Chapter 54. Support You

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“Xiaoxuan, are you interested in acting?”

Yu Xiaoxuan nodded fiercely on the other end. “I never knew what I wanted to do after graduation. Should I go to the company after graduation and take over my father’s company as my father had arranged for me? But as you know, I am not interested in doing business, otherwise, I wouldn’t have chosen to major in Chinese Language and Literature.

In fact, I have recently been very confused myself. I have no plans for the future, and I don’t know how to plan. Everyone in the dormitory has a goal. Fang Tong is sure to follow her boyfriend, and now she has joined Junlan Group. Even if she can’t stay there in the future, she can get a good job because she knows what she wants.

So, does Wu Qian, who also has a plan for her life. Although, I don’t know what she’s going to do.” At the end, Yu Xiaoxuan’s voice was a little low, even Shen Qinglan could feel the confusion in her heart.

“I am the same. I have no plans for the future. ” Shen Qinglan tells her.

“No, it’s different Qinglan. Although you usually don’t say anything and don’t seem to like anything in particular, but I know you are a very creative person. Even if you don’t know what to do now, but you certainly won’t be confused, because you are a very smart person.

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But I’m not very smart, especially when I see a pile of numbers. So, even if I take over my father’s company, I can’t do it. But I don’t want to be a secretary or anything like that. I don’t want to be like my old man.

I thought I would always be confused. But now, Qinglan, I seem to have found my way. Qinglan, I want to be an actress. I want to enter the entertainment industry. What do you think, can I?”

Yu Xiaoxuan’s voice is firm, but she isn’t confident.

“You can, I believe you.” Looking around, Shen Qinglan spoke again, “Xiaoxuan, are you really going to enter the entertainment industry?”

“Well, Qinglan, I think so. Maybe, you could say it was a spur of the moment kind of thing, but I really want to try. I also know that the entertainment industry is a very complicated place, and I may suffer because of my temperament. but I still want to try, even if I turn black and blue. ”

(头破血流 [tóu pò xuè liú] = be badly battered/ bumped and bruised. She means even if she has to suffer, not literally being beaten.)

This is the first time Shen Qinglan has heard Xiaoxuan speak so seriously about what she wants to do. Usually, she always seemed so scatter-brained Qinglan had had to give a sidelong glance.

“If that’s how you feel about it, go ahead and do it. I’ll support you.” Shen Qinglan spoke.

“Qinglan, thank you. Only you can support me without hesitation. ”

Shen Qinglan smiled. “Didn’t you say that we are friends. There’s no need to say thanks between friends.”

Her shallow smile made her features bright and beautiful. Unfortunately, Xiaoxuan can’t see it through the phone. Otherwise, she would scream with excitement. She has known Shen Qinglan for three years, but the times she had seen her smile could be counted on her fingers.

“If you really made up your mind, I can give you a suggestion. ” Shen Qinglan recalled a piece of news she had heard the other day and added.

“What suggestion?  ” Yu Xiaoxuan asked curiously.

“Sheng Xuan Entertainment is planning to start an IP drama recently. All the actors are new people. It’s being selected nationwide. You can sign up for a try. ”

(IP drama= IP means “intellectual property,” this means some pre-existing property that a studio is hiring you to adapt into a movie/series. Usually, in China, it’s from a book, or web-based novel that are popular these days.)

“Should I? How could a big company like Sheng Xuan pay any attention to me? ” Yu Xiaoxuan hesitated.

Shen Qinglan supported her forehead. “Who said that ‘even if she was beaten black and blue, she would try it’ just now? Why would you hesitate on the first step?”

“Qinglan, you’re right! If I don’t try, how can I know if somehow, I was chosen?!” Yu Xiaoxuan rebuilt her confidence. “Qinglan, how does one sign up for that event?”

“I really don’t know. Can get back to you on that?”

“Okay. I’ll go buy tickets right now. It’s a rare opportunity. I can’t miss it.” After Xiaoxuan finished speaking, she hung up the phone and didn’t give Shen Qinglan a chance to speak again. Then she rushed to the station to buy tickets.

Shen Qinglan looked at her disconnected phone, smiled helplessly and dialed another person’s number.

“Little sister-in-law. Well, this is an unexpected call… ” Han Yi’s voice came from the other end of the line.

He was holding a beautiful woman in his arms when he received a call from Shen Qinglan. He pushed her away and motioned her to go out. She looked at him sadly and seemed reluctant.

Han Yi picked up the checkbook, signed it and handed it to the beauty, who left happily.

Hearing the silence at the other end, Shen Qinglan spoke, “I heard that your company is having an audition?”

Han Yi’s peach blossom eyes narrowed and laughed. “Little sister-in-law is very well informed.” Sheng Xuan Entertainment is an entertainment company owned by Han Yi. He didn’t hide it from the outside world. It was no surprise that Shen Qinglan knew this fact.


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