Chapter 58. Seeing Shi Feng Again

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Ah Nan headed for Shen Qinglan’s car. Shen Qinglan did not leave during that time, because her car was surrounded, if she left, she would have had to run over these people.

“Get out of the car!” Ah Nan shouted at the car.

Shen Qinglan, got out.

“What did you see tonight?” Ah Nan didn’t expect the driver to be a pretty young girl, so his fierce tone became softer by two points.

Shen Qinglan glanced at him indifferently. The man was very angry. There was obviously a man on the road. So, she accidentally witnessed the killing on the road.

” If I said didn’t see anything; do you believe it?”

“…” Ah   Nan was speechless. He did not believe it, but Shen Qinglan’s expression was too calm, and indifferent, not at all like a girl of her age.

If the average little girl saw such a group of fierce people at night, wouldn’t she cry in fear? Or at least she would turn pale. But Shen Qinglan was fine, her face remained the same, and she could calmly ask him this.

Ah Nan is on guard in his heart, what If something goes wrong? There must be something unusual.

His hand touched the back of his waist, where a gun was holstered.

“I won’t move. I advise you not to move either.” Shen Qinglan spoke when she noticed his little movement.

Ah Nan’s hands froze, and he was even more sure that the little girl in front of him was not an ordinary person. If she started to look malicious, he had to draw out his gun to solve this ‘problem’. Who knew, as soon as he moved, Shen Qinglan moved.

She flashed quickly at Ah Nan’s side, lifted and twisted his hand, and took the gun from his hand. In one turn, the gun barrel had arrived at Ah Nan’s forehead.

“I told you not to move.” Shen Qinglan’s tone did not change at all, but her temperament is totally different. As if she was the flower booming high above on the iceberg mountain before, but now she is the spider lily blooming on the Huangquan Road, beautiful and dangerous.

Feeling the cold steel on his forehead, Ah Nan’s body tightened.

“If you had let me go, I could have seen ‘nothing’ about tonight. But you, unexpectedly still thought of killing. Although I have a good temper, but I am not a sheep that just anyone can slaughter. Now, I’m in a bad mood. When I’m in a bad mood, it’s easy to lose control. If you move, I might get nervous and press it carelessly, your life will be forfeited.” Shen Qinglan said as if she was talking about the weather.

Ah Nan:…

When did I say that, don’t read too much into it! You can’t fool me!

He just wanted to say so, but for the sake of his own life, Ah Nan did not move. Nobody doubted Shen Qinglan’s words. Looking at her skills when holding a gun, nobody would believe that she wouldn’t use the gun to kill Ah Nan.

The scene came to a stalemate.

Something was going on at Ah Nan’s side. Shi Feng naturally wanted to come and see what was going on. As a result, he saw Shen Qinglan holding a gun against Ah Nan head.

“Hey, little girl, it’s you!” Shi Feng’s was surprised as if he hadn’t seen the loaded gun on Ah Nan’s head.

Seeing Shi Feng, Shen Qinglan was also a bit surprised. She took one look at the person she was holding a gun against. What else did she not understand?

Retracting the gun, she threw it away, the gun flew in the direction of Shi Feng. Shi Feng stretched out his hand to catch it and handed it to the person next to him, smiling, “Little girl, what good skills.” Ah Nan is one of the best in the gang. She could subdue Ah Nan in an instant. It’s totally unexpected. Shi Feng couldn’t believe it.

Shen Qinglan spoke, “I didn’t expect to meet Mr. Shi here.”

Shi Feng’s clear voice laughed and he waved his hand to disperse his people. “What’s with calling me Mr. Shi? It’s Shi-ge! Speaking of which, I haven’t thanked you enough for last time. It’s rare to meet you this time. Do you want to go to Brother Shi’s house?”

(-ge from Da-ge = big brother. Shi-ge = Big Brother Shi.)

It was a pure invitation, not a threat.

Shen Qinglan did not think much of it either. She glanced at Ah Nan’s hanging mouth, which could be stuffed with an egg. She pointed to her car and shook her head. “No, I still have work to do.”

“What’s a girl doing driving alone to such a remote place late at night? Aren’t you afraid it wouldn’t be safe?”

Shen Qinglan: “I don’t think there are many people who could harm me. ” It was self-evident when her eyes fell on Ah Nan.

Ah Nan blushed and looked at Shen Qinglan with a trace of disapproval. If it hadn’t been for Shen Qinglan’s sudden attack, how could he have lost to a little girl?

Shi Feng laughed happily. “This little girl is young, but she is brave. Okay, you have something to do this time, so Big Brother won’t keep you. But next time you have the chance, you must come to Big Brother’s house to hang out. Do you still have the number to contact Big Brother?”

“I remember it.”

“That’s good. Leave a name and phone number. Big brother will greet you outside. So, you don’t have to get embarrassed.”

Shen Qinglan smiled, “not necessary. Generally, no one could embarrass me. I just hope that I will not be treated as a witness next time.” She glanced at Ah Nan with profound meaning.

Ah Nan smiled awkwardly.

“Girl, I’m sorry about tonight. As Ah Nan’s superior; Big brother apologizes to you.”

Shi Feng is outspoken about his mistake.


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