Chapter 57. Unexpected Accident on The Road

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“Really, you’re so smart, it’s so hard to give you a surprise.” Yu Xiaoxuan pouted.

Shen Qinglan smiled, “It’s my fault. In order to make amends and celebrate, let’s go to dinner tonight. I will pay for whatever you like. “

Yu Xiaoxuan’s eyes lit up, “really?”

Shen Qinglan gave her a nod.

“Then I’m going to have a big meal, a big luxury meal.”

“Good. ”

“I choose the place. ”


“Hooray!! Then let’s go. ”

After a while, Xiaoxuan began to tell Shen Qinglan about her nervousness during her performance. “Qinglan, you don’t know, there were five judges. As soon as I entered, they all looked at me, and they made me nervous. I almost couldn’t speak clearly. I remember what you said to me at the critical moment, so I calmed down. I’m afraid I won’t be able to get through the first round if it wasn’t for that.”

“It’s all right now. Did they say when the next round will be?” Shen Qinglan asked.

“It’s next Saturday, this time still requires a performance. Qinglan, what do think I should perform this time? Singing? Dancing? Reciting?”

As they walked along, they discussed, although Xiaoxuan was the one who mostly talked. Qinglan would give her own opinions whenever Xiaoxuan asked her.

Although Xiaoxuan said she wanted to eat a big meal, they finally ate it at a big stall. In Xiaoxuan’s words, it’s too early to eat a big meal now. It’s not too late to have a big meal again when she really is selected. She’ll certainly not be polite to Shen Qinglan at that time.

In the following week, Yu Xiaoxuan was busy preparing the program, this time she chose singing. Shen Qinglan doesn’t understand singing at all and naturally won’t give any advice carelessly.

This week, Shen Qinglan herself had something to do. The other day, she received a phone call from Daniel asking when she would send the two paintings promised to the owner of the charity auction. Shen Qinglan finally remembered what she had forgotten.

Although when she came back from Hangzhou this time, she had brought back several paintings, she did not plan to sell them but chose to paint two more.

One of them had been completed, and Shen Qinglan decided to paint the sunrise for the other one.

There are no mountains in the capital, so naturally, there would be no picturesque sunrise, but there is a stretch of mountains in the western suburbs of the capital. Although the highest altitude is not more than 300 meters, it’s enough to see a sunrise scene.

Shen Qinglan decided to set out that evening and camp on the top of the mountain in order to not miss the sunrise.

After packing up what she needed, Shen Qinglan drove off. This time she was not driving the sports car from Shen Junyu, but Fu Hengyi’s SUV, which he parked in the garage. Shen Qinglan took the car key from his study.

When the car drove out of the city, the surrounding area suddenly quieted down. Although it was the capital city, the place to the west of the city belonged to the junction of the countryside and the city. There was also a large area of farmland. At night, it was very quiet, unlike the city where there’s a lively nightlife.

All of a sudden, there was a loud noise ahead. Shen Qinglan stepped on the brake and halted. Although it was only a sound, Shen Qinglan was very sure that the sound just now was definitely a gunshot. Such a familiar sound. Shen Qinglan, who had personally felt the cold temperature of a gun on her body, would never wrongly recognize that sound.

What happened ahead, and why were gunshots fired here? Should she move on? Shen Qinglan hesitated. She wasn’t afraid of trouble, but she didn’t want to go look for trouble.

As Shen Qinglan hesitated to turn back, a beam of light hit her face. She knew it was too late. She was discovered by the other party.

“Who’s there? Get off.” In front of her, a man shouted. The light in his hand shook in Shen Qinglan’s face.

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Shen Qinglan looked through the light and found that there were still quite a few people present, about 20 or 30 people. Is it too late to run now?  Fu Hengyi’s car was good. It can definitely escape at full horsepower, but is it bulletproof?

At this moment, Shen Qinglan was thinking wildly, without any fear or tension on her face.

Over on the other side, the shouting man was also reporting to a man in his thirties, “Boss, it seems that the woman in the car just now saw us. What should we do?”

The man called ‘boss’ has a shallow scar on his forehead, which is obviously a recent addition. If Shen Qinglan were here, she would surely recognize the man as someone she had saved; Shi Feng.

Shi Feng gently wiped the knife in his hand. The knife was still dripping with blood. On the ground lay a man covered with blood, motionless and his life or death was unknown. “Are you sure she saw it? If she didn’t see it, you’d better not easily kill someone. If she did see it, you can use the money to solve it. If you can’t, then… ”

Shi Feng stopped, although his words weren’t finished, the man who shouted; Ah Nan, already understood. His eyes flashed fiercely.


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