Chapter 63. Sleeping In Each Other’s Arms

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Shen Qinglan was born in their housing complex, and Fu Hengyi even hugged her when she was born.

Fu Hengyi vaguely remembered that Shen Qinglan was a very lively and lovely girl when she was a child. She was very fond of laughing and running behind them. She was a little temperamental and would cry when she fell down. Her elder brother Shen Junyu couldn’t coax her, but as long as he hugged her, she would stop and wipe all the tears on his clothes. For this reason, Shen Junyu ate plenty of vinegar from his sister.   

(eating vinegar = getting jealous) 

He just didn’t expect to see Shen Qinglan again. Sixteen years have passed and that crying little shy flower has grown into a graceful girl and even his wife.

Fu Hengyi knew from the moment she first saw Shen Qinglan that there must be a story in this girl’s past. Although her eyes were always cold, the unknown buried under the cold made Fu Hengyi feel a little distressed.

The ward fell into eerie silence.

“Come up.” Fu Hengyi slowly said.

Shen Qinglan looked at him doubtfully.

Fu Hengyi moved aside and patted the half-empty bed. “Come up and sleep for a while.”

Shen Qinglan gave him a look, took off her shoes in silence and went into bed, lying down beside him.

The hospital bed was very small, even though Shen Qinglan was thin. After lying down, the hospital bed looked very crowded. Fu Hengyi stretched out his hand and took her into his arms. The bodies of the two were instantly pasted together without any gaps.

Shen Qinglan snorted and pulled a little distance from him to avoid touching his wound.

“Don’t worry, just sleep. I’m fine.”

Fu Hengyi ‘s low magnetic voice rang in her ears. Because she was so close and his warm breath sprayed on Shen Qinglan’s earlobe, making her feel a little itchy.

Fu Hengyi hugged him, with no other movement. Smelling the mixture of medicine and disinfectant on Fu Hengyi, Shen Qinglan gradually closed her eyes.

She slept peacefully and breathed evenly.

Fu Hengyi watched her sleep quietly. She was very good and motionless when she slept. Fu Hengyi didn’t dare to move, for fear of waking her up.

She was very alert when she slept, and she would wake up at the slightest movement. He knew this from that night; when he came home late and got attacked.

Such vigilance was not developed overnight, and it was clear that she had lived for a long time in uneasiness and fear, in order to gain such extraordinary alertness.

Fu Hengyi was curious about her past life. He wanted to know everything about her past, but he didn’t want to push her. He wanted her to tell him willingly.

Looking at her quiet sleep, Fu Hengyi’s eyelids; which had not been sleepy, gradually sank and soon fell asleep.

In this sleep, Shen Qinglan slept directly into the morning of the next day. She didn’t wake up even when the medical staff came in twice. Perhaps Fu Hengyi’s arms were too reassuring, which made her less alert.

Of course, the medical staff only appeared at the entrance of the ward Fu Hengyi woke up, motioned for them to leave, then went back to sleep.

When Shen Qinglan woke up, the sky was already bright. When she opened her eyes, her eyes were misty, and her foolish appearance made Fu Hengyi’s eyes floated smile.

It’s just that soon, Shen Qinglan’s eyes were clear and bright again, and Fu Hengyi’s had some regrets.

Fu Hengyi was seriously injured this time, but fortunately, he had a good physical foundation. After his condition stabilized, he was accompanied by a team of experts and transferred back to the military hospital in Beijing.


Fu Hengyi was sent back by special plane. Shen Qinglan came back with him. As soon as he settled in, Grandpa Fu yelled at him in the hospital.

“Where’s that bastard, Fu Hengyi?”

Shen Qinglan heard Grandpa Fu’s angry voice in the ward, and Fu Hengyi obviously heard it too, while helplessly supporting his forehead.

Grandpa Fu soon appeared in the ward. First, he looked up and down at Fu Hengyi, seeing that he was okay, Grandpa was slightly relieved, “looks like he won’t die. ”

Shen Qinglan:”…”

Fu Hengyi:”…”

Medical staff present: “…”

Then, Grandpa Fu turned to Qinglan. Tsk twice and shook his head. Shen Qinglan was puzzled.


She saw Grandpa Fu lamenting, “Girl, how did you lose weight again? This old man had a difficult time getting you to eat a bit more. Now one thing happened to Fu Hengyi and it all went to waste.”

Shen Qinglan:”…”

Fu Hengyi:”…”

Medical staff present: “…”

Shen Qinglan looks at Fu Hengyi. You’re blood-related, right?

Fu Hengyi blinked. Looks like I was adopted… maybe you’re the one blood-related?

The medical staff explained Fu Hengyi’s condition and recovery situation in detail to Grandpa Fu and learned that Fu Hengyi had recovered well. Grandpa Fu was completely relieved. Regardless of Fu Hengyi’s protesting eyes, he pulled Shen Qinglan home, beautifully calling it mending her body.


“Grandpa, why didn’t you tell him that you’re worried about him?”

Grandpa Fu’s joking atmosphere receded at the moment, with a serious face. He heard Shen Qinglan’s words and sighed deeply. “Ever since I knew he had chosen this path, I knew this would happen one day. Hengyi’s father died because of his mission. Hengyi said he wanted to be a soldier. In fact, I disagreed. I had already lost my son, and I didn’t want to lose my grandson again, but Hengyi had the right mindset. I couldn’t stop it at all. I had to let him go. Every time he goes out for a mission, I’m actually scared; and afraid of burying someone younger to go to the afterlife before me.”

“When Hengyi was injured on his first mission, nine years ago… He was as old as you are now. That time he almost died, but in the end, he survived. I didn’t persuade him at that time, but Hengyi told me that his father and I were proud of him. He could not disgrace the Fu family name.

At that time, I wanted to understand him. Since this was his own choice, what else can I do as a grandfather, except support him?  We have wronged you, girl. This old man, suddenly regrets that I set you two up together, and I don’t know if it was the right or wrong thing to do.”

Shen Qinglan lips slightly hooked up, “Grandpa, marrying him is my own choice, even if one day he died in a mission. I will not regret today’s choice. Moreover, I believe in him, he is a responsible person. He knows that we are still waiting for him at home, and would not put himself in danger. This time, it was just an accident.”

Grandpa Fu looked at Shen Qinglan with fixed eyes and sighed deeply after a long time. He suddenly felt lucky that Fu Hengyi married Shen Qinglan.

In fact, Grandpa Fu was worried about what Shen Qinglan would think of Fu Hengyi after his injury this time. Now after he hears her say so, Grandpa Fu was relieved.

But Shen Qinglan didn’t understand why Grandpa Fu pulled her out? It wasn’t a great one, but Fu Hengyi was her choice. At the beginning, she was the one who offered to marry Fu Hengyi, so as long as Fu Hengyi doesn’t betray her, she will never leave him. It is not about love.



Author: This Qinglan girl hasn’t realized her feelings for our Lord Fu yet…






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