Chapter 77. Shen Junyu’s Request

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Although she reproached, her eyebrows and eyes were smiling, obviously just polite words. Madam Mu is a good person, and naturally, she heard it. She couldn’t help but shake her head secretly at the rumor that Miss Shen’s second daughter, who had been circulating in the circle; was not liked by the Shen family because she left home from childhood, lacked education and was rude in words and deeds.

Miss Shen Qinglan, the second daughter of the Shen family, lacked education. She doesn’t see that her statements and actions were vulgar. Looking at Shen Qinglan’s attitude and then looking at Shen Xitong’s who was standing near her, Madam Mu thinks that the biological child was a really the biological child after all. Even if she didn’t grow up in the Shen family, she was born with this kind of attitude. This kind of demeanor and upbringing is also innate.

Madam Mu’s eyes turned to Shen Qinglan, and her eyes were shining. She had an idea. “I wonder if Qinglan has a boyfriend now? My boy is 28 this year, so far there is no girlfriend. If Qinglan wants to, this aunt will introduce you to him?”

Shen’s family is a military and political family. Her son has made up his mind to be a soldier in his life. If there is a strong family-in-law, it will be good for his son’s development. Naturally, the Shen family is suitable.

She thought about Shen Xitong before. Even before she saw Shen Qinglan today, her favorite daughter-in-law was Shen Xitong.

“I’m afraid that my Qinglan doesn’t have this blessing. She already has a partner.” Chu Yunrong said with a smile.

Shen Qinglan; at the center of attention didn’t have any expression on her face. She didn’t seem to know that she was the one they were talking about, and didn’t think of any connection between Madam Mu and the Mu Liancheng she had met.

Shen Xitong, on the other hand, was so angry that her heart trembled. Madam Mu had known her thoughts long before. Over the years, Madam Mu was very enthusiastic when she saw her and hinted that her son was single for many times. What does it mean? Shen Xitong would not be unaware of it.

But now, after seeing Shen Qinglan only once, she has shifted her goal. Shen Xitong doesn’t believe that what she looks for is Shen Qinglan’s appearance. More importantly, Shen Qinglan has the identity of the Shen family’s biological child.

And this fact is Shen Xitong’s eternal pain. She hates to be told that she is an adopted daughter. Although she is called Miss Shen, the Shen family introduced Shen Qinglan to the outside world and said that she is the youngest daughter of the Shen family, no one in the capital who had any status knows that Shen Xitong was adopted by the Shen family.

Although Madam Mu didn’t say it clearly, her performance directly proved that she didn’t see her, which made Shen Xitong very angry.

In the middle of boredom, Shen Qinglan watched her and saw her clenched hands, the corner of her mouth raised a hint of a smile. Shen Xitong, who can’t even control her emotions, made Shen Qinglan uninterested in playing with her.

Over on the other side, someone finally came to see Madam Mu. Madam Mu apologized and left. Chu Yunrong took Shen Qinglan and Shen Xitong to continue talking with other ladies, mainly introducing Shen Qinglan and pushing her to the public.

This is also the first time that the ladies in the capital formally know the mysterious Second Miss Shen. Anyone who has met Shen Qinglan will unconsciously think of the previous rumors in their mind, and then sigh that a rumor is only a rumor, which was not credible.

Shen Xitong; who always liked to be surrounded by others, was totally reduced to the background tonight. She hated the fact that she had to make excuses to go to the bathroom to breathe freely several times.

And tonight, Chu Yunrong seem to not notice Shen Xitong’s unusual behavior at all. She takes Shen Qinglan to wander among the ladies, talking and laughing.

Although Shen Qinglan was bored all night, it was difficult for her to leave the party in the middle of the night. She followed Chu Yunrong back to Shen’s house at the end of the party.

Yes, it’s Shen’s home tonight. She didn’t go back to Jiangxin Apartments. She couldn’t sleep for several days. Shen Qinglan didn’t want to go back.

Her own room is still the same as before she moved out. Aunt Song comes up to clean it every day, so it’s very clean inside.

When Shen Qinglan and her family came back, Grandpa Shen had already slept. Shen Qinglan didn’t bother him. After washing, she went to sleep.

Lying in the familiar room, Shen Qinglan finally went to sleep before 12 o’clock. But she, who never dreamed; had a dream at night. In the dream, there was a man called Fu Hengyi.

At 5:30 the next morning, Shen Qinglan woke up, took a look at the time, changed her clothes, went out for a run, and met Shen Junyu, who also got up to run in the morning.

“Lan Lan, did you sleep at home last night?” Shen Junyu, with two black circles around his eyes, was surprised to see Shen Qinglan.

“Well, I went to a party with mother last night. I came back late and went to sleep at home.”

When Shen Junyu heard this, he immediately beat his chest and stamp his feet. “If I had known you were at home, I would have caught your able-body helper last night, so I didn’t have to deal with work until two o’clock. I was woken up by my biological clock this morning. Tell me, as a shareholder of the company, shouldn’t you come to help your brother?”

Hearing this, Shen Qinglan didn’t even stop. “I can transfer all the shares to you.”

Shen Junyu: … Is this my sister?

“Lan Lan, I’m your brother, you’re willing to let me work so hard?” Shen Junyu plays the family card. Don’t think he doesn’t know. Although Shen Qinglan studies Chinese language and literature, her talent in business is not inferior to him at all. She is just lazy.

Shen Junyu didn’t only think of this today. He has been trying to pull Shen Qinglan into the company since he found her talent. But considering that she is still studying, he didn’t do much. Now, seeing Shen Qinglan is about to graduate, Shen Junyu’s thought about it more and more.

Shen Qinglan didn’t even say it this time.

“Lan Lan, I; your brother, am 29 years old, but I don’t even have a girlfriend. Will you come to help me and let me have some time to find a wife?” in order to pull Shen Qinglan into the company, Shen Junyu also worked hard. Obviously, he was addicted to the fun of making money and didn’t want to find a woman to distract his attention. Instead, he said that it was because the company had too many affairs and didn’t have time to find a girlfriend.

Just who is Shen Qinglan? How could she be deceived by his lies, she quickened the pace, and immediately opened a distance with Shen Junyu.

Shen Junyu looks at the person who had gone far away. He grits his teeth. As expected, this wicked girl folds her hands while seeing someone die.

Shen Junyu also stepped up to catch up with Shen Qinglan. He continued to follow Shen Qinglan to tell her his reasons and move her heart. However, no matter how fast he speeds up, their distance did not get shorter even by half a meter, or even more, it became farther.

Until Shen Qinglan’s figure can no longer be seen, Shen Junyu puts his hands on his knees and panted.

After getting rid of Shen Junyu, Shen Qinglan slowed down and changed to a jog. Although she had run more than ten kilometers, she was still dry and did not sweat, as if the ten kilometers were no different from ten meters in her eyes.

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