she was a little angry.

Gao Shiqing sneered, “I won’t eat, poached food form other women. I feel uncomfortable eating it.”

“This isn’t what she bought.” Lu Ze said proudly, “we bought a total of 12,000 yuan of fish and bunting, split the bill. For a total of 550 yuan, I bought the one you are eating.”

“Your part of the bill?” Gao Shiqing expressed her doubts.

Lu Ze smiled, “I bought a 50% discount coupon for 9.90 yuan.”

Gao Shiqing: “…”

She began to sympathize with Bai Qianqian somehow. What’s going on?


So, with this sympathy, Gao Shiqing returned to the dormitory after the meal. Just in time to see Lin Yiyi, Bai Qianqian, and Meng Tao’s pitying eyes.

Gao Shiqing: “…”

All of a sudden, she really wanted to say, ‘No! It’s not like that, listen to my explanation!’

“Ha ha…!” Lin Yiyi laughed and turned in her bed.

Since Gao Shiqing really told the Wens’ about her after the last ‘bed sheet and dress’ incident, Lin Yiyi and Gao Shiqing started a cold war, not saying a word to each other.

But although she did not speak, these two-syllable laugh still fully expressed her gloating.

Bai Qianqian is naturally Lin Yiyi’s team member.

Meng Tao was really worried about Gao Shiqing and asked anxiously, “Shiqing, Bai Qianqian specially invited Lu Ze to dinner today to apologize. Do you know what he said?”

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