ASPSD 262. Ibukota

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Keesokan harinya, aku menuju ke ibukota dengan Tanya, Ryle, dan beberapa penjaga.

Ketika aku tiba di ibukota kerajaan tanpa masalah, aku mampir ke rumah dan menuju ke Istana Kerajaan. Jika Ayah ku atau Berne, aku pikir aku akan pergi ke istana kerajaan hanya setelah mendengarkan cerita itu, tetapi keduanya tampaknya berkumpul di istana kerajaan. Mungkin akan ada banyak pekerjaan setelah perang, jadi aku pikir itu tidak bisa dibantu … Aku khawatir tentang kondisi fisik Ayah karena aku mendengar dari Ibu ku bahwa Ayah ku belum sepenuhnya pulih. Continue reading “ASPSD 262. Ibukota”

42. Breaking News, The Movie Emperor is Scum! (9)

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When Wei Mingyan finished spitting it out and wiped his mouth with an uncomfortable look on his face, he explained, “this snake is a grass snake. I know it. It’s not poisonous.”

[There is no poison but you suck the blood out!] Continue reading “42. Breaking News, The Movie Emperor is Scum! (9)”

20. Abandoned Military Wife (End Arc.3)

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After losing the Zhang family’s protection, look at what he has done…

He refused to go to dangerous places, repeatedly contradicted his superiors and punished his subordinates for no reason. What was most excessive was that when facing danger, he pushed out the person beside him to block the blast and pretended to be unconscious in order to avoid punishment. Continue reading “20. Abandoned Military Wife (End Arc.3)”

20. Abandoned Military Wife (End Arc.2)

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During the day, Miao Xing hid in her and her husband’s home and didn’t show up, and people in the courtyard usually had a normal relationship with Zhou Qianqian, but no one found out.

Later, they learned that Miao Xing had been hiding in Zhou Qianqian’s home. It was because Zhou Qianqian, who always only talked about other people; chased out and beat Miao Xing with a broom. Continue reading “20. Abandoned Military Wife (End Arc.2)”

20. Abandoned Military Wife (End Arc)

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Lin Shiheng has always been committed.

For the rest of his life, he also tried his best to make his wife and daughter happy as he has vowed. Continue reading “20. Abandoned Military Wife (End Arc)”

ASPSD 261. Renungan

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“… Aku sudah selesai”

Ketika aku melihatnya mengambil Pangeran pertama itu dan menyelesaikan pengambilalihan tawanan, aku menghela nafas dan duduk di sofa. Continue reading “ASPSD 261. Renungan”

4. The Movie Queen’s Domineering Fan (4)

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Baiyou had long suspected Xu Zifan for a while, but she was anxious to leave and forgot asking. But the conversation the night before was recorded! How can Qiao Zixin help her after hearing that recording? They came to see her as a laughing stock!

Qiao Zixin stared at her and asked, “Baiyou? Why on earth did you do it?” Continue reading “4. The Movie Queen’s Domineering Fan (4)”

Chapter 4. The First World

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Lu Chen came to Luoyun palace more and more frequently, until a month later; Lu ran was promoted as an official concubine.

Seeing that the timing was long enough, Luo Ran called Qing Ru to walk with her at the imperial garden. Continue reading “Chapter 4. The First World”

Chapter 3. The First World

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After the event, Lu Chen took Luo Ran to his seat. The purple plainclothes he had been wearing had been draped over her at this time, only vaguely revealing her white skin with the red marks he just left.

Lu Chen put on his inner garment but didn’t tie it on. Luo Ran’s arms, circled around Lu Chen’s waist, attached to his skin, and he felt the delicate and smooth touch between his waist. Lu Chen’s eyes were slightly satisfied, and his voice seemed to have some warmth: “What do you want?” Continue reading “Chapter 3. The First World”

41b. Breaking News, The Movie Emperor is Scum! (8)

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“Ah, I really regret it, why did I come to this program …” the Song God sighed, “I suspect they were targeting me. Otherwise, why am I always the one to get bad luck!?”

The program group: “… no, these are all aimed at Wei Mingyan.”

“The more I think about it, the angrier I am. I want to hit someone!” Continue reading “41b. Breaking News, The Movie Emperor is Scum! (8)”