Chapter 64. Shares Transferring

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The news that Fu Hengyi was injured and hospitalized was somehow known to Han Yi. Early in the morning, Han Yi appeared in the ward with a basket of fruits.

“Oh… Mr. Fu, I haven’t seen you in a few days. Why are you in the hospital?” Han Yi smiled flamboyantly, it wasn’t like he was visiting the sick, but as if he had come to gloat.

Fu Hengyi didn’t even give him one glance.

Han Yi got an uninteresting reply. He touched his nose wryly and looked around. He did not see Shen Qinglan.

“Hey, where’s your cold little wife?”

“She went to school to hand in her paper.” Fu Hengyi said faintly.

Han Yi, peach blossom’s eyes suddenly glistened with golden light and approached Fu Hengyi, with a cry: “Ah… so tell me. Did you; this ‘ten thousand years a virgin’, finally lose it?”

Fu Hengyi glanced at him and said nothing.

Han Yi let out an exaggerated cry, “come on, you’ve been married for so long. You haven’t even started yet?” He glanced at Fu Hengyi’s lower body with malicious intent and took a serious look.

“Brother, do you have any hidden diseases that cannot be said? If it’s true, you must not be secretive. Although I don’t know any doctors in this field, I can ask my friends to find one for you. If we are sick, we must treat it.”

He said it seriously. People who don’t know might actually think that Fu Hengyi really couldn’t do ‘it’.

Fu Hengyi had a very dark and cold expression.

Han Yi has long been used to Fu Hengyi ‘s cold face, he didn’t care at all. His line of sight glanced between Fu Hengyi ‘s legs from time to time, with a meaningful smile in his eyes.

Fu Hengyi’s face was ready to match the color of the bottom of a pot. His eyes fell on Han Yi like a knife but he did not speak. He looked at him coldly. Han Yi finally reacted. His joke was too much, it annoyed this great god.

“That… Hengyi, I’m just joking, just joking… ”

Fu Hengyi coldly withdrew his eyes. “If that’s all, you can get out.”

“No ah… I’m here to see you. ” Han Yi said, picking up an apple from the fruit basket and nibbling on it. “Did you know that your wife’s friend took part in my company’s audition?”

“How did it turn out?”

Han Yi thought of the little girl with the baby fat on her face and narrowed his eyes. “The first two rounds passed, but this girl was too pure and was schemed after for the third round.”

“Eliminated?” Fu Hengyi asked in a casual tone. If this person wasn’t Shen Qinglan’s friend, he wouldn’t even ask.

“How is that possible, she is someone little sister-in-law personally called to take care of. Even if the skills aren’t that good, I will leave her behind. I can’t help but give little sister-in-law some face ah.”

“Is that what she told you?” Fu Hengyi looked at him suspiciously, doubting the truth of his words. That really wasn’t something Shen Qinglan would ask for.

Han Yi touched his nose. “Not really, little sister-in-law just asked me for a place to take part in the audition, she said that the rest depended on the girl herself. I just thought that little sister-in-law had a hard time even requesting this, and that girl is still a little malleable.”

“When did you; the President of a company, care so much about a newcomer in the entertainment company? Are you interested in that little girl?” Hengyi said in a sarcastic tone.

“What the?! Why would I care so much about a nobody?!” Han Yi hair stood up like a startled cat, “and what I like is being warped in the arms of a stunning beauty, I just despise that kind of bean sprout without even half a meat on her chest.”

(TLnote: I feel like someone is going to swallow back those words… Xd)

“That’s for the best. Han Yi, I don’t care if you like to play around, but I don’t want you to target her friends.”

Han Yi heard and tsked before saying: “So quick to be on guard… This man ah! Really as expected, the type of man that would even stab a brother for a woman. In the beginning, I didn’t know who it was that promised to treat ‘someone’ like a sister. But now, the sister became the wife.”

“Since you’re so idle, do something for me.” Fu   Hengyi’s cold voice sounded.

Han Yi subconsciously said, “what is it?”

“Transfer my shares in Shengxuan and Meise to Qinglan.”

Han Yi was completely shocked this time. “Are you serious?”

“Do I look like I’m joking with you?” Fu Hengyi looks serious.

Han Yi shook his head. “No, you look more like a henpecked husband. But does sister-in-law know about your shares in Shengxuan and Meise?”

“She’ll know soon. And after all, I’m a soldier. It’s good for everyone if I transfer the shares to her.”

Han Yi nodded to show that he understood.

“Okay. I’ll have my lawyer draft the documents another day and transfer the shares to little sister-in-law. But I recently heard something about little sister-in-law. Would you be interested to know?” Han Yi remembered the gossip he overheard one day and looked at Fu Hengyi, with a strange smile.

“Say it.”

“They said, little sister-in-law’s school has a ‘rich and handsome high achiever’ student in pursuit of little sister-in-law. The whole school knows; it blew up in the school’s forum. I especially helped you investigate it, this boy is from Nancheng’s Yan family.”

Fu Hengyi’s face sank. “How did you know about this?”

Han Yi was stunned and rubbed his nose awkwardly. “Well, you don’t need to know, just know that there is such a thing.” He couldn’t say that it was because he had a girlfriend some time ago who goes to B university, he went to the school on a whim to pick up his girlfriend and heard it.

“In fact, according to her appearance, it’s not unusual for her to have a few suitors, and it would be strange if she didn’t. However, Hengyi, aren’t you worried that she might run away?”

“She won’t. ” Fu Hengyi is certain.

“You’re quite confident. Although I admit that you are good-looking and have a good family background… You’re busy and often not at home, and the ‘fresh meat’ of others is no worse than yours. The other person is also good-looking, and most importantly, he is young.

“I believe her.” If she could run away so easily, he wouldn’t have gotten a chance to marry her. And Shen Qinglan is mentally mature, far more than her peers. Similarly, she also despises the so-called little ‘fresh meat’. Fu Hengyi still has this self-confidence.

“Well, if you say that, then I was worried about nothing. ” Han Yi gnawed on the apple and said it casually. In fact, he said everything casually, he actually still believed in Shen Qinglan’s character.

Han Yi was called away by a phone call shortly after. Looking at his smiling face, it was obvious that he had an appointment with a beautiful woman.

Quiet was restored in the ward, and Fu Hengyi looked out of the window, mindful of what Han Yi had said.

Shen Qinglan’s suitors?  Hah! If one comes, cut one down! If two comes, cut a pair down!

(来一个杀一个,来两个,砍一双 [Lái yīgè shā yīgè, lái liǎng gè, kǎn yīshuāng] = Come one, kill one, come two, cut a pair; literally meaning ‘to kill anyone who dares’. It actually sounds more poetic in Chinese.)



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