Chapter 69. Such Deep Affections Between Mother and Daughter.

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That night, Shen Qinglan didn’t finish her meal at the Shen house. She left with Fu Hengyi on an excuse.

“What did Dad say that made you so unhappy?” Fu Hengyi’s warm voice started.

Shen Qinlan glanced sideways at him. “Am I that easy to read?”

Fu Hengyi shakes his head and didn’t say any more. It’s not obvious, not even with careful observation; it can’t be detected at all. It’s just that Fu Hengyi could still see it at a glance.

“You didn’t eat at all. Should I cook for you when we get home?” Fu Hengyi thought that the topic should be shifted for now.

Shen Qinglan shook her head and glanced at his chest. “Let’s go out to eat, don’t want you to work so much.”

Fu Hengyi did not object to her proposal either. They found a restaurant nearby, and the two randomly ate something, then returned home.

Shen Qinglan did not tell him the things she spoke about with Shen Qian, and Fu Hengyi did not ask.


The next day, Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi wore formal clothes that they rarely wear. Shen Qinglan was in a water-blue evening dress, which added to her cool temperament. Fu Hengyi wore a black suit with a sapphire tie.

This was the first time Shan Qinglan had seen Hengyi in formal clothes. At the moment, he was like a noble son, coming out of some sort of illustration. Something flashed in her eyes.

The concert was held in a famous concert hall in Beijing. When they arrived, there were already people at the scene. They did not see Shen Xitong. She should still be preparing backstage. Chu Yunrong was all dressed up to attend today and was chatting with a few ladies.

Shen Qinglan had never gone to such occasions and did not know these people, but from their clothes, it seems that these people are either rich or had high social-standings.

Everyone has taken a seat. Shen Qinglan glanced casually and saw several acquaintances. They were basically people from Chu Yunrong’s Chu family, Shen Qinglan’s grandparents, her younger Aunt; Chu Yunjin and her Uncle; Pei Zhen. She did not see her cousin Pei Yining.

Fu Hengyi obviously saw the Chu family and took Shen Qinglan to her seat. The Chu family’s seats are next to the Shen family.

“Grandparents, aunts and uncles.” Shen Qinglan opens her mouth to greet them, Fu Hengyi followed along.

Chu Zhan, head of the Chu family, saw Shen Qinglan and nodded with a smile. His eyes rested on Fu Hengyi. He was not surprised at his address. Obviously, he already knew about their marriage.

After all, they also came to Grandma Shen’s funeral.

“Lan Lan come closer to Grandma… ” Chu Zhan’s wife; Qi Min, is Shen Qinglan’s grandmother. She waved to Shen Qinglan. Shen Qinglan walked over and squatted down in front of her so that the old woman could see her more clearly.

“I haven’t seen you in a while, you’ve lost weight. Have you been eating properly?”

Shen Qinglan hooked her lips slightly. “Grandma. You care but you’re confused. When I changed clothes yesterday, I found that my waist is getting bigger.”

Fu Hengyi stood aside and watched Shen Qinglan chatting patiently with Qi Min. He found that although Shen Qinglan was cold, she was especially patient with the elderly. No matter which elder in the family, she could get along well with them.

The Pei family has been in business for generations, but there was no intersection with the Fu family. Pei Zhen doesn’t know Fu Hengyi, and he doesn’t know who Fu Hengyi was since he came here. So, he kept quiet after the greeting.

Fu Hengyi is a little bored while standing there. Other people’s eyes fell on him intentionally or unintentionally. They obviously recognize his identity. They are curious about his presence here, but they are even more curious about the girl he came with.

They didn’t forget that when Fu Hengyi came in just now, the girl was holding his hand and they were close. After that, the girl went directly to the seat of the Chu family. Was she a relative of the Chu family?

People were speculating on Shen Qinglan’s identity.

Shen Qinglan did not feel the inquiring gazes on her. After chatting with the Chu family for a while, she went back to her seat.

Their seats are in the first row. Apart from a few elders, they have the best view and can clearly see every move on stage.

The lights dimmed and the big curtain was drawn. In the middle of the stage was a black piano. Although Shen Qinglan did not know the brand of the piano, she could see that the piano was valuable.

Suddenly, a beam of light hit the corner of the stage, and Shen Qinglan saw Shen Xitong standing there. She was dressed in a white evening dress with her hair tied into a bun, leaving only two small strands on both sides, and wearing a shiny princess crown on her head, which made her look like a noble princess.

She walked slowly to the center of the stage, her sight fell below the stage. Shen Qinglan obviously felt her sight focused on her for a few seconds.

“Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend my personal concert. I hope today’s performance will bring you a pleasant evening.”

Shen Xitong leaned slightly, gave a graceful curtsy, then walked to the piano and took a seat.

On the left-hand side of Shen Qinglan sat Chu Yunrong, on the right-hand side; Fu Hengyi, and Shen Junyu sat beside Fu Hengyi.

The beautiful piano melody sounded, Shen Xitong’s slender fingers glided over the piano keys, and strings of fluent notes swirled in the concert hall.

Shen Qinglan admitted that Shen Xitong played the piano very well. She even heard several professionals sitting in the back row praising Shen Xitong in whispers.

Chu Yunrong’s face was full of smiles, her eyes fell on the girl on the stage, they were full of pride. This is the child she trained.

Shen Qinglan’s face was calm and listened quietly, occasionally looking at Fu Hengyi. But she saw his eyes weren’t on the stage, he had his head down, she did not know what he was thinking.

Shen Qinglan’s eyes were tinged with a smile. She was sure that Fu Hengyi was definitely daydreaming.

At the end of the concert, there was a flood of applause. Shen Xitong stood in the middle of the stage and bowed three times to the audience.

“Thank you everyone, thank you. Here, I also want to thank a person,” she looked down from the stage, “without her, I would not be able to stand here today and play my favorite piano, this person is my mother.”

The spotlight duly hit Chu Yunrong. Chu Yunrong was pleasantly surprised and moved. She walked onto the stage and came to Shen Xitong’s side, holding Shen Xitong’s hand. The mother and daughter looked at each other with deep feelings, and tears flickered faintly in their eyes.

“I also thank God for giving me such an excellent daughter. She is my treasure.”

Shen Xitong hugged Chu Yunrong with a choked voice. “Thank you, my dear mother. I love you.”

“I love you too, baby.”

Mother and daughter embraced each other affectionately and made the guests present feel a bit of envy.

Shen Qinlan quietly looked at this scene on stage and looks at Shen Xitong’s cold eyes. So, Shen Xitong, this was your method?


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