Chapter 62. Rejecting the Army?

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Knowing Fu Hengyi woke up, Mu Liancheng and the others swarmed in. Shen Qinglan saw this and quietly withdrew from the ward, leaving the space for them.

“Captain, I’m sorry, this is all my fault.” Hou Zi bowed his head and apologized.

The gentle look on Fu Hengyi’s face has long disappeared, replaced by the solemnity he usually has, “What fault?”

“Without a clear investigation of the enemy’s situation, the teammates would be put in danger. ”

Fu Hengyi looked at him steadily. “Now that you know what was wrong, do you know what to do?”

Hou Zi: “Yes, I will report back to my superior. ”

This time it was really his fault. If there is any mistake, he should be punished. He has no regrets.

“Captain, it can’t all be attributed to Hou Zi,” Mu Liancheng pleaded. “It was my own carelessness that led to this. I am also responsible. ”

“No, Mu-ge, it has nothing to do with you.” Hou Zi said in a hurry.

Fu Hengyi looked at the two men who were rushing to take responsibility. He was silent for a long time before he said quietly, “I have my own decision on this matter. Now the task has been completed. You should not delay here for too long. Go back to the base quickly. Later, I am afraid that I will take leave for a period of time, Liancheng will be solely responsible for the team’s affairs, especially the selection of new recruits. You can make full decisions without asking for my opinion.”

“Sir. Yes, sir!”

Fu Hengyi gave several opinions on the training and selection of recruits in the future, and then let the crowd leave.

Mu Liancheng walked last, hesitating to go.

“What else?”

“Captain, is that really your wife?” Mu Liancheng still couldn’t resist his curiosity.

It goes without saying who ‘that’ is.

Fu Hengyi glanced at him lightly, “Maybe it’s yours?”

Mu Liancheng froze, “Captain, the little sister-in-law is very beautiful, you are blessed.” Feeling Fu Hengyi’s coldness, Mu Liancheng said so and slipped out of the ward quickly.

But the doubts in his heart were even worse. Looking at the Captain’s appearance, he really couldn’t see what attitude the Captain had towards the little sister-in-law. So, why on earth did these two people get married?

When Shen Qinglan came back, Mu Liancheng and the rest had already left. Fu Hengyi was the only one left in the ward. He seemed to be making a phone call. although he was pale, his voice was still forceful. Seeing her come in, he quickly ended the phone call.

“I bought you some porridge. Do you want to eat it now?” Shen Qinglan lifted up the bag and asked Fu Hengyi.

Fu Hengyi nodded. He was really hungry.

“Have you eaten?” Fu Hengyi asked.

“Already eaten. I also bought you two changes of clothes.”

She went out just now to buy a change of clothes for the both of them. She came in a hurry and didn’t bring any clothes at all. She stayed with Fu Hengyi for a whole day and night without taking a bath. Even if she didn’t have an obsession with cleanliness, Shen Qinglan couldn’t stand it.

Considering Fu Hengyi had just came out of operation, Shen Qinglan bought pig liver porridge. He doesn’t know where she bought it. The porridge tasted very good. Fu Hengyi inhaled two bowls.

Looking at Fu Hengyi eating porridge, Shen Qinglan went to the bathroom with her change of clothes. This is the VIP ward, so the bathroom had a shower.

By the time she came out again, Shen Qinglan was refreshed. She had just washed her hair, so her hair was still dripping with water.

“Why didn’t you dry your hair?”  Fu Hengyi frowned.

Shen Qinglan held a towel in her hand and wiped her hair carelessly. Fu Hengyi was speechless and tried to reach out to help, but he forgot that he was still injured. This move directly tugged at his wound and his face slightly changed.

Shen Qinglan hurriedly came over and looked at his wound and found no blood seeping out. She felt slightly relieved, “Lie down at ease and don’t move. I have already discussed it with Grandfather. When your wound is better in a couple of days, you will be transferred back to Beijing.”

Fu Hengyi had no objection and nodded to show that he knew.

He didn’t know what to think, but he suddenly smiled, and Shen Qinglan smiled a little inexplicably.

“Originally, I was still regretting that I left home soon after I got married and didn’t have time to spend with you. It was a good thing that I was injured this time, so I could spend some time with you at home.”

Shen Qinglan:”…”

What is this guy saying? It’s like he’s not hurt at all, just taking a vacation…

In order to prevent Fu Hengyi from moving again, Shen Qinglan dried her hair herself.

“Come and talk to me.” Fu Hengyi has just been in a coma for some time, and now he couldn’t sleep. He was recovering from his injuries. Was there anything else to do? So, he beckoned Shen Qinglan; who was sitting on the sofa, to come closer. Shen Qinglan walked to his bedside and pulled a chair to sit down.

“What should we talk about?” Shen Qinglan asked him.

Fu Hengyi, in fact, didn’t know what to talk about. He just wanted to talk to her.

“What are you doing at home these days?” Fu Hengyi started.

Shen Qinglan looked at him faintly but not speak.

During these days, he would call her every night and talk to her. How could he not know what she was doing?

Fu Hengyi obviously realized this, but without any embarrassment, pulled her hand and wrapped it in his palm. “I just want to know more about you. ”

“Before I received the phone call, I was having dinner with Grandpa. I was going to accompany Xiaoxuan to her audition semi-finals. Now, I could only let her go alone.”

Shen Qinglan opened her mouth but didn’t withdraw her hand. She let him hold it, although she was not used to it.

Yu Xiaoxuan participated in the actor selection campaign of Han Yi’s Company. Fu Hengyi heard Shen Qinglan’s tell him about it, then asked, “have you ever thought about what you would do after graduation?”

Shen Qinglan was stunned. She hadn’t really thought about it.

Fu Hengyi guessed as soon as he looked at her expression. He looked at her in silence and suddenly remembered her amazing skills. “Your skill, was it taught by Grandpa?”

The conversation turned a little fast. Shen Qinglan’s beautiful eyes flashed and nodded. “Yeah, Grandpa said that girls should know a little bit about self-defense.”

“Grandpa is right. ” Fu Hengyi agrees. “Have you considered entering the army?” His topic changed again.

The Shen family is a military and political family. If Shen Qinglan is willing, with the Shen family’s contacts, her road in the army will surely be smooth. What’s more, she still has him.

Shen Qinglan shook her head and said firmly, “I won’t enter the army.”

She refused too simply. This time, it stunned Fu Hengyi and he subconsciously asked, “Why?”

Shen Qinglan looked over him and out of the window, “because I don’t want to.”

At this moment, she suddenly emitted a distinct cold air. Although it passed in a flash, Fu Hengyi was sure that it was not his illusion. She was rejecting the army.

“You don’t like the army? ” Fu Hengyi probed into it.

“No, I just can’t take the bitterness.” Shen Qinglan said frankly, but Fu Hengyi saw her perfunctory reply. He knew she didn’t want to speak about it anymore, so Fu Hengyi no longer asked.





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