Chapter 75. Wu Qian?

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Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi took the ring and left the jewelry store. The counter lady behind them looked at Shen Qinglan’s back with envy. The ring looked simple, but the price was not low. Moreover, the ring was made by Irving, an internationally famous jewelry designer.

Shen Qinglan didn’t know about the eyes behind her, but even if she knew, she wouldn’t care.

Before leaving the jewelry store, Shen Qinglan gave a casual glance and stopped.

“What’s the matter?” Fu Hengyi questioned.

Shen Qinglan did not answer him but looked at a certain direction, where Wu Qing was strolling at the counter with a young man. She took the man’s arm and smiled. The man spoke to her from time to time with her head on his side. The two were very close and obviously had an unusual relationship.

The two stopped in front of the counter, and shortly afterward the counter lady took something out of the counter. Looking at the appearance of a man gesturing in front of Wu Qian, it should be a necklace. Wu Qian smiled widely and nodded to the man.(please support us by reading at Translateindo)

The man brought the necklace to Wu Qian. Wu Qian stood on tiptoe and kissed the man on the lips. The man took Wu Qian’s waist and deepened the kiss. The two kissed in such a public place.

Shen Qinglan withdrew her eyes. “Let’s go.”

Fu Hengyi also saw the scene but did not ask. They left the jewelry store together.

“Where shall we go next?” Qinglan asked Hengyi.

“Have a meal, go shopping. ”

It’s shopping again? Last time shopping, and now again? She couldn’t see why Hengyi likes to shop.

Shen Qinglan takes a look at Fu Hengyi but says nothing. Just accompany him.

Fu Hengyi took Shen Qinglan to the shopping mall after a meal. It was still the one they went to last time.

This time, the two spent a long-time shopping in the mall and bought a lot of things, most of which were Shen Qinglan’s clothes, shoes, bags and even sunglasses. Looking at the bag Fu Hengyi was carrying, Fu Hengyi’s attitude of ‘trying to move the whole mall home’ made Shen Qinglan wonder if their gender had switched.

“Let’s go to the men’s clothing store.” Shen Qinglan pointed to a men’s clothing store in front of them.

“I don’t need to buy any. Anyway, I stay in the army base all day, wearing military uniforms, buying them is a waste.” Fu Hengyi shook his head. He just wanted to fill up the wardrobe in his home today. Although he did not know how many clothes there usually were in a woman’s wardrobe, he was sure that Shen Qinglan’s wardrobe was definitely too little.

Shen Qinglan: “I have bought enough.” She bought almost a years’ worth of clothes today.      (please support us by reading at Translateindo)

(TNote: gurl… I’m still wearing shirts I bought in college years ago, and that one dress I own for formal tortures. You don’t want them, send them to me!)

Finally, they went into the men’s clothing store. This time, Shen Qinglan chose clothes for Fu Hengyi.

Her hand streaked across the rows of men’s clothing and finally stayed on a dark trench coat. It was almost November at the end of October and it was time to wear coats.

“Try it?” Holding the windbreaker in her hand, Shen Qinglan looked at Fu Hengyi.

Fu Hengyi stood up and took the clothes into the fitting room. Shen Qinglan continued to browse the store and chose another belt.

A little later, Fu Hengyi came out, and Shen Qinglan looked. He was wearing a white shirt with leisure suit pants and a dark trench coat. Unlike his usual day to day, Fu Hengyi was more like a businessman.

“Doesn’t look good?” Fu Hengyi’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

“No, it’s very nice. ” Natural clothing hangers look good with whatever they wear. How many girls would he charm?

Fu Hengyi is satisfied. His wife chose it for him. Naturally, it must look good.(please support us by reading at Translateindo)

He didn’t go back to change, but directly checked out wearing the suit.

The two came out of the men’s clothing store and met Wu Qian again. Wu Qian was still with the man just now. The two talked and laughed. She did not see Shen Qinglan.

Shen Qinglan noticed that the bag in the man’s hand were from several famous women’s clothing brands.

“You know them?” Fu Hengyi also clearly recognized Wu Qian, after all, he just saw her at the jewelry store.

“Same dorm room.” Shen Qinglan didn’t say much, but Fu Hengyi could guessed vaguely from her cold tone.

What is the situation with Wu Qian’s family? Shen Qinglan knew clearly from Xiaoxuan; that her family lives in a remote rural area, where the economy is very backward. Wu Qian coming to Beijing for school, is already a form of support for her family. In this way, the family can afford part of her tuition, and the rest depended on her scholarship and her own work.

In the same bedroom for three years, besides class time and sleeping time, Wu Qian is rarely seen. She always shuttles back and forth from various part-time jobs and dresses simply.(please support us by reading at Translateindo)

But since this semester, Shen Qinglan has found that Wu Qian has changed. She is not only cheerful, but also seems to have less time for part-time jobs. When she went back to the dormitory last time, she also saw her in make-up. Her clothes are not something she could afford.

She thought that Wu Qian, as Fang Tong had said, often doesn’t come back to the dormitory this semester. Now it seems that it’s connected to this man.

Shen Qinglan isn’t a gossiping person. She is not curious about the relationship between the two people and doesn’t pay much attention to it. She directly went home with Fu Hengyi.

Fu Hengyi cooked dinner. His craft is better than Shen Qinglan’s. The best Shen Qinglan can do is eat. Whatever Fu Hengyi made was delicious.

“If you’re not a soldier in the future, you can always open a restaurant. Business would be good.” Shen Qinglan finished eating a piece of sauce spareribs and spoke up.

Fu Hengyi gave her a sidelong glance. “Should I thank my wife for helping me figure out a way?”

Shen Qinglan took a sip of soup and spoke slowly, “That’s not necessary. You will be responsible for cooking in the future.”

She has no interest in cooking. She learned purely to fill her stomach, as long as it is not hard to swallow.(please support us by reading at Translateindo)

After living with her for a period of time, Fu Hengyi still didn’t know any of her little habits.

Although she cleaned up the house; and it is not too much to say that it’s spotless, but she is really perfunctory about her food.

“Please have a housekeeper aunt at home. I will only be responsible for your three meals a day when I am at home.” Fu Hengyi said so, to prevent her stomach from suffering.

Shen Qinglan answered, “No need.” She doesn’t like strangers in her home, “I can cook for myself.”

At best, it’s just wouldn’t be delicious. She won’t die of hunger.

“I’m really afraid that when I come back home next time, I would see a wife who is yellow, thin and malnourished.”

Shen Qinglan:”…”

Is her cooking that bad? Last time she saw him say it was delicious.

Shen Qinglan couldn’t resist Fu Hengyi, and finally agreed to invite an aunt to cook, just changing from three meals a day to only lunch and dinner.

Knowing that this is her last concession, Fu Hengyi no longer insists and agrees.(please support us by reading at Translateindo)

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