Chapter 73. Ring (1)

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Back from the set, Shen Qinglan suddenly lost interest in playing and left Jinning city with Fu Hengyi the next morning.

“You think she was wronged and unhappy?” In the hotel, Fu Hengyi hugged her from behind and asked softly because she had not spoken much since leaving Jinning city.

Shen Qinglan shook her head gently. “No, I just don’t know if I was wrong in supporting her entering this business.”

“Qinglan, she is not a child, she has grown up. This is the path she chooses, you should not intervene too much. ” Fu Hengyi said lightly.

Shen Qinlan was stunned, but she was on her own path. “Yeah, you’re right.”

The next day, they went to Suzhou City, which is also called heaven on earth besides Hang Cheng, and it had many famous gardens. Walking in the ancient garden buildings, although Shen Qinglan looked cold; Fu Hengyi could still see her mood was good with the faint light in her eyes.

He hooked his lips slightly and looked at Shen Qinglan with tenderness in his eyes.

They played outside for more than a week. Fu Hengyi was returning to the army in four days, so Shen Qinglan decided to return to the capital.

The first thing she did when they returned to Beijing was to accompany Fu Hengyi to the military hospital for a comprehensive physical examination. When she learned that he was completely well, Shen Qinglan finally felt completely relieved.


After leaving home for such a long time, she must go back to the housing complex. First, she went back to the Fu family home to have a meal with the old man, then went back to the Shen house.

This wasn’t really a good time. When she returned, not only was Chu Yunrong at home, but Shen Xitong was there also. On the contrary, Grandpa Shen and Shen Junyu were not at home. The former was said to have gone out for tea while the latter was still working in the company and did not return home.

“Hengyi and Qinglan are back. How was the trip?” Chu Yunrong was very happy to see her daughter and son-in-law back.

Fu Hengyi smiled and nodded, “it went well, we went to many places. The scenery was good.”

On one side; when Shen Xitong heard these words, she teeth bit her red lips lightly and her eyes looked hurt.

Chu Yunrong was still a little uncomfortable in front of Fu Hengyi at first. After all, she had always wanted Shen Xitong and Fu Hengyi to be together, but it backfired. Now Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi have registered, and she has also figured it out. Both sides are her daughters. As a mother, she can only give her own blessing.

Shen Qinglan handed Chu Yunrong the bag in her hand, “I saw some interesting things when I came back. ”

Chu Yunrong took it with a smile.

“Sister, you left at the end of the last concert and I didn’t get the chance to speak to you. Now that your back from this trip, you should not go out for the time being. Let’s go shopping and have dinner together when you’re free.” Shen Xitong spoke, attracting everyone’s attention.

Qinglan glanced at her lightly. “In these two months, I would be busy with my internship and defense thesis. I have no time.” She refused simply, letting Shen Xitong face some embarrassment.

Qinglan was actually quite speechless seeing Xitong do this. She knows that she doesn’t like her, and won’t accompany her playing any kind of sisterhood-drama. Why hasn’t she learned her lesson? Doing this every time they meet.

In Shen Qinglan’s eyes; Shen Xitong was like a particular kind of creature — a little cockroach. Too stubborn to die, always trying to attract people, even when people had already disdained dealing with it.

Shen Xitong regretted, “thanks to mother, this concert was very successful. I also met a lot of new friends. I was thinking about sister’s happiness and quietness. You don’t know the famous ladies in the capital. I’ll take sister to meet new friends some other day.”

Although she said so with a face full of regret, she still looked at Shen Qinglan with pride; as if to show off that the people in Beijing only knew Shen Xitong, and didn’t know Shen Qinglan.

Shen Qinglan was indifferent. Even sparing a glance at Shen Xitong was a waste of time.

Chu Yunrong seems to have been reminded by Shen Xitong, “I remember Tong Tong’s saying that you’re going to graduate soon, and it’s time to take part in activities in this circle. There’s a charity party this weekend. You can go with Mom.”

When Chu Yunrong’s voice just dropped, Shen Xitong almost broke her silver teeth. She said this just to show off, but she didn’t want Chu Yunrong to take Shen Qinglan to participate in such activities in the upper circle. If they did go, where would she put herself?

Shen Qinglan catches Shen Xitong’s changing face, and turns her refusal into an ‘okay’. She was bored. It’s good to tease like cats and dogs occasionally.

Fu Hengyi returned to the army this weekend. He doesn’t want Shen Qinglan to stay at home all the time. He was happy about it.

Chu Yunrong is naturally very happy. This is the first time Shen Qinglan has promised to attend such an event with her.

“Mom will take you to the mall to buy clothes tomorrow, Tong Tong, you should also come with us.”  Chu Yunrong was excited.

“Okay. ” Shen Xitong smiled, but she was depressed at the bottom of her heart.

“I’m afraid I can’t tomorrow. Hengyi will go back to the army in two days, I want to spend more time with him, how about Saturday?” Shen Qinglan spoke up.

Chu Yunrong thought that the young couple rarely got the chance to meet up, and it was understandable that they wanted to spend more time together. The same was true of her and Shen Qian in those days, and they always wanted to be together every minute. This proves that the young couple has a very good relationship, and she is relieved as a mother. Anyway, the party is on the weekend and it is not too late to buy it on Saturday, so she agreed.

(TNote: I guess Saturday is not a weekend?? ¯\ (ツ) /¯ )

Her sight turned to her daughter and son-in-law, and her eyes rested on Shen Qinglan’s hand and looked at Fu Hengyi: “Hengyi, you have been married for some time now. Although there is no wedding yet, wedding rings are still needed. Are you going to customize or buy them?”

Shen Qinglan looked at her smooth fingers and said nothing. She had never thought about this problem.

Fu Hengyi said in a warm voice, “it’s been customized a month ago. The jewelry store called two days ago. I was going to take Qinglan to get it in these two days. It’s a small surprise for her. Now that Mom asks, it’s no longer a surprise.”

Chu Yunrong’s eyes were smiling. “Mom is being too nosy.”

Shen Qinglan’s eyes flashed with surprise. She didn’t expect Fu Hengyi to customize the rings from a month ago.

Shen Xitong lowered her head, biting her red lips; leaving deep marks.

“Yunrong, Qinglan, it’s time to eat.” Aunt Song came out of the kitchen.

They could have eaten long ago, but Fu Hengyi and Shen Qinglan suddenly came back. Aunt Song added a few dishes, which Fu Hengyi and Shen Qinglan liked to eat.

“Mom, Dad’s birthday is coming soon. Is Dad coming back this time?” Shen Xitong asked, halfway through her meal.

“I called your Dad yesterday, your Dad said he couldn’t come back this birthday. ”

Shen Xitong regretted: “That’s too bad. I specially prepared a present for Dad. I wanted to give it to him personally. ” Saying so, she looked at Shen Qinglan, “sister what are you gifting dad this time?”



—– Author Note —–


Where did Shen Qinglan travel alone to?

What’s the name of the girl she met on the train?

Fu Hengyi’s scout teammate is named Hou Zi; what does it mean in English?

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