Chapter 4. Unfaithful Phoenix Man (4)

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Lin Yiyi exaggerated her tutting, gloating at Gao Shiqing, “just look, bell sleeves, cheap curtain cloth. Oh no, curtains won’t even use this kind of cloth, this is the sheets from the eighties.”

“You really like to win at your won set up, don’t you?” Gao Shiqing has a pretty cold face. However, she is a person who doesn’t like to get angry and get into conflict with others, but this does not mean that she has no principles.

She spoke coldly, “Bai Qianqian, your own family is also from the countryside. Do you use sheets to make skirts in your family? My grandmother still lives in the countryside. The clothes she makes look nice and comfortable. What’s wrong with it? Lin Yiyi, don’t forget that you said your father is also from a poor family.”

“Don’t mention that cheap man!”

Lin Yiyi shouted angrily.

Gao Shiqing stepped on Lin Yiyi’s sore spot, and what she hated most in her life was her ‘phoenix’ father, who ate soft rice and raised a mistress.

(eating soft rice = a man who is supported financially by a woman.)

Gao Shiqing was angry, but she was kind and generous. He didn’t want to go after others’ weaknesses and hurt them, so she closed her mouth.

During the cold silence between the two rich daughters, Bai Qianqian, who didn’t dare to interfere, silently went to the toilet to change her dress.

At this time, Meng Tao came back.

“What’s this strange atmosphere, what’s wrong with you two?” She was used to this, but also didn’t care. She carelessly handed Gao Shiqing the bag in her hand, “here, Shiqing. I met Lu Ze downstairs, he asked me to give this to you, saying it was a dress made for you, and you can wear it when you two go to the movies this afternoon.”

Hearing Lu Ze’s name, the frost on Gao Shiqing’s face melted. She happily took the bag and carefully opened it. Beside her, Lin Yiyi walked up, Meng Tao also leaned over from time to time.

Inside the bag was a box tied with a bow. When the bow was opened, there was a neatly folded dress. Because it was folded, only the huge peony could be seen on the exposed side, which was almost the same as Lin Yiyi’s peony.

“Ha ha ha ha,” Lin Yiyi laughed unscrupulously, clutching her stomach. “Didn’t you happily scold us just now? What was nice and comfortable? and the result? Ha ha ha… Still sheets.”

Bai Qianqian heard laughter and came out, watching the lively scene and later heard Lin Yiyi’s sarcasm.

Meng Tao was a little embarrassed. She didn’t know what to say. After holding back for a long time, she comforted Gao Shiqing and said, “straight men are always like this, don’t take it to heart.”

“It’s okay. ” Gao Shiqing smiled softly, “I know he loves me.”

“Still in love.” Lin Yiyi’s stomach ached with laughter. “He wanted you to go to the movies in bed sheets, and you bought the movie tickets, too. You’re killing me… haha. Lu Ze calculated it well, cheap whore.”

Others can endure, but saying it was whoring is too much. If he was whoring, then what was Gao Shiqing?

Meng Tao pulled Lin Yiyi, “All right, that’s enough.”

“I will tell Uncle Wen and Aunt Wen what you said today.” Gao Shiqing words made Lin Yiyi’s whole face freeze.

Right now, the Lins are trying to promote a marriage with the Wens, if the Wens knew what she said today, then…

Don’t forget, Old Man Wen is still obsessed with his countryside wife who died of illness when he was still an ‘educated youth’.

(educated youth = also known as the ‘Zhiqing’, were the young people who—beginning in the 1950s until the end of the Cultural Revolution, willingly or under coercion—left the urban districts of the People’s Republic of China to live and work in rural areas as part of the “Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside Movement”)

“Gao Shiqing, don’t spread nonsense!”

As soon as she spoke, Gao Shiqing came out of the toilet, just like the goddess Athena with light from behind her.

Just now, giving it a casual glance, people only saw a large area of peony flowers.

When Gao Shiqing wore it, Lin Yiyi and Bai  Qianqian realized that it was not ordinary white cloth, but silk. It was perfectly fitting Gao Shiqing’s body, like a second layer of skin on her body.

The large peony is only on the left side, supplemented by green leaves and tendrils. Its color is light and dark, and it wraps half of the body without any sense of cheapness. Instead, it looks elegant and noble.

Even Gao Shiqing herself felt shocked. Isn’t this dress much more expensive than that one in the mall?

Around 500 or 600 yuan for the materials alone.

“No, impossible…”

It was so shocking that Lin Yiyi blurted out, “it’s definitely store bought.”

After saying that, Lin Yiyi couldn’t wait to bite off her own tongue.

If it was bought, I’m afraid it would cost tens of thousands. A poor boy spent tens of thousands to buy a skirt for his girlfriend?! Isn’t that even more proof that she was wrong about Lu Ze?

Lu Ze and Gao Shiqing are not together because of money, but for true love.

True love!


She doesn’t believe it!

There is no true love in this world. Lu Ze is just baiting for a long time now. Just wait, when Lu Ze gets Gao Shiqing, he will definitely be the same as her damn father. And then Gao Shiqing will cry.

Bai Qianqian also looked dumbfounded at Gao Shiqing, a skirt made by Lu Ze himself.

If Lu Ze has this talent, then soaring into the sky is just around the corner.

In order to be a member of the upper class, Bai Qianqian often goes to various night clubs, hoping to catch a rich second generation.

But although the rich second generation is rich, they have no autonomy, and they are not stupid. How can they give up their good family business for the sake of love?

Bai Qianqian is almost desperate, and every man who associates with her, without exception, just wants to have s*x with her.

If she is destined not to marry a rich second generation, then why not marry a potential stock?

Bai Qianqian’s eyes were full of calculations.

Gao Shiqing, on the other hand, has no interest in the two people’s thoughts. She stared at herself in the mirror.

Her hair is messy, her face is only coated with BB cream, so ugly that it is not worthy of this skirt.

She hurriedly took out her curling iron and began to do her hair and makeup. After more than two hours of tossing and turning, she watched as the time was running out before putting on her high heels and carrying her bag. She hurried downstairs for a date.

At this time, Lu Ze was standing in the shade at the door, staring blankly. Gao Shiqing took a deep breath and excitedly approached Lu Ze. On the way, she turned once and asked, “does it look good?”

After saying that, her shining eyes looked at him, looking forward to his answer.

“Beautiful.” Lu Ze smiled warmly.

“If I look beautiful, why don’t your eyes look stunned?” Gao Shiqing took Lu Ze’s arm in her hand, spoke coquetry in soft voice and a little temper. A woman would like to impress her boyfriend, ok!?

“When I made it, my mind was full of the way you would wear it. You have been wearing this skirt in my mind for a long time.”

It’s still a formal explanation. However, compared with sweet words, it made Gao Shiqing’s face blush.

This person, every casual word made her heart move little by little.


At the cinema, Gao Shiqing greedily looked at coke and popcorn after exchanging the tickets.

Lu Ze is a thrifty person who never buys coke and popcorn when watching movies. He doesn’t want them, but she is embarrassed to buy it herself.

“Want Coke and popcorn?”

Gao Shiqing looked at him and nod eagerly.

Lu Ze shook his head in line with the principle of not changing the original. “The coke and popcorn package costs 19.91 yuan here, it’s too expensive.”

Sure enough…

Gao Shiqing is a little disappointed, but who made her choose this man? Forget it. Coke and popcorn is not that good either.



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