Chapter 80. Wu Qian is Back

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The phone call was from Fu Hengyi. He carefully asked Shen Qinglan how she had been these days. The important point was how she ate. When he heard that Shen Qinglan had moved back to her dormitory, she had dinner with her classmates. Fu Hengyi was relieved.

It’s better than staying at home alone and eating instant noodles.

After speaking with Shen Qinglan, Fu Hengyi just hung up the phone.

Shen Qinglan looked at the dark screen of her cellphone and thought of Fu Hengyi who thought of her as a helpless daughter.

Entering the dormitory, she saw Fang Tong holding her mobile phone and didn’t know who she was talking to. Fang Tong had a mysterious smile on her face and Shen Qinglan didn’t know what she was talking about.

Shen Qinglan didn’t pay much attention to it. She went to bed and closed her eyes to sleep. This was the first time she had slept directly till daybreak and had no dreams all night.


“Qinglan, why are you always so early?” looking at the breakfast on the table, Fang Tong squinted, picked up her mobile phone and looked at it. It was only seven o’clock.

“Eat breakfast while it’s hot. I’ll take a bath first.” Although she didn’t sweat much, Shen Qinglan was still used to taking a bath after running in the morning.

Fang Tong stretched out on the bed. Just about to get up, she heard the key open and then saw Wu Qian come in.

“Eh, Wu Qian, are you back?”

Wu Qian pulled the corners of her mouth, “Good morning!” hearing the sound of water coming from the bathroom, she knew that Shen Qinglan was inside.

Her face was pale, the bottoms of her eyes were thick black and blue, her eyes were red, and she looked haggard.

“What’s wrong with you, Wu Qian? Are you not feeling well?” Fang Tong noticed her face and said with concern.

Wu Qian shook her head. “I’m Okay. I worked all night last night. I’m a little tired. I’ll have a rest.”

Her hand was over her belly, and her voice was weak.

Fang Tong doubted, ” Is it really okay?”

“It’s okay.” When Wu Qian was talking, she had already walked to her bed, but she just sat on the chair and didn’t climb up.

Fang Tong saw that she didn’t want to say anymore, so she didn’t ask. She just pointed to the breakfast that Shen Qinglan bought for her, and said, “Qinglan bought breakfast, would you like to have some?”

“I already ate on the way here, thank you.”

Rejected, Fang Tong no longer said anything, waiting for Shen Qinglan to come out of the bathroom.

Wu Qian sat for a long time before she got up from the chair and climbed to bed. She climbed slowly. After a long time, she climbed to the bed. Fang Tong watched her all the time, for fear that she would fall accidentally. It was Wu Qian’s face that was too frightening. She climbed to the bed, and her face was pale again, full of sweat.

Seeing her covering her belly all the time, Fang Tong guessed that she may be on her period. Fang Tong found a warmer from her cupboard and charged it with electricity. When it was hot, she handed it to Wu Qian.

“I see that you have been covering your stomach. Is it your period? Put this on your stomach, it will be more comfortable.”

Wu Qian takes over the warmer, tucks it into the quilt, and said in a hoarse voice, “Thank you.” her voice was muffled and she seemed to choke.

Fang Tong knew what had happened to her, but she was reluctant to say. It was not easy to ask, so she said, “You didn’t sleep last night. Today you have a good sleep. I’ll bring you lunch.”

Wu Qian didn’t speak. She seemed to be asleep.

After Shen Qinglan took a bath, Fang Tong pointed to Wu Qian and made a gesture of silence. Shen Qinglan nodded.

Fang Tong quickly washes well and comes out. After eating the breakfast that Shen Qinglan bought for her, she leaves the bedroom with Shen Qinglan.

When the bedroom was completely quiet, Wu Qian poked her head out of the blanket, her eyes were even redder, and tears were still rolling down from her eyes.

She lied just now. Last night, instead of staying up all night, she went to the hospital to have an abortion. Only yesterday afternoon did she find out that she was pregnant with Chen Qingtian’s baby.

At the moment she found out she was pregnant, she was so happy and blessed. She couldn’t wait to tell Chen Qingtian the news. At first, she thought Chen Qingtian would be as happy as she was. But who knew, Chen Qingtian was not happy to hear the news, instead, he lost his temper.

“Every time we do it, I take safety measures. How can you get pregnant?” Chen Qingtian looked at her coldly. There was no temperature in his eyes.

Think of Chen Qingtian looking at her stomach, as if there is a dirty thing inside, Wu Qian’s heart burst in pain.

She couldn’t believe that Chen Qingtian would think she would cheat on him. She only had Chen Qingtian as her man from beginning to end. Who else could this child’s father be?

Although they took measures every time, even the doctor said that it was not 100% safe. Occasionally, there would be accidents. They were just ‘lucky’ and won the prize.

Wu Qian explained to Chen Qingtian, but Chen Qingtian won’t listen at all, “Choose, do ‘it’ now, you would still be my girlfriend; or, we break up. I don’t recognize the child in your belly now, and I won’t recognize it in the future. It has nothing to do with me.”

Chen Qingtian dropped this sentence and left, regardless of Wu Qian’s bitter feelings.

Wu Qian called him multiple times, but Chen Qingtian didn’t answer.

Wu Qian cried a lot. Between breaking up or not having the child, she chose the latter. She has completely fallen in love with Chen Qingtian. She can’t lose him. She would rather die than lose him.

She called Chen Qingtian again but he still didn’t answer. She sent a text message to tell Chen Qingtian that she was going to do it today. Then, she received a call from Chen Qingtian. Chen Qingtian asked her to wait for him in place, and he drove to pick her up.

Chen Qingtian soon appeared. He took her to the hospital and watched her enter the operating room.

Wu Qian closes her eyes in despair. He doesn’t believe what she said. Suddenly, she doubted the sweet words he used to say. Had he ever truly loved her?

*EDnote: oh poor baby… someone who can’t trust their own partners tend to be liars, cuz the truth is a rare thing for themselves. 

The operation was successful. When Wu Qian came out of the operating room, Chen Qingtian was still waiting outside. At this time, his eyes to Wu Qian had recovered the previous gentle indulgence.

“You have just finished an operation and need a good rest. Tomorrow I will buy you some nourishing chicken soup. We are young, and we will have children in the future.” in front of the hospital bed, Chen Qingtian said softly.

Wu Qian closed her eyes without making a sound. She had just finished the operation and was very weak. And no matter how stupid she is, Wu Qian now understands that Chen Qingtian has never doubted that the child in her belly is his. He just doesn’t want it, so he made such an excuse.

This morning, Chen Qingtian left, saying that he was going to buy chicken soup for her, and Wu Qian went back to school after he left.

Wu Qian put her hand on her belly. There was a little life there, but she killed it. She chose to give it up.

Wu Qian looks at the snow-white ceiling, her tears flowing.

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  1. Both my partner and I talked about children before we got together, kind of forward of us really, but it just goes to show that you should be able to talk to your partner if you believe it to be long term. Dont go scaring one night stands with talks about children lol

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