Chapter 95. Just Make a Detour if You See Us in the Future (3)

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Gu Yang and Gu Kai’s face were getting darker, their intuition said that they’re in trouble, they didn’t expect that Sun-ge turned out to be a member of the Stone gang.

The Stone Gang is a well-known gang in the capital. It has been dominating the capital with the Tiger Gang for a long time. Initially, there was no fighting between the two gangs, but unfortunately, the leader of the Tiger Gang was killed by the Stone Gang sometimes ago. Then the Stone Gang took the territory of the Tiger Gang and it became the strongest gang in Beijing now.

The authority had always tried to eradicate many gangs from the road, but they can’t eradicate them easily. Especially a large gang like the Stone Gang, they were involved in many incidents, and they were colluding with the officials and the bandits. This was not only the case in the old society, but lots of things like this were happening in the Z country at this time. Only a few people know about it.

Although the Stone Gang will not target people like them three for no apparent reason, they will definitely not be able to win the fight today while they were in the hands of the Stone Gang.

“Little sister-in-law, we’ll protect you. You go and hide in the car, and take the chance to go first. They will beat us at most and won’t do anything further.”  Gu Yang whispered in Shen Qinglan’s ear.

Shen Qinglan didn’t nod or shake her head, Gu Yang took her silence as an agreement. Gu Yang and Gu Kai looked at each other, they were ready to start the fight, giving Shen Qinglan the chance to escape.

Gu Kai’s foot was injured and he started his movements slowly. Bu then he was shocked to see Shen Qinglan, who had been standing next to him, suddenly running to the front of them. Her hands clenched and then she hit the abdomen of the person closest to them. The person immediately fell to the ground, rolling with pain in his stomach, and could not stand up for a long time.

The sudden change surprised everyone present. Gu Yang’s fist froze in place before he could hit someone, maintaining a funny posture.

Sun-ge’s eyes narrowed. “I thought she was an ice beauty, I really didn’t think she was a little pepper. She is interesting.”  His tongue licked on his lips, looking at Shen Qinglan’s eyes with fiery, without looking to his man who fell to the ground.

Shen Qinglan heard his words, but her look remains unchanged. She continued moving as fast as lightning, and then, just in a blink of an eye, Sun-ge’s people fell by half. When finally Sun-ge reacted, his thought at Shen Qinglan had changed already.

The woman’s hitting was so hard and every move was aimed at the person’s vital point. Sun-ge believed that if she didn’t control her strength, they would all die.

“Who the hell are you?”  Sun-ge asked coldly.

Lin Hao also noticed something was wrong this time, he looked at Shen Qinglan’s eyes and suddenly he felt the fear. A woman who in a short period of time managed to beat seven or eight strong man until they fell to the ground, and she herself was still standing unscathed. Isn’t this woman really frightening?

Gu Yang was dumbfounded, he thought she was the weakest one around them, but apparently she was the one with the hidden strength. He suddenly understood why his elder brother, got married to Shen Qinglan in a short time.

“Gu Kai, my sister-in-law is very handsome.”  Gu Yang couldn’t help saying it, and looking at Shen Qinglan’s relaxed appearance, he knew that she hasn’t put in much effort this time.

Although Gu Kai did not say anything, he nodded hard. His eyes showed admiration and extraordinary worship. Her driving was so good and her fighting was so fierce. Is this really Miss Shen’s second daughter?

“Who am I? Didn’t we just tell you?”  It’s just that you didn’t believe it.

Sun-ge’s face darkened and he turned to Lin Hao. Lin Hao shook his head hurriedly. “She is definitely not the eldest daughter of the Shen family. I have seen the eldest daughter of the Shen family several times and it’s not her at all.”

To hear Lin Hao speak for sure, Sun-ge slightly relieved, as long as she is not from the Shen family, he’ll be alright. But for now, he doesn’t want to be Shen Qinglan’s enemy. Even Gu Yang could see that Shen Qinglan didn’t let out her full strength, how couldn’t he see it.

“Beauty, I would say what happened today is because we were wrong, and you have hurt some of my brothers as well. So, let’s say, what happened today is over.”

Sun-ge’s words was offering peace. Lin Hao was surprised, looking at Sun-ge with fear on his eyes. He already offended Shen Qinglan today, if Sun-ge wouldn’t help him with Shen Qinglan, he was afraid that one day Shen Qinglan would take revenge on him.

Sun-ge has made up his mind. Naturally he wouldn’t change his decision easily, he was ignoring Lin Hao’s eyes asking for help, he just stared at Shen Qinglan.

Although he has a friendly relationship with Lin Hao, it was only limited to Lin Hao’s generosity. Once it concerns to his own interests, such relationship may get easily broken.

“What if I say no?”  Shen Qinglan said faintly.

Sun-ge’s face darkened. “Beauty, I’m only helping people today. The situation is that you are unscathed and my brothers are still lying on the ground unable to get up.”

“So what?”

“Do you really want to make enemies with our Stone Gang?”  Sun-ge asked.

Shen Qinglan’s lips were slightly rose. “Naturally, I will not fight against the Stone Gang.”

Sun-ge’s expression became a little loose, “Then…”

“It’s just that I’m in a bad mood today, and you guys who caused my bad mood should pay the price.”

After saying that, Shen Qinglan started hitting again, but this time she didn’t use her hand at all. Even if Sun-ge has made physical preparation, but still, under Shen Qinglan’s mastery, he was still losing.

Sun-ge and all his men have been kicked to the ground, they were finished without combat power at all. Shen Qinglan’s eyes rested on the remaining five people, including Lin Hao.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Zhao San and Wang Bo turned pale and looked at Shen Qinglan as if they saw an envoy from hell. “No … we have no business here, okay. Lin Hao told us to do it.”

Zhao San was trembling, even his voice was trembling, obviously fear to the extreme.

Although Wang Bo and the other three did not speak at all, their eyes told the same thing as Zhao San.

Lin Hao’s face turned pale. When he turned to four of his men, his eyes were spitfire. But he couldn’t say anything under Shen Qinglan’s cold eyes.

“Now it is the time to carry out your bet.”  Shen Qinglan spoke softly.

Lin Hao’s face turned sideways and he stood where he was. There was no movement.

Shen Qinglan waited without worrying. Suddenly a coin appeared on her hand, and then a slender hand threw the coin up and down for a moment.

Suddenly, the coin slipped away from Shen Qinglan’s hand and flew straight towards Lin Hao, the target was Lin Hao’s knee.

She only heard the scream of “Aah”, and Lin Hao has one knee on the ground with one hand on the other knee.

He tried to stand up, but was hit again by Shen Qinglan on the other knee. This time he really was knelt on his knees.

“Since you don’t want to, I will do my best to help you.”

Shen Qinglan’s voice was still pleasant to hear, but now it was really harsh in Lin Hao’s ears.

“Are you really not afraid of Lin’s revenge?”  Lin Hao’s face was dark. His eyes sharpened, if it was a sword, Shen Qinglan must have pierced her heart to pieces.

“My name is Shen Qinglan and I am the second daughter of the Shen family. You are always welcome to come to me for revenge.”



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