Chapter 78. Shen Junyu’s Request (2)

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When Shen Qinglan came back in the morning, Shen Junyu had already gone out. She went back to her room to take a bath and then went to school.

For a long time, she didn’t come to school. At first sight of the students coming and going, Shen Qinglan was in a trance for a moment. She walked slowly on the school’s pavement.

“Classmate Shen, long time no see, you finally came to school.” Yan Shengyu’s voice sounded at one side, and Shen Qinglan twisted her head and looked at her side, and saw that Yan Shengyu was smiling at her with a brilliant face and several professional books in his hand.

“Classmate Shen, I’m sorry for the trouble I caused the last time.” Yan Shengyu said sincerely, he learned about it on the campus forum later. At that time, he wanted to find Shen Qinglan to explain, but Shen Qinglan had disappeared from school. He went to her classmates to ask for the contact information, but as soon as it’s connected, Shen Qinglan hung up, and then he couldn’t get through. After that Yan Shengyu knew that he had been black-listed by Shen Qinglan.

It was the first time Yan Shengyu knew that he was annoying.

Hearing this, Shen Qinglan didn’t move her expression one bit. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a man with a mobile phone looking at her in the distance. She said in a cold voice, “Since you know that you are a troublemaker, stay away from me.”

Yan Shengyu was stunned. It seems that he didn’t expect that Shen Qinglan’s words were so rude. For a while, he couldn’t react and paused.

Shen Qinglan continues to walking forward. Her goal is the dormitory. She plans to live in school for a while from tonight. She doesn’t like to live in the Shen house, but it’s easy to lose sleep in Jiangyin Apartment. Maybe, the dormitory is a good choice.

Yan Shengyu soon catches up with Shen Qinglan again. He seems to forget the coldness from Shen Qinglan just now. “Classmate Shen, this weekend is my birthday. I’m going to invite some friends out to get together. Come with me.”

Shen Qinglan refused, “We are not familiar with each other.”

Yan Shengyu touches his nose awkwardly. It was really hard to be rejected again and again. Last time, he approached Shen Qinglan because of his roommate’s bet. As a result, Shen Qinglan was in trouble. He was sorry about that. This time, he sincerely invited her, which seemed to be unacceptable.

Yan Shengyu looked at Shen Qinglan’s back and left regretfully.

No one bothered. Shen Qinglan went back to the dormitory smoothly. She didn’t live in the school for a while. All the quilts and bedding needed to be changed. She took out the spare ones and put them on. Then she took the ones she changed and washed them. When Shen Qinglan came back, she finally saw Fang Tong in the dormitory, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time.

Fang Tong has returned to her dormitory since yesterday, and her internship has ended.

“Qinglan, you are back.” Fang Tong greeted with a smile.

Shen Qinglan lightly hooked her lips, “I haven’t seen you for a long time. Is the internship going well?”

Fang Tong smiled, “It’s quite successful, but it’s a pity that I can’t stay in Junlan Group. We are busy writing a thesis after this. Furthermore, I still have two innovation credits that I haven’t got, so I signed up for a project with a junior, and I have to stay at school the whole time. There’s no way to go work.

By the way, Qinglan, how are your credits?”

“Graduation reply is not yet ready.” Shen Qinglan said. She didn’t tell her that she had enough credits and finished her graduation thesis. There was only one graduation reply left. For other classmates, the translation for foreign languages hadn’t even started yet.

“What about your internship paper?”

“I’ve written the email and send it to my Professor.”

(Ed: this reminds me of how much of a nightmare my internship was.. T.T )

Fang Tong’s eyes brightened. “Can you lend me yours? I’ve been writing this for two days, but God knows I’m having a horrible time writing this. Look, my hair is going bald.” she said, pointing at the top of her head.

“Okay, I’ll send it to you later.” Shen Qinglan didn’t refuse.

“Qinglan is still the best! I’ll invite you to dinner in the evening. You can’t refuse.”

“Well, reserve a place for me.”

“No problem. By the way, when does Xiaoxuan come back? Her internship defense is next week.” Fang Tong thought of Yu Xiaoxuan who was still in Jinning.

It’s not a secret that Yu Xiaoxuan participated in the audition of Shengxuan in B University. Many people also know that Yu Xiaoxuan finally passed the audition and successfully participated in the annual drama from Shengxuan.

Therefore, Yu Xiaoxuan also made a big fire in B University.

“I contacted Xiaoxuan yesterday. She said her part would be finished soon. She would come back the day after tomorrow at the latest. She could catch up with the practice defense.” Shen Qinglan said.

Fang Tong is relieved, “That’s good. If the internship defense fails, she won’t get the credit. Qinglan, what have you been doing for the past two months? I couldn’t contact you.”

Shen Qinglan sneers, “Someone at home is ill and I’ve been taking care of the patient all the time.”

She said vaguely, and Fang Tong only thought it was her family member. She didn’t think that Shen Qinglan even had a boyfriend, let alone married.

Shen Qinglan wears a wedding ring ordered by Fu Hengyi on her neck, but the chain is long enough to hide the ring perfectly under her clothes. Fang Tong doesn’t see it.

“Seriously?” Fang Tong is worried. She knows that Shen Qinglan’s grandmother died during the summer vacation. Yu Xiaoxuan told her.

Shen Qinglan smiled and shook her head. “It’s all right.”

“That’s good, Qinglan. If you need my help, you must tell me.” Fang Tong tells her that although Shen Qinglan has been a roommate for three years, she is quiet and cold to people, but she has always been very good to her friends. No matter for her or Xiaoxuan, Shen Qinglan is actually playing the role of caregiver.

Shen Qinglan’s heart felt warm. “Okay.”

Fang Tong said so much. It seems that only at this time, she noticed that Shen Qinglan was sorting out the things in the dormitory. “Qinglan, are you coming back to the dormitory tonight? Not going home?”

“Well, the family went out to work, sleeping alone at home gives me insomnia.”

Fang Tong heard for the first time that a person would lose sleep at home, especially Shen Qinglan. Her expression was strange. Somehow, she always felt this strange.

Shen Qinglan did not want to say more, and soon changed the topic, “Is your boyfriend still in Junlan group?”

Speaking of this, Fang Tong’s smile deepened, “Yes, Ding Minghui works hard and his boss appreciates him very much. If he graduated now, his boss might have turned him into a regular.”

Shen Qinglan has seen Ding Minghui several times. He is tall, thin and gentle. He got along well with Fang Tong when he was a freshman. Their relationship has been very good over the years.

“Does Ding Minghui plan to stay in the capital for development?” Ding Minghui is from another province. It is said that his hometown is in the countryside. The conditions are not very good.

“Well, he said he would stay with me in the capital. I was going to take him home at the end of the year, but he said he hoped to make some achievements first then come back home with me so that my parents can feel assured.” Fang Tong’s face looked sweet.

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