Chapter 5. Unfaithful Phoenix Man (5)

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Gao Shiqing gawked at Lu Ze, who took a bag of popcorn and two cans of Coke from his backpack. “So, I brought it. I used the microwave oven in my roommate’s rented house to heat the popcorn.”

“Ah Ze, you are so awesome and thoughtful!”

Lu Ze held his head high and rightly enjoyed Gao Shiqing’s worship.

Bai Qianqian who followed her all the way here; to see if Lu Ze is eligible to be her boyfriend: “…”

Gao Shiqing is out of her mind!

This is called considerate?!

This is clearly stingy!

Bai Qianqian felt tangled. With Lu Ze’s stingy character, even if she got Lu Ze, he will not spend money on her later.

What a dilemma…

Bai Qianqian decides to give up Lu Ze, and choose other potential men.

However, one thing happened two months later, which completely shocked Bai Qianqian.

In the dining room, Gao Shiqing looked at Lu Ze’s emerald bracelet, worth 560,000 yuan, with round eyes and gaping mouth that could be stuffed with an egg.

“Ah Ze, did you rob a bank?”

Lu Ze gave her a hard poke on the forehead, “what are you thinking?”

“Then this bracelet…?”

“Do you remember the improved cheongsam dress I designed for you? I entered the design draft for the China Cup. The first prize was not high, but the design draft won the favor of investors. ”

“They bought your design?”

“Yeah.” Lu Ze lightly nodded, “one million. Also, don’t order spareribs next time. You don’t like to eat them. There are a lot of leftovers, it’s very wasteful.”

“You help me finish them.” Gao Shiqing said proudly, so that she could fatten her Ah Ze without showing any signs.

No, no, no!

Gao Shiqing shook her head and brought the topic back, “one million… you bought me a bracelet?!”

Lu Ze nodded, “after tax deduction, tens of thousands remain after buying the bracelet.”

“Ah Ze…” Gao Shiqing was moved beyond measure. What a nice man he is! Although he usually isn’t willing to spend money, she doesn’t need to open her mouth when she sees something she likes. As long as she looks at it twice, he will lecture her, saying that it’s the last time, she shouldn’t do it again, but he will always find various excuses to buy it for her.

Now that he has made some money, he bought her a 560,000 bracelet for the first time.

Whether a man loves you or not depends on how much he is willing to give to you.

“Ah Ze…” Gao Shiqing choked up.

Lu Ze spoke with a wooden face, “I’ve thought about it. Although this bracelet was given to you, you are mine, so it is mine.”

“Ah…” Gao Shiqing’s surging wave of emotion was stuck in mid-air.

“The emerald is specially selected by me, and the craftsman is also carefully selected by me. It will be valuable in the future. If you wear it for 7 or 8 years, you can still make a profit without spending a cent.”

Lu Ze smiled, revealing two rows of big white teeth. “Aren’t I smart?”


Silent for a moment, Gao Shiqing said slowly, “Ah Ze, ribs will cool if you don’t eat them, and I don’t want to eat meatballs either. can you help me eat them?”

“I told you not to order these things, you have a small appetite. Save up a bit, just order one dish at a time.”

Lu Ze finished talking and began to eat the first line of meatballs and ribs.

Gao Shiqing propped up her head and looked at him laughingly. The starlight in her eyes was as soft as spring water.

In fact, there are many ways to make money. Among other things, 560,000 yuan can set up a company for him. With Ah Ze’s talent, the profit of designing clothes can be doubled tens of times, which is much more than that of waiting for the revalue of a gem.

This excuse is so bad!

“Ah Ze.” All of a sudden, she really wants to do it. She wants to push her luck.

“What’s the matter?”

“After you finished eating the ribs, I suddenly want to eat again.” Gao Shiqing stared at him straight, “I want to eat ribs.”

“It’s all gone. Next time, don’t order what you don’t like to eat, is a waste of money.”

“Ah Ze, Ah Ze, Ah Ze, Ah Ze …” Gao Shiqing did not listen, just called his name, like a monk chanting sutra.

Lu Ze was helpless. “Okay, this is only this one time, don’t do it again.”

“Wait here.”

After a while, Lu Ze brought a plate of sweet and sour spareribs, and the two of them ate it sweetly.


In front of the table they didn’t pay attention to, facing away from the two of them sat Bai Qianqian, who had just separated from her new boyfriend.

She gritted her teeth.

Who would have thought that the potential stock she missed out on could be worth millions of yuan?!

She had to act coquetry and cute, and had to drink several rounds of wine until she vomited on the table to get a bag worth tens of thousands of yuan.

Why is Gao Shiqing’s life so good?

The family has money, no worry for food and clothing, and can easily find a golden husband.


In the evening Lu Ze began to sort out his own materials. This time at the China Cup, he met a designer named Zheng Cheng, three years older than him. The two got to know each other as before, chatting from day to night, and finally decided to open a clothing studio together to create their own clothing brand.

Now the materials he has compiled are the first batch of design drawings after the company was founded.

Lu Ze just sent the sorted data to Zheng Cheng, then his phone rang.

Bai Qianqian applied to be a friend on the app.

Lu Ze raised his eyebrows and agreed.

Bai Qianqian texted: [It’s me, Bai Qianqian.  I came to apologize to you specially. I often heard Shiqing calculate your expenses in the dormitory. I thought that most of your expenses were borne by Shiqing. I mistakenly thought that you were the kind of man who ate soft rice. Today Shiqing showed us the bracelet you sent. Only then did I know that I misunderstood you. I’m sorry, Senior Lu, I have viewed a gentleman with narrow eyes. You don’t blame me, do you?]

This was extremely scheming. On one hand, it shows her misunderstanding. On the other hand, it implies that Gao Shiqing often complains about Lu Ze spending her money and eating soft rice in the dormitory. Finally, when it come to the bracelet, it made people think that Gao Shiqing is vain, and that Gao Shiqing liked to show off.

By looking at these words, you would know that Bai Qianqian is also a very scheming person.

Lu Ze wanted to see what she was going to do, so he replied with very few words.

[In order to apologize, I’ll invite Senior Lu to dinner tomorrow. You won’t refuse me, will you?]

Lu Ze replied, [where do you want to eat?]

Sure enough, there are no men that don’t cheat. Bai Qianqian proudly sent a location. Lu Ze checked the price. The prices were not too cheap. Then he asked for the specific time and ended the conversation.


The next night, Lu Ze arrived at the Chinese restaurant on the third floor of a commercial plaza at 7 o’clock sharp, not a minute less.

At this time, Bai Qianqian had already waited there early. She wore a pure white dress with long shawl like hair and light-colored shiny lipstick, she looked pure and vigorous.

Bai Qianqian waved her long arm, Lu Ze slowly walked over, sat down opposite her, picked up the menu, “since you said it’s your treat, I won’t hold back.”

After saying that, he didn’t wait for Bai Qianqian to react. He quickly ordered seven or eight dishes, without looking like he had any intention of stopping.

“Wait a minute!” Bai Qianqian immediately stopped him and said with a stiff smile, ” Senior Lu, the two of us don’t have to eat that much.”

“But I haven’t eaten these dishes, all want is to have a taste.” Lu Ze looked aggrieved, and unwillingly dropped the menu.

A waiter nearby:

There are so many strange people in the world, and today he caught another a straightforward man.

Although his heart was full of bitterness, the waiter was still very professional and kept smiling and took the menu to place the order.

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