Chapter 65. Devising a Plan

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Shen Qinglan went to school today to hand in her paper, and meet Yu Xiaoxuan on the other hand.

Last night, Xiaoxuan called her and told her that she had lost her voice and that she was expected to be eliminated in the third round. She was very sad. Shen Qinglan comforted her on the phone for half a day, but she was not a comforter so it wasn’t very effective.

Although Xiaoxuan finally said she was all right, Shen Qinglan decided to take a look.

Yu Xiaoxuan cried for a long time on the phone yesterday. Her eyes were red and swollen. She did not go home to avoid her parents’ worry. When Shen Qinglan came, she was still lying in bed.

Xiaoxuan is the only person in the dormitory. She didn’t know where Fang Tong and Wu Qian went.

“Xiaoxuan. ” Shen Qinglan stood by the bed and tapped on the edge of the bed.

Yu Xiaoxuan moved under the covers. She didn’t sleep all night. She only fell asleep in a daze when it was getting brighter outside. Now she is very sleepy.

Shen Qinglan called out again, “I have brought you your favorite chocolate. Do you want to eat it?”

Yu Xiaoxuan poked her head out of bed, “no.” Her voice was husky and feeble.

She sat up from the bed with half-squinted eyes. “Qinglan, you are here.”

“Yeah,” Shen Qinglan took one look at her face, it didn’t look very good, but the mood was stable. She felt slightly reassured, “first come down to wash, later I’ll take you to dinner.”

Yu Xiaoxuan, with a wooden face and a mechanical nod, climbed out of bed and entered the bathroom.

Shen Qinglan sat in a chair and waited. Her eyes were dark. When Xiaoxuan called her last night, she only said that she had been schemed on and that she would be eliminated in the third round. However, she did not say what happened and just cried.

Yu Xiaoxuan came out, her eyes swollen into a walnut. she lay prone on the table and did not speak.

“Tell me, what happened?” Shen Qinglan was supposed to accompany Xiaoxuan in the second and third rounds of the audition, but Fu Hengyi was hospitalized and needed to be cared for, so she could not go. Who knows what could have happened?

According to Shengxuan’s process, except for the leading roles which have finals, supporting roles like Xiaoxuan can go to audition as long as they pass three rounds of the second exam, and pass the audition.

When she heard Shen Qinglan; Yu Xiaoxuan’s eyes were red again.

“Don’t cry.” Shen Qinglan cold voice sounded chilling.

Yu Xiaoxuan was stunned by her words, her tears choked back, and her voice was hoarse. “I was going to sing in the third round, but I was very nervous and thirsty before the audition, so I drank a glass of water. At first, I didn’t feel uncomfortable, but when it came to my turn, I found my voice was hoarse, and then…”

When Shen Qinglan heard this, her face flashed a hint of calculating. Obviously, the problem lies in the glass of water. Just because Xiaoxuan is only running for the role of a little servant girl? Who would want to attack her?

“Have you offended anyone recently?” Shen Qinglan asked.

Yu Xiaoxuan looked puzzled. “No, I never provoke others. How can I offend anyone?”

Shen Qinglan naturally understood Yu Xiaoxuan’s character. She asked that question just to have a clearer direction.

“Did you drink water from your own glass or did someone else give it to you?”

Yu Xiaoxuan: “It’s my own cup with the Dried Boat Sterculia Seed tea my mother brewed.”

Shen Qinglan had a vague guess in her mind, “How many people like you; want to compete for this little servant girl role?”

Yu Xiaoxuan mused, “There are five, five besides me.” Speaking of this, Xiaoxuan responded, “Qinglan, do you suspect that someone has tampered with my cup?”

Shen Qinglan nodded. “You’re don’t easily offend people by nature. The biggest possibility is competition for interests.”

“But why? It’s just a small role. It’s not a starring role. Why should someone need such a ruthless hand?” Yu Xiaoxuan lived in a simple environment since childhood. She never thought that someone would harm others for such little benefit.

“You think it’s a small role, but it doesn’t seem like it to some people. Didn’t you think it was a good opportunity to play the part in the drama? If you can play the part smoothly, you can sign a contract with Shengxuan. The role is not important, but Shengxuan’s contract is very important.”

Yu Xiaoxuan was silent. Yeah, didn’t she actually come for Shengxuan’s contract?

“But who’s the one that’s harming me?”

“Lately, do you feel any particular hostility toward you?”

Yu Xiaoxuan shook her head. “I’m actually okay with them. Although they come from different places, they are all about the same age and have good temperaments. Especially Tang Mina, who’s from Beijing like me. We went shopping and had dinner the day before yesterday.”

“What did you say she was called?”

“Tang Mina, what’s wrong?”

Tang Mina; Shen Qinglan remembered that the girl who came to talk to her on the first day of the mass-audition was Tang Mina.

This girl did not know her identity at the beginning and came to test her. She regarded herself as a competitor. This shows that she is a very utilitarian person. Would such a person still get along well when she learned that Xiaoxuan is her competitor?

Shen Qinglan expressed doubts.

Yu Xiaoxuan did know a little about Shen Qinglan, and saw her expression. “Qinglan, she wouldn’t have done this.”

Shen Qinglan did not say whether she would but told her what happened on the day of the audition. And asked, “did she touch your cup that day?”

Yu Xiaoxuan was silent for a moment. “She drank my water that day.” Moreover, Tang Mina drank it before she did. But Tang Mina was fine, therefore, Yu Xiaoxuan never thought that her voice was dull because of the glass of water.

“Qinglan, are you saying that I was foolish enough to be schemed after without knowing it? I thought I had eaten too much spicy food the day before yesterday and hurt my own throat. ”

Her voice was choked with sobs. She thought she had met a new friend and turned out to be a vicious beauty.

Shen Qinglan patted her on the shoulder, “Don’t be sad. First, let’s go to the hospital to see how your voice is. ”

Yu Xiaoxuan was reminded by Shen Qinglan, obviously remembered the incident and looked flustered. “Qinglan, do you think my throat would be okay?”

Shen Qinglan: “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

Yu Xiaoxuan changed her clothes and went down to the hospital for examination, accompanied by Shen Qinglan. Fortunately, Tang Mina, although vicious in mind, did not lay a firm hand on her. There was nothing wrong with Xiaoxuan’s throat. She just had to take some medicine for a few days.

Yu Xiaoxuan breathed a sigh of relief.

“Xiaoxuan, what are you going to do about this?”

Yu Xiaoxuan looked like she was at a loss. “I don’t know, I don’t want to let her go, but I don’t have any evidence to prove that Tang Mina set me up. Even if I say it, others wouldn’t believe it.”

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