Chapter 66. Good Performance and Reward

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Is there no evidence? Shen Qinglan’s beautiful eyes flashed; her heart was already in dispute.

She took Xiaoxuan to the snack street nearby and accompanied her from one end of the street to the other end of the street. Finally, Xiaoxuan’s unsmiling face showed a little smile. Continue reading “Chapter 66. Good Performance and Reward”

Chapter 65. Devising a Plan

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Shen Qinglan went to school today to hand in her paper, and meet Yu Xiaoxuan on the other hand.

Last night, Xiaoxuan called her and told her that she had lost her voice and that she was expected to be eliminated in the third round. She was very sad. Shen Qinglan comforted her on the phone for half a day, but she was not a comforter so it wasn’t very effective. Continue reading “Chapter 65. Devising a Plan”

Chapter 25. The Teacher Post

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“You have to ask him about it. I just feel that this guy is definitely not just someone from the Jianghu. We rarely see a real Jianghu person. At least they should look like Bai Ah Da. They either have a tough face or vicious to their bones. They will never look like a white-faced scholar. His bearing is clearly a person who has lived in a high position for a long time, and didn’t Bai Ping Zi say he had the face of a monarch?” Bai Fu Ling thinks everything is possible in this world because of her peculiar experience. The doubts put forward by Bai Guo were nothing.

Bai Guo listened to all her conjectures and was frustrated: “Why did you suddenly believe in the Second Steward?” Continue reading “Chapter 25. The Teacher Post”

33c. Scum Man of the 90’s (end arc)

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The man who was listening to his son’s grievance with cold eyes turned his eyes to the familiar woman’s face and said coldly, “Call 120, and when she wakes up, she will be informed. At the end of the probation period, she will be fired. ”

(120 = emergency number for an ambulance.)  Continue reading “33c. Scum Man of the 90’s (end arc)”

33b. Scum Man of the 90’s (end arc)

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“Wei Wei?  Where are your parents?”

“At work.”

At work? Is he the child of this company’s employee?  Maybe the so-called welfare is to bring your children to work? Continue reading “33b. Scum Man of the 90’s (end arc)”

33a. Scum Man of the 90’s (end arc)

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Yi Zhilan’s child was born smoothly. Since she found out that she was pregnant, she had been eating well and sleeping well. She was usually taken care of properly. She didn’t even have to open her mouth, Wei Mingyan had already sent it to her.

There was no financial pressure and no emotional difficulties. Even the previous morning sickness was relieved after Aunt Yi came. Her husband accompanied her for a walk every day and there was a room full of books to read. Therefore, Yi Zhilan was very cared for, both mentally and physically. Continue reading “33a. Scum Man of the 90’s (end arc)”

ASPSD 249. Perpisahan

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Kau bodoh…

Aku tertawa melihatnya.

Mengapa dia begitu polos hingga aku pikir dia sangat bodoh … sama sekali tidak terlihat seperti anggota keluarga kerajaan.

…… Itu sebabnya aku menargetkan dia untuk memasuki keluarga kerajaan. Continue reading “ASPSD 249. Perpisahan”

15. Abandoned Military Wife (15)

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When Lin Shiheng and He Xuezhu went back, they heard that Zhang Yanming was making a scene in the hospital, which led to dissatisfaction.

The army is a place of strict discipline, not only small soldiers but also officers like Zhang Yanming should never make mistakes. He has a background, but in this day and age, his background still won’t let him get away with the rumors in the army. Continue reading “15. Abandoned Military Wife (15)”

Chapter 64. Shares Transferring

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The news that Fu Hengyi was injured and hospitalized was somehow known to Han Yi. Early in the morning, Han Yi appeared in the ward with a basket of fruits.

“Oh… Mr. Fu, I haven’t seen you in a few days. Why are you in the hospital?” Han Yi smiled flamboyantly, it wasn’t like he was visiting the sick, but as if he had come to gloat. Continue reading “Chapter 64. Shares Transferring”

Chapter 63. Sleeping In Each Other’s Arms

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Shen Qinglan was born in their housing complex, and Fu Hengyi even hugged her when she was born.

Fu Hengyi vaguely remembered that Shen Qinglan was a very lively and lovely girl when she was a child. She was very fond of laughing and running behind them. She was a little temperamental and would cry when she fell down. Her elder brother Shen Junyu couldn’t coax her, but as long as he hugged her, she would stop and wipe all the tears on his clothes. For this reason, Shen Junyu ate plenty of vinegar from his sister.    Continue reading “Chapter 63. Sleeping In Each Other’s Arms”