Chapter 49. Sweetheart

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He said that what he wanted was not only Shen Qinglan’s body but also her heart. He had a lot of patience and could wait until the day Qinglan was willing.

On the second day, Fu Hengyi and Shen Qinglan returned to the Fu’s home and accompanied Grandpa Fu at home for a whole day. Of course, Grandpa Shen also stayed in the courtyard at night.

On the third day, Fu Hengyi rushed back to the base after lunch that day, only saying that he would come back at the end of the month, and nothing else.(if you are not reading it there. this is stolen from

In the afternoon, Shen Qinglan finally remembered Shen Junyu, who had been forgotten by her. She went back to her apartment to get the gift she had bought for him.

When Shen Qinglan arrived downstairs at Junlan Group’s office building, she was stopped by the front desk as soon as she was about to enter.

“Excuse me… who are you looking for?”

“Shen Junyu. ”

The front desk lady smiled. She came to see the president? “Do you have an appointment?”

Shen Qinglan shook her head. She came on a whim. When has she ever needed an appointment to see Shen Junyu?

“I’m sorry, Miss. You don’t have an appointment with the President. You can’t go up. Would you like to register first?” The receptionist said politely.

“No, I’ll just wait here. ” She said and pointed to the sofa not far away. Shen Qinglan didn’t want to embarrass the front desk lady.

The front desk lady laughed and said, “Please.”(reading in another site? it’s been copied without permission from Translateindo)

Looking at the gift bag in Shen Qinglan’s hand, she was afraid that another admirer of the President has come to show her love to the president. But this girl is more beautiful and had more disposition than the other women who came to see the President. But she looks a little cold. Does the President like this kind of person?

Shen Qinglan sat down on the sofa and took out her mobile phone to call Shen Junyu.

“Brother, I was stopped downstairs at your company. Please, send someone down to pick up something.”

Shen Junyu was in a meeting. He got a call from his sister. He wrinkled his eyebrows in surprise that she was downstairs. Quickly raising his feet, he left the meeting room. He left a bunch of company executives looking at each other in confusion and guessing who was the one that called their boss.

“Why didn’t you call it in advance? I would have come down and waited for you.” Shen Junyu hurried out of the exclusive elevator and quickly saw the girl sitting on the sofa.

Shen Qinglan handed him the bag in her hand. “I just remembered and brought it to you in passing. ”

Shen Junyu didn’t take the bag, but looked at her with grief, “Finally thought of me? I thought you totally forgot about me, you little girl with no conscience. “(if your NOT reading at Translateindo, this chapter has been stolen from our site)

Shen Qinglan; with the same blank expression, lifted the bag in her hand. “Don’t give it to anyone else. ”

Shen Junyu grabbed the bag and held it in his arms. “Would never think of it, this is mine.” ”

“Now that the goods have been delivered, I’ll go back first. ”

“No.” Shen Junyu grabbed her. “This is your first time coming to the company. You have to visit it at least once anyway. ”

Shen Qinglan had nothing to do in the afternoon, so she had no objection to Shen Junyu’s proposal and followed him to the exclusive elevator.

From the moment she saw Shen Junyu come down, the front desk lady’s eyes were round. She finally returned to normal when she saw their figures disappear into the elevator.

It turns out that this young lady is really the President’s sweetheart. No wonder she can call the President’s name directly. The President must love her very much and care about her very much. Otherwise, how could he come down personally to get someone? When has she ever seen the president treat someone so well before?

As a result; in one day, the gossip of President Shen’s having a mysterious girlfriend spread throughout the Junlan Group.

The two people that went up didn’t realize it.

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“Lan Lan, you rest in the office first. I’m going into a meeting first, it won’t take long.” Shen Junyu said. Seeing Qinglan nod, he went back into the conference room.

Soon, Xiao Liu; the secretary, brought a cup of black tea. Shen Qinglan prefers tea to coffee.

“Thank you.” Shen Qinglan thanks her politely.

Shen Qinglan looked at Shen Junyu’s office. The decoration was in black and white, different from his usual style. There were several pots of greenery in the corner of the office and a large bookshelf against the wall.

Shen Qinglan glanced at the books on the bookshelf, grabbed a book and sat on the sofa, turning it over.

It did not take Shen Junyu long to finish the meeting. When he came in, he was followed by his assistant; Yu Bin, who of course saw Qinglan.

He knows Shen Qinglan, so it’s not surprising that the President just left the meeting abruptly. He already knew that the President has another sister.

“Miss Shen, you are here. ”

“Assistant Yu, long time no see. There is also a gift for you in that bag. Please remember to take it from my brother. ”

Yu Bin was flattered. “For me too?”

Shen Qinglan light nodded, “before, I trouble you many times. It’s just as a thank you. ”


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