Chapter 37. Shen Xitong’s Thoughts

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Beijing, Shen family home.

“Dad, Tong Tong’s injury is healed. I want to give her a personal concert. What do you think?”  At the dinner table, Chu Yunrong spoke to Grandpa Shen.[read at translateind0 to support the translators]

“It’s up to you to handle the matter yourself. Is Xitong going back to Vienna this time?”

Shen Xitong’s hand trembled while holding chopsticks and looked at Grandpa Shen respectfully. “I don’t plan to go back, for the time being, my studies have already been completed, and the orchestra is now performing at other places. The teacher said it would be good for me to practice more frequently at home, so I plan to spend more time with Mom and Grandpa.”

Since Grandma Shen said those words to Shen Xitong, Xitong has held back a lot, especially in front of Grandpa Shen. She wasn’t sure how much Grandma Shen said to Grandpa Shen, so she doesn’t know how much Grandpa Shen knows. The bottom of her heart always feels a little jittery.

She didn’t want to leave the Shen family home, and even more reluctant to leave the Shen family. If she ever left the Shen family home, she knew she was a nobody.[support the real translat0rs @ translateindo]

Grandpa Shen nodded, ” Yunrong, I don’t know anything about throwing a concert anyway. It’s up to you. There is just another matter… I hope you can take it to heart.”

“Dad, what is it?”

Grandpa Shen looked at Shen Xitong. Shen Xitong’s heart suddenly felt strong surges of uneasiness.

“Lan Lan has married Heng Yi. After she graduates, they will hold a wedding ceremony. Heng Yi is a good boy and will definitely take good care of Lan Lan, so for Lan Lan, I am assured.  It’s just that Xitong is no longer young. She used to be busy with her studies, so I didn’t talk about it. Now that she is back, you, as a mother, should also pay attention to her future.”

Shen Xitong’s face changed and her hand tightened on the chopsticks. “Grandpa, I am only 25 years old this year. There is no hurry in this matter. I want to spend more time with you and my parents.”

“A man marries a woman when they are of age. Grandpa can’t take care of you for the rest of your life. A grown woman cannot be kept at home, she would stay and breed ill feelings.”  Grandpa Shen said with a smile on his face, but no one can see his heart clearly.

(女大不中留 [nǚ dà bù zhōng liú] = A grown woman cannot be kept at home. It means that a woman, if she is an adult, should get married quickly and sent outside the family/home. Don’t stay at home and feel indignant.)

“But I don’t want to get married so early. I just want to accompany you and my parents.”  Shen Xitong whispered.

She never thought that Grandpa Shen he would suddenly talk about her marriage before all this, but now, she doesn’t believe Grandpa doesn’t know that she liked Fu Hengyi. Shen Qinglan just got married, and he can’t wait to send her away?[support the real translat0rs @ translateindo]

In Shen Xitong’s view, Grandpa Shen’s is doing this to remove the obstacles for Shen Qinglan.

Is being born biologically for a Shen, really so important?

Shen Xitong lowered her eyes, her gloom was hard to notice.

Chu Yunrong looked at her daughter with her head lowered, then at her father-in-law with a serious expression, “Dad, this matter isn’t urgent for the time being, but I will also pay close attention to it and see which young talents are suitable in the capital.”

Grandpa Shen nodded with satisfaction, “However, our family is not the type of family that pays attention to other people’s position or family status. The most important thing is the other person’s character. After all, Xitong is the daughter of Shen family. We must find a good man.”

However, when this statement fell on Shen Xitong’s ear it became another meaning: this is to marry her to a lower family, for her to completely abandon her thoughts.


Shen Qinglan is in Hangzhou for several days. Basically, she spent the day in various parts of Hangzhou, watching the scenery and eating delicious food. Sometimes she would find somewhere to set up an easel, a beautiful place with fewer people. She stayed for the whole day and didn’t return to the hotel until sunset.[translateindo.C0m does not post chapters any where else]

Sometimes she even stays until midnight to watch the night view of the West Lake.

And Fu Hengyi never called again after calling on the first night, Shen Qinglan guesses that he must be busy.

She still sends photos; one or two, to Fu Hengyi’s phone every day. Regardless of whether he would see them or not.

During that time, Daniel called Shen Qinglan again. He wanted to say that Shen Qinglan should join the meet-up. But when he heard that Shen Qinglan was painting something new, he immediately hung up with high spirits.

Shen Qinglan had stayed in Hangzhou for a week. Tomorrow she plans to visit Yuecheng again. It is said that it is the birthplace of Yuecheng Opera and the hometown of Wang Xizhi; a great calligrapher. Although she does not love calligraphy, her grandfather likes it.

Remembering Xiaoxuan’s words, that she would not be allowed to enter the dormitory door without a specialty of Hangzhou, Shen Qinglan changed her clothes and went out. She planned to bring some delicious food or silk for several people in the dormitory. When she was playing these days, she inquired that the most authentic sweet-scented osmanthus cake was not the kind she ate that day, but in a small alley in the east of the city. There is an old woman who specializes in making sweet-scented osmanthus cake, which tastes amazing.[translateindo.C0m does not post chapters any where else]

The place was a little far from where she stayed. Shen Qinglan took a taxi and gave the driver the address.



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