Addicted To Pampering You: The Mysterious Wife Of The Military Man

Author: Jiu Mo Li / 久陌离

Title: Addicted Pampering You: The Mysterious Pampered Wife of The Military Master
/Addicted To Pampering You: The Mysterious Pampered Wife of The Military Ye

Translator: RandomAlex & Blue Shine


She is the Young Miss of Military family Shen, her face is peerless, her temperament is cold, and she is her family’s treasure, but isn’t accepted as one’s child by her mother;

He is The Sole Heir to the top giant Fu Family, his power is unparalleled, indifferent high-born, the captain of the mysterious military force, and the youngest commander-in-chief.

Because of her grandmother’s wishes, she married him at lightning speed. She thought that it was a marriage that she needed, but she didn’t expect to be greeted with his extreme pampering.


Chapter 1 – 22 can be found here: here

Indonesian: here


Chapter 23. Uncovered Thoughts, Shen Xitong Is Embarrassed!
Chapter 24. Will You Marry Me?
Chapter 25. Receiving a Certificate
Chapter 26. You Still Have Me
Chapter 27. Aftermath
Chapter 28. Wu Qian’s Change
Chapter 29. My Male God
Chapter 30. I Miss You
Chapter 31. Solo Trip
Chapter 32. No Switch
Chapter 33. Yan Xi
Chapter 34. Inexplicable Like
Chapter 35. Leng Qingqiu
Chapter 36. Next Time, I’ll Go With You
Chapter 37. Shen Xitong’s Thoughts
Chapter 38. A Black Beckoning Constitution?
Chapter 39. Big Sister, I Promise Myself To You
Chapter 40. Your Fault!
Chapter 41. Interlude: Someone Coming in The Middle of the Night
Chapter 42. Sleep Together
Chapter 43. Are You Satisfied?
Chapter 44. Mistaken Grandpa Fu
Chapter 45. Date
Chapter 46. This is My Wife
Chapter 47. Seeing an Acquaintance
Chapter 48. Is This Really the First Time?
Chapter 49. Sweetheart
Chapter 50. Moving Houses
Chapter 51. Yan Shengyu
Chapter 52. Rejection
Chapter 53. Selected by The Crew
Chapter 54. Support You
Chapter 55. Recommend a Person
Chapter 56. Audition
Chapter 57. Unexpected Accident on The Road
Chapter 58. Seeing Shi Feng Again
Chapter 59. An Advice
Chapter 60. Fu Hengyi Is Injured
Chapter 61. I’m Sorry to Worry You
Chapter 62. Rejecting the Army?
Chapter 63. Sleeping In Each Other’s Arms
Chapter 64. Shares Transferring
Chapter 65. Devising a Plan
Chapter 66. Good Performance and Reward
Chapter 67. Beauty and Making Money to Support a Family
Chapter 68. She is Not Qualified
Chapter 69. Such Deep Affections Between Mother and Daughter.
Chapter 70. Igniting Trouble That Couldn’t be Extinguished
Chapter 71. Do You Want to Travel?
Chapter 72. Beaten on Set
Chapter 73. Ring (1)
Chapter 74. Ring (2)
Chapter 75. Wu Qian?
Chapter 76. This Is My Daughter
Chapter 77. Shen Junyu’s Request
Chapter 78. Shen Junyu’s Request (2)
Chapter 79. Yan Shengyu is a Troublemaker
Chapter 80. Wu Qian is Back
Chapter 81. Meet Yan Xi Again
Chapter 82. Are You In Love?
Chapter 83. Yu Xiaoxuan Is Back
Chapter 84. Meet By Chance
Chapter 85. This Is My Brother, Shen Junyu
Chapter 86. Confession
Chapter 87. Qinglan’s Strength Is A Mystery
Chapter 88. Little Sister-In-Law, I’ll Take You To See A Good Show
Chapter 89. I’m Afraid You Can’t Afford To Play
Chapter 90. What The Hell
Chapter 91. She’s Rising
Chapter 92. Won, Where’s The Bet?
Chapter 93. Just Make a Detour if You See Us in the Future.
Chapter 94. Just Make a Detour if You See Us in the Future (2)
Chapter 95. Just Make a Detour if You See Us in the Future (3)

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