Chapter 43. Are You Satisfied?

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The two-people hugged and slept through the night.

Shen Qinglan woke up at 7 o’clock. She usually woke up at 6 o’clock and rarely overslept.

She opened her eyes and moved. She noticed something seemed wrong. Her hand felt it and shrank back instantly.

Shen Qinglan realized what it was and suddenly her eyes widened. His face became red at the speed visible to the naked eye. It spread all the way, even her neck became red. (this is a translation)

“Are you satisfied?”  Fu Hengyi hoarse voice echoed in Shen Qinglan’s ear. Shen Qinglan was surprised and suddenly jumped up. She forgot that her whole body is in Fu Hengyi’s arms, and Fu Hengyi looked up at her slightly.

Shen Qinglan head directly hit Fu Hengyi chin, Shen Qinglan hissed, and Fu Hengyi groaned in pain.

“Qinglan, are you really going to murder your husband?”

“Who… who told you to act like a perv?”  Shen Qinglan can no longer maintain her cold appearance, she stammered.

Fu Hengyi’s hand fell on Shen Qinglan’s head and helped her gently stroke where she had just been hit.

Hearing what she said, her eyes darkened and he gritted her teeth. “Miss Shen, I am 31 years old this year, not 3 years old.  Don’t you know that men are the most impulsive in the morning? ”

Shen Qinglan’s face turned beet red, although she turned calm again, at the moment she also wanted to dig a hole to bury herself.

She sat up hastily, “Well, I… I’ll make breakfast.”

Fu Hengyi held her wrist. As soon as she pulled herself up, Shen Qinglan fell on Fu Hengyi. With a turn of his body, the positions of the two people are flipped. ( not reading at Translateindo? it’s been copied without permission)

Fu Hengyi looked down at the person beneath him, his eyes narrowed dangerously. “You lit a fire, now you want to run?”

Shen Qinglan eyes frantically looked around, she didn’t dare to look at him in the eye. The accidental touch reminded her that this was like waking a hungry tiger, a tiger that was just waiting to end a meatless diet.

Shen Qinglan didn’t dare to move. “You can only blame yourself for your lack of concentration.”

Fu Hengyi felt indignant. After living for 31 years, this was the first time that someone was said he had poor concentration. If his subordinates heard this, he might be laughed at.

“You are dressed like this, and you still say I have poor concentration. Are you sure?” Fu Hengyi’s gaze fell on the glittering white underneath him, and his voice sounded dark.

Shen Qinglan didn’t understand. She followed his line of sight, only to find that two of her pajama buttons were open, revealing her spring scenery.

The almost faded red on her face, heated up again. She was struggling to get up, but Fu Hengyi was as firm as a rock

When he looked at her, the light of his eyes disappeared, especially because of her struggle. Her glistening white spring scenery shook in front of his eyes. He felt his brain was on fire, which burned his reason and swallowed up his consciousness.(if your NOT reading at Translateindo, this chapter has been stolen from our site)

Sensing the soaring body temperature of the man, Shen Qinglan’s eyes showed even more panic. Just as she wanted to open her mouth to say something, her lips were covered with something soft.

Fu Hengyi’s lips are slightly cool, very different from the heat on his body. His lips are very soft, like a kind of jelly, Shen Qinglan had eaten before, soft, slippery.

Fu Hengyi kissed the person beneath him, gently and tenderly. Shen Qinglan closed her eyes, Fu Hengyi let go of his hold on Shen Qinglan hands, one hand stretched in along the hem of her clothes. He felt the delicate skin under his hands, and his eyes became darker.

Shen Qinglan subconsciously embraced Fu Hengyi neck. Her jaws were pried open, Fu Hengyi’s tongue marched straight inside. His gentle kiss changed into a domineering one.

Shen Qinglan only felt that she was at sea. As the waves went up and down, the waves were not cool, they felt like lava passing through her, burning her soul.(translateindo.C0m does not post chapters anywhere else)

As Shen Qinglan thought Fu Hengyi would go all the way, Fu Hengyi’s hand pulled away from her clothes. His head buried in Shen Qinglan neck. Shen Qinglan could clearly feel his chest violently moving up and down with each heavy breath.

Neither of the two spoke or moved.

After a long time, Fu Hengyi rolled over and got out of bed. “I’ll take a bath.”  He rushed into the bathroom without looking back.

Soon the sound of water resonated from the bathroom with some muffled humming of a man.

After a long time, the bathroom to quieted down. Fu Hengyi looked at his right hand and gave a bitter laugh. He was really complacent.

In the bedroom.(translateindo.C0m did not give other site permission to PDF this)

Only until the sound of water came from the bathroom, Shen Qinglan slowly got up. The buttons of her pajamas were all open. She wore nothing inside. At the moment, her soft chest was completely exposed out in the open. If Fu Hengyi saw this picture, even the most powerful self-control would collapse.

Shen Qinglan got up to change clothes and looked at the red marks on her chest in the mirror. Even on her neck, she could not help but blush again.

Her fingers gently brushed the dark purple traces vague marks.

‘Don’t worry, as long as you don’t want to, I will never touch you.’

In her mind, echoed what Fu Hengyi said in her ear last night. What she saw was Fu Hengyi that clearly endured himself to the point of sweating, but still stopped at the critical moment.

A faint smile appeared on her mouth. Even if Fu Hengyi went all the way, she wouldn’t blame him. After all, they are husband and wife; but the bottom of her heart will probably still be slightly disappointed.

Shen Qinglan quickly changed her clothes and went into the kitchen. It’s only until she washed her face with cold water did the heat gradually decreased.(we do not translate 4 other websites besides translateindo)

She opened the refrigerator, looked at the existing ingredients, took out a few, and planned to make breakfast. She did not know what Fu Hengyi liked to eat, so she planned to make what she usually eats herself.

She doesn’t like western breakfast, and it’s too late to make steamed buns. So, Shen Qinglan only plans to make tomato and egg noodles.

Fu Hengyi came out after taking a bath and saw this picture: Shen Qinglan wearing an apron, her hair was tied casually with a rubber band, and she was frying something with a spoon.

Such Shen Qinglan retreated from the usual cold and became soft and quiet, as if from out-of-touch fairy into an ordinary household woman, but it increasingly attracted Fu Hengyi’s attention.

“Get your chopsticks first, and you can eat them right away.” Shen Qinglan noticed Fu Hengyi and said something. She didn’t dare to look up at him.

Fu Hengyi’s face was calm and walked over. “I’ll bring them to the table. You can wait at the table first.”

Shen Qinglan nodded and walked out of the kitchen.

Fu Hengyi took the two bowls of noodles and carried them out.

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