Chapter 47. Seeing an Acquaintance

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Gu Kai is a silent person. He has not spoken since he first greeted Shen Qinglan. Everyone present is accustomed to it, obviously, this was his personality.

Jiang Chenxi gives out a gentle image. At first glance, he is a bit like her brother. But a closer look shows that the gentleness of the two is different. One is engraved in their bones, while the other is fake. In fact, underneath is the skin of a fox.

The former is Jiang Chenxi, the latter is naturally her brother Shen Junyu.

“Little sister-in-law, you look really beautiful.  Shen Brother is so unkind. He has a beautiful sister, but he didn’t bring her out. If I had known little sister-in-law earlier, there would have been nothing left for my brother.” Gu Yang ignored Fu Hengyi’s blackened face, he wasn’t afraid of death.

Han Yi’s peach blossom eyes were full of admiration, this brat Gu Yang is still as foolish and brave as ever. He dares to say this in front of Fu Hengyi, let’s see how he would be straightened out later?

Han Yi was gleefully thinking.(this is a translation)

“Aunt told Grandpa on the phone last time that you were too weak and too un-manly. I hope you can go to the base to get some experience. Didn’t you graduate from the military academy just a short while ago?”  Fu Hengyi said lightly. He wasn’t angry at all.

Gu Yang’s face collapsed instantly. He has graduated for a year and should have gone to the base for training long ago. However, he doesn’t like being a soldier. So, he was reluctant to go. Although Grandpa Fu was dissatisfied, he is not willing to force him.

Seeing Gu Yang expression, Fu Hengyi was satisfied.

How can he let others flirt with his wife?

Gu Yang who had the loudest mouth had to shut up, others naturally didn’t have the courage to provoke Fu Hengyi.

“Little sister-in-law, you can call me if you have anything you need later. I teach at A University. What school does little sister-in-law go to?”  Jiang Chenxi speaks with the same vibe he gives off, warm and steady.

It turns out that he is a university professor. It’s no wonder that even if he is sitting at a gambling table, he doesn’t look like some random useless leecher.( not reading at Translateindo? it’s been copied without permission)

“Yes, little sister-in-law, which school are you in? I’ll go find you to play sometime.” Gu Yang once again spoke without thinking.

Gu Kai stepped on his foot under the table. This brat really has no eyes. Can’t you see that Brother Fu has turned black?

“I am in B University, Chinese Literature Department.”

“Ah, ah, you are …” Gu Yang suddenly pointed to Shen Qinglan and cried out with a face full of excitement, and everybody turned their eyes to him. “You are the school flower of B University. No wonder it felt a little familiar when I heard your name. So, you’re the school flower of B University!”

As he said that, he stared at Shen Qinglan’s face with curiosity, “little sister-in-law, people say that the love letters you receive can fill a big truck, is it true?”

Han Yi, Gu Kai, and Jiang Chenxi looked away silently. They could already foresee Gu Yang’s miserable future.

The corners of Shen Qinglan mouth gently hooked up, “what do you think?”

“Of course, it’s …”  Real?  The last word was swallowed in silence when Shen Qinglan looked at him with a smile. “Of course, it’s a rumor. Talents with good temperament and taste like little sister-in-law won’t even look at those crooked melons and cracked dates.”

(歪瓜裂/ wāi guā liè zǎo = Crooked melons and cracked dates/ cracked jujubes. Meaning:  ugly people / or; sweet words of ugly people. Usually only means ugly people.)(if your NOT reading at Translateindo, this chapter has been stolen from our site)

Shen Qinglan beautiful eyes looked at Gu Yang eyes with a hint of interest, this boy knows the news around campus.

“Little sister-in-law, do you usually like racing?  Recently there is an underground racing competition in Beijing. It’s very exciting. Would you like to go and see it together?” Gu Yang couldn’t stop for a moment.

Just as the words fell, Fu Hengyi’s chilling voice suddenly rang, “Does Aunt know you are going to race?”

Gu Yang shivered and turned his head mechanically toward Fu Hengyi. He was so proud that he forgot that Fu Hengyi was there.

“Well, brother. I was just joking with sister-in-law. I have never raced before, and I have only seen it once. Really, I swear.”  He raised his three fingers and swore to heaven.

Fu Hengyi gave him a deep look, withdrew his eyes, turned to Shen Qinglan’s ear and said, “You are not allowed to go racing with that boy.”

Shen Qinglan was amused. “Okay.”

There was a faint smell of smoke in the room. Shen Qinglan didn’t like it very much, but Hengyi couldn’t see the slightest hint of dislike on her face. She sat for a while and went out on the pretext of going to the toilet.

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Shen Qinglan came back from the toilet and inadvertently looked downstairs. Her eyes suddenly stuck to one spot.

She took one step forward, approaching the stair railing, and lowered her head.

Indeed, as she had expected, she saw a figure she knows in the crowd. Looking at the dance floor, there was a strange man– in his arms, there was a charming figure dancing. Qinglan’s hand touched her own chin, interesting …

Don’t know what will happen if the enchanting Shen Xitong is caught by gossip media and reporters?

Shen Xitong is in a bad mood today. In the morning, she met Fu Hengyi. Her heart was trampled to the ground. As a result, even though her date was still a high-class person, he looked like a ‘crooked melons and cracked dates’ and he dared to put a lot of requirements on her.

Xitong doesn’t want to go home but was no other place to go. She has friends in Beijing, but she has studied abroad for years and rarely returns. The relationships between friends are weak. Even if she is in constant contact, it depended on her status as the Shen family’s daughter. How many of them were sincere friends?

She doesn’t want them to see a joke.

Shen Xitong drank a lot of wine tonight. This was the first time she had fallen so low. There is a fire hidden in her heart. The fire broke out completely after Fu Hengyi refused her today.

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