Chapter 31. Solo Trip

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Chen Qingtian took Wu Qian to a completely different world, which she never dared to think about before. It was normal to eat meals that cost thousands. He never looked at the price when buying clothes, but only at her preferences. He could buy cosmetics from big brand names that she had never heard of before …

Often, the money for a dress requires a whole month’s wage, which may sometimes not even be enough.

Although Chen Qingtian is a rich second generation and has a lot of assets in his family, it is not enough in a city full of powerful people. It’s just that he is the only son in his family, his parents dote on him and he is used to spending lavishly. For him, coaxing a woman he is still interested in with a little money was a good tradeoff.

Chen Qingtian took Wu Qian who had a bright red face, towards his sports car.

This night, Wu Qian did not come back to the dormitory.

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The next day, Grandpa Fu indeed called Shen Qinglan, asked her when she would come home for dinner. Shen Qinglan thought about having no classes in the afternoon, so she planned to go to the neighborhood at noon.

Now that she has gone back, it is impossible not to go home, so Shen Qinglan first returned to Shen’s family home, where no one else is at home except Grandpa Shen, which is in line with Shen Qinglan’s idea.

“Grandpa, I’m back.” Shen Qinglan greeted Grandpa Shen.

“Why did you come back at noon today? Arent there any classes in the afternoon?” Grandpa Shen looked at his granddaughter with a smile. After his wife died, Grandpa Shen put more energy into taking care of flowers and plants.

“Grandpa Fu asked me to come home for dinner.” Shen Qinglan said truthfully.

Grandpa Shen stared at his granddaughter, which made Shen Qinglan inexplicable look back.

“Why do you still call him Grandpa Fu?”

Shen Qinglan suddenly said, “Isn’t that just in front of you? Grandpa. I’m going to go on a trip the day after tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go out for a long time.”

Shen Qinglan did not forget one of the purposes of returning.

“Go out traveling? Is there enough money on you? Grandpa will give you another card later.” Grandpa Shen did not ask his granddaughter where she’s going.

“No, I have money on me. Fu Hengyi gave me a card before returning to the military, and my parents regularly gives me some.” Shen Qinglan is not a talkative person, but she always has a little more patience with those close to her.

Grandpa Shen heard her words and said nothing more. Looking at the time, he urged his granddaughter to go to Fu’s house. After all, she was married. Although there was no wedding ceremony, she received the certificate. It’s that Old Fu’s family!


Grandpa Shen sighed, his good granddaughter had been taken by Fu Hengyi.

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“Qinglan girl, come in quickly, it’s hot outside.” No sooner had she arrived at the door of Fu’s home, she saw Grandpa Fu standing at the door.

Shen Qinglan quickened her pace. “Grandpa, why didn’t you wait inside?”

“As soon as I came out, I ran into you. I asked Xiao Zhao to cook your favorite dishes for you. Just in time to eat.”

(TLNote: Granpa Shen calls Aunty Zhao – Xiao Zhao, a long-time servant of the Fu family.)

Grandpa Fu looked at Shen Qinglan, and the old face bloomed a smile like a chrysanthemum flower. That damn Shen old man, he disagreed half to death. Now, hasn’t Qinglan girl become a member of our Fu family!?

Grandpa Fu deeply felt that Fu Hengyi finally had done a good deed.

Aunt Zhao is putting the last dish on the table. “Qinglan is back, and you can eat now. Today we have your favorite Crab Orange. This is from Yangcheng Lake. It’s juicy.”

(酿橙/ Xiè niàng chéng= Lit. Crab Brew Orange. Actual dish = Orange stuffed with Crab. A little soupy, juicy and fatty. I think it should taste a bit fresh, tangy and savory.)

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Shen Qinglan lip corner slightly hooked, “Thank you, Aunt Zhao. Thank you, Grandpa.”

Shen Qinglan used to be a regular guest of the Fu family and often ate at the Fu family. Her taste is more or less clear to the people of the Fu family.

Grandpa Fu’s eyes glared. “Thank you? Family should not be so polite to each other.”

Shen Qinglan has forgotten the fact that she has married Fu Hengyi.

Although only two people had dinner, they still enjoyed themselves. Shen Qinglan did not speak much. Most of the time, Grandpa Fu was talking. Occasionally, Shen Qinglan would say one or two sentences. They had a very pleasant chat.

After dinner, Shen Qinglan also told Grandpa Fu that she was going out for a period of time. Grandpa Fu did not oppose it. Young people, it’s better to go out more.

So, after Shen Qinglan finished her meal, she went back to her and Fu Hengyi’s, JiangxinYa apartment.  Where she collected a set of clothes, and then returned to her own apartment in Shangya.

The apartment is still the same as it was before she left. Shi Feng should have cleaned before she left, leaving no trace. It was just that she had not lived here for a long time. The table was covered with a layer of dust. She called the housekeeping company and asked them to clean it up.

There is also a piece of paper on the dining table, on which is a string of telephone numbers, whose is self-evident.

Shen Qinglan just glanced casually and threw the paper into the trash can.

She went to the room which Shi Feng thought was a study. It was actually a studio with several finished paintings on the wall and on the floor.

In the middle of the room, there is an easel with various tools and pigments.

Shen Qinglan went to the corner, picked up a sketchbook and a portable easel, then picked up a backpack and put all the things she needed in it.

Instead of waiting for the housekeeping aunt to come over, she handed the key directly to the doorman and then went out with a big backpack.


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