Chapter 32. No Switch

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Shen Qinglan went directly to the railway station, she decided not to go by plane. She liked to enjoy the scenery along the way.

She had no destination. She bought a ticket which had the closest departure time. When she received the ticket, she found that it was a ticket to Hangzhou.

Shen Qinglan bought a high-speed train ticket. She was lucky enough to get a window seat. From her position, you can see the scenery along the way.

When she got on the passenger car, a girl about seventeen or eighteen years old; with heavy makeup on her face, long wine-red hair, a shoulder bag on her back, pulled a large suitcase, stopped in front of her. Shen Qinglan only thought that this was the person sitting beside her, and did not care.

It’s just that the other person keeps staring at her without doing anything. Qinglan looked at her and wondered what she wanted to do.

When the girl saw Shen Qinglan noticing her, she looked at Shen Qinglan with a slight smile. “I don’t like to sit in the aisle. Can I switch my seat with you? I can pay for it.”

Although the words are polite, the arrogance in her eyes was not concealed. In her view, Shen Qinglan dressed in ordinary clothes, her family should be ordinary. If she added some money, the other party would certainly agree.

If this girl had bought a plane ticket and wasn’t in a hurry, she wouldn’t have to take this stupid train. Even if it were a train, it shouldn’t be near the aisle. People coming and going. She hated it!

Shen Qinglan looked at her eyes, her expression is still calm. Before going out, she put on a bit of makeup, only a few strokes lightly on her face, so that her appearance is not too much, still beautiful. But it doesn’t give people an amazing feeling.

Shen Qinglan glanced a little, closed her eyes, and didn’t say anything.

When the girl saw Shen Qinglan ignoring herself, she was not happy. “Hey, I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear me?”

“Heard, what about it?”  The clear voice sounded beautiful.

“It’s rude to hear someone and not reply. I just said I’m going to change seats with you. I’ll give you money. Two hundred,” she said, stretching out two fingers.

Shen Qinglan did not even lift her eyelids. Does she look like she needed money?  Shen Qinglan bowed her head and took a thoughtful look at her own clothes.

Two hundred, the total fare is only a little more than five hundred, and two hundred is quite a lot. Shen Qinglan did not move, but some other people looked interested. She doesn’t agree to switch. ‘We agree. We don’t mind switching to the aisle seat.’

Apparently, the girl also noticed other people’s eyes. The prouder her face became, she said, “Everything can be solved with money.”

Just as the girl waited for Shen Qinglan to give up her seat, two words came out of her red lips – “No switch”.

The girl looked at Shen Qinglan incredulously, “Hey, don’t be greedy. Two hundred is quite a lot.”

She thought that Shen Qinglan was disgusted with the small offer and stubbornly rejected to raise the price.

Shen Qinglan laughed and did not explain. She shut her eyes and was too lazy to bother with the other party. The other side is a spoiled child.

When the girl saw Shen Qinglan ignoring herself, her face turned red and she stared at Shen Qinglan angrily, as if she were going to stare a hole in her body.

Fortunately, this girl was the last one to get on this carriage, otherwise, she would have been standing in the aisle, and the people behind her would have been angry.

The girl is stubborn, seeing Shen Qinglan refused to switch. She stared at Qinglan, she did not sit down, the two were in deadlock.

However, other people couldn’t take it anymore. A middle-aged man waved to the girl and said, “Little girl, I’ll trade with you. Just give me the money.”

The girl looked in the direction of the voice. A young woman was sitting beside a middle-aged man, holding a one-year-old child.

The girl curled her lips in disgust. She hated children the most and they are very annoying and noisy.

The young woman also saw the girl’s sight and her expression turned a little ugly. She pulled the middle-aged man’s clothes and shook her head. The middle-aged man smiled regretfully and thought he could make 200 yuan.

“Little girl, let me trade with you.”  A middle-aged woman in the first two rows said; a white-haired old man was sitting beside her.

The girl again pouted. She wants a window seat, yes, but she needs quiet.

Once again, her eyes fell on Shen Qinglan, stretching out three fingers. “I’ll give you 300, you switch with me.”  300 is her bottom line. It can’t go any higher.

Shen Qinglan didn’t bother opening her eyes this time. “No switch.”

The girl pointed at Shen Qinglan with a ‘you…’ for a long time, but couldn’t say anything else.

This is Shen Qinglan’s seat, if she is not willing to switch, she also couldn’t do anything.

In a huff, she stood for a while and finally sat down on her butt. Humph, if you won’t trade seats, then you won’t trade seats … This young lady also saved 300 yuan!

The passenger car finally quieted down. Some people breathed a sigh of relief and others regretted it.

Only the little girl beside Shen Qinglan had an angry expression, and her mouths kept mumbling. Probably complaining that the air in the car was muddy and that it was not as comfortable as an airplane.

Shen Qinglanwu looked out of the window and paid no attention to her.



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