Chapter 74. Ring (2)

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Shen Xitong looked curiously at Shen Qinglan, as if it were really a casual question. Chu Yunrong also looked at Shen Qinglan.

Shen Qinglan said lightly, “My gift has been given to elder brother, who would give it to Dad together with me.” In the beginning, she gave Shen Junyu; not only a painting to be auctioned by Leng Qingqiu, but also another one. It was a landscape painting specially painted for Shen Qian. Shen Qian’s name was embedded in the painting, which is unique and original.

At that time, Shen Junyu was surprised to see the painting. Shen Qinglan gave an explanation that she had paid a large price for Leng Qingqiu to paint it.(please support us by reading at Translateindo)

Since Shen Qinglan said that a friend she knew had a good relationship with Daniel; Leng Qingqiu’s agent, Shen Junyu had no doubts about it.

“Sister, what did you gift Dad? You can tell us first, we won’t tell him.” Shen Xitong obviously didn’t want to act in a perfunctory manner toward Shen Qinglan, but this innocent and curious look made Shen Qinglan feel nauseated.

Her arch eyebrows puckered slightly, a chill flashed in her eyes, but it was fleeting, “a painting by Leng Qingqiu.”

Just two words made Shen Xitong’s face slightly stiff. She prepared a men’s watch. Although it was worth a lot of money, it was slightly inferior to Leng Qingqiu’s rare painting. What’s more, Shen Qian’s favorite painters was Leng Qingqiu. Everyone knew that not only Shen Qian liked it, but Chu Yunrong also liked it very much, and the family has two in collection.

Chu Yunrong’s eyes brightened. “Qinglan, did you buy a painting by Leng Qingqiu?”(please support us by reading at Translateindo)

Shen Qinglan nodded.

“Which one is it? Some time ago, Leng Qingqiu’s ‘Zhiqiu’ was originally going to be auctioned, but I don’t know why it was suddenly canceled, isn’t it?”

(Zhiqiu [知秋] = Knowing Autumn)

“No, it’s another new work. A friend of mine knew Daniel, Leng Qingqiu’s agent, and I asked him to buy it.” Shen Qinglan didn’t continue, her tone was cold.

“Where is the painting now?” Chu Yunrong asked eagerly.

“Brother took it away, if mom likes it; when it’s Mom’s birthday, I’ll ask to buy another one.” Shen Qinglan spoke with a light tone, but when the words entered Shen Xitong’s ears, it sounded harsh.

“Sister, it seems that you have a good relationship with that agent. You can buy things that others won’t dare to ask for as soon as you open your mouth.”

Shen Xitong said with a smile. Who does not know that Leng Qingqiu’s paintings are hard to find and how many people wanted to ask for paintings on the basis of a relationship. She tried at the beginning, but she was turned away. Even Daniel didn’t see her, let alone Leng Qingqiu. She doesn’t believe that Qinglan can buy Leng Qingqiu’s paintings at will. Now she just wants to hit Shen Qinglan in the face.

When Shen Qinglan heard this, she hooked her lips slightly. “Not hard, knowing that I was honoring my elders and that I didn’t buy the painting for any commercial purposes, they naturally agreed.”

Chu Yunrong was also surprised by Shen Qinglan’s network, but she was even happier. The more excellent people her daughter knew, the happier she would be as a mother. For so many years, Shen Qinglan didn’t want to appear in front of people. In fact, Chu Yunrong did not like it. It was just that the two elders in the family said that Shen Qinglan should live how she wants, so she was not forced to do so.

Shen Xitong’s eyes were dim but her face was calm when she looked up. “I also like Leng Qingqiu’s paintings very much. I wonder if sister can buy one for me?”(please support us by reading at Translateindo)

Shen Qinglan glanced at her. Her eyes were cold and frosty. Shen Xitong was frozen, but she directly met Shen Qinglan’s eyes. “Does sister not want to?”

“Human relations have always been fragile. Qinglan and Daniel know each other, but after all, she is not familiar with Leng Qingqiu. I’m afraid it’s not suitable to trouble people all the time, don’t you think, Mom?” Fu Hengyi; who didn’t speak much, spoke before Qinglan could. But the words were addressed to Chu Yunrong.

Shen Xitong saw Fu Hengyi help Shen Qinglan as soon as he opened his mouth. Her heart was very sad.

Chu Yunrong, after all, is also a rich and powerful lady. She is also an experienced person in human relations. She naturally understands the reason and opens her mouth with a smile: “Hengyi is right. It’s not always good to trouble someone.”

When Shen Xitong heard this, she did not open her mouth anymore but her fingers that were holding chopsticks turned white.

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After the meal, Shen Qian did not come back. Shen Qinglan did not want to stay under the same roof as Shen Xitong, so she said goodbye to Chu Yunrong and returned to Jiangxin Apartments with Fu Hengyi.

“I will return to the army base after three days. I wouldn’t be able to return for a while. Is there anything special you want to do with me?” Before going to bed, Fu Hengyi asked softly, holding his little wife in his arms.

Shen Qinglan had fallen asleep and did not hear Fu Hengyi’s question at all. Fu Hengyi looked down at Shen Qinglan and watched her sleep peacefully. He could not help but laugh.

He bowed his head, dropped a kiss on Shen Qinglan’s forehead, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The next morning, Shen Qinglan was pulled out by Fu Hengyi after breakfast. She asked where they were going but he did not say. Shen Qinglan, fortunately, did not ask anymore. Anyway, he wouldn’t sell her.

(TNote: Not selling someone = it’s a joke lesser-known joke; meaning, you trust someone enough that even if you don’t know where they are taking you, that person would never sell you to traffickers.)

When the car stopped, Shen Qinglan glanced at the place. It’s a jewelry store. When she thought of the ring last night, her beautiful eyes flash in realization.

Fu Hengyi took her in and went straight to the counter.

“What piece are you looking for?” The counter lady recovered from the shock of their looks and asked affectionately.

“My surname is Fu, and I came to get the ring customized here before.” Fu Hengyi lightly spoke.(please support us by reading at Translateindo)

The counter lady immediately understood. “Mr. Fu, please wait a moment, your items are in the safe, I’ll get them for you now.” She said, looking at Fu Hengyi and waiting for Fu Hengyi to nod before leaving.

Soon, the counter lady came back with a small box. She carefully placed the box on the counter and gestured an invitation.

Fu Hengyi opened the box and handed it to Shen Qinglan. “Do you like it?”

Shen Qinglan’s eyes rested on the ring in front of her. The style of the ring was very simple and generous. The ring body was thin, except that there was a perfectly cut pink diamond at the top, which was not too big. However, the pink diamond was surrounded by a circle of tiny diamonds, which tightly encircled the diamond in the middle like stars around the moon.

Shen Qinglan picked up the ring and looked at it, “It’s beautiful.”

Touching the inside of the ring with her hand, she found that there was a bumpy feeling. She looked carefully and found that there was a row of small English words on it, which was the combination of their names.

Fu Hengyi took the ring from her hand and did not directly put it on Shen Qinglan’s hand. Instead, he pointed to the counter, picked out a platinum chain from the inside, put the ring on it, and then put the chain on Shen Qinglan’s neck.

Shen Qinglan looked at him doubtfully. She thought he would put it on her finger.

“I know that you don’t want others to know that you are married now, they won’t be able to see it if you wear it around your neck.”

Shen Qinglan smiled and her eyes were slightly warm. He was a very careful man.

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