Chapter 5. Watched The Whole Show

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Seeing a cup of coffee spilled at her, Chen Xu quickly stepped to the side — the coffee was not spilled on her face, but all sprinkled on her skirt.

The white umbrella skirt, the hem was instantly soiled, and the brown stain of the coffee spread.

No matter how good Chen Xu’s temper was, she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Ye Zhiqing, I suggest you go to the hospital’s psychiatric department for an examination. If there was any illness, treat it as soon as possible!” Chen Xu tried to restrain herself, but she was still trembling with anger. “Don’t be afraid of medical treatment because it could endanger others and yourself!”

“Ha ha …” Ye Zhiqing clapped and laughed. Chen Xu’s embarrassing appearance makes her very happy. “This is the only way to deal with people like you. Let’s talk about it. I can only talk about you with a sharp mouth, so I can only do it!

Well, I’m angry too. I’m leaving, Teacher Chen. Don’t seduce other people’s husbands in the future!” Ye Zhiqing took out a paper towel from the bag to wipe her hands and was ready to leave.

Chen Xu stepped forward and blocked the path that Ye Zhiqing wanted to take. She stared at Ye Zhiqing coldly. Without talking, without moving.

Ye Zhiqing shouted, “What do you want to do, Chen Xu? Want to kill people? Who are you afraid of!”

Chen Xu was silent and stared at her. This kind of constant sight carried a burden and Ye Zhiqing was a little weak when stared at by Chen Xu.

The small garden was a closed circle made of low Holly. There was only one road from the East to the West-leading to the outside. The main road was wider in the East and the stone path was narrower in the West. Chen Xu blocked the main road in the East.

Seeing that she had no intention of giving up, Ye Zhiqing had to go to the West side of the path. She was in a good mood and walked proudly in high heels.


Ye Zhiqing suddenly screamed as she walked up the path. She couldn’t control her whole body and jumped forward. She fell down and chewed the mud.

“It hurts! My feet! My feet!” Ye Zhiqing repeatedly said pain, want to stand up but the high heels on the feet are not giving strength. That person was extremely upset.

Chen Xu was not surprised at all. She especially stood in front of Ye Zhiqing and looked down at her face. “I’m sorry, I forgot to remind you that there was a collapse under this path, and the school hasn’t had time to repair it.”

Chen Xu’s voice was gentle, soft and sweet, full of goodwill.

“You!” Ye Zhiqing struggled to stand up, her face crooked with anger. “You did it on purpose! You know there’s something wrong with this path, and you deliberately block the road and won’t let me go! Trying to make me twist my foot! Chen Xu, you are so insidious!”

Chen Xu smiled and said, “Oh, did you twist your foot? Go sit on the bench and have a rest. Goodbye.”

Finished saying, Chen Xu turned and left, ignoring Ye Zhiqing’s curses.

In another small building next to the small garden, by the window of the first floor covered by creepers, Zhang Qian put his hand leisurely on the windowsill and watched the whole show.

He wore a black shirt and trousers, broad shoulders, thin waist, and long legs, tall and straight.

The shadow of creepers was cast over his face, adding some darkness to his handsome face, but his eyes were still bright and sharp, shining in the dim light.

Seeing Ye Zhiqing limping away with high-heeled shoes in her hand, and looking at Chen Xu who has gone far, Zhang Qian seems to be quite interested in this. After picking up his eyebrows, he chuckles.

There was a sudden sound of footsteps behind him, and the warm voice of the middle-aged man interrupted his gaze.

“Boss Zhang, I finally found you. Why are you here alone?”

“Oh, I came to have a look,” Zhang Qian smiled at the man. “I used to study here when I was in college.”

“Headmaster Wang was looking for you everywhere. We are wondering how we can chat when the guest suddenly disappears.”

“I’m sorry, Director Yang. I went to the bathroom halfway and stopped by. I didn’t expect to put so much pressure on you.” Zhang Qian said it politely.

“I didn’t dare. You are our VIP guest. We’re afraid we won’t be able to serve you well!” Director Yang’s face smiled like an old chrysanthemum.

While smiling, he leaned to the window and looked out. “Did Boss Zhang just see anything interesting just now? I saw you smiling from a distance.”

There was nothing outside the window except the vines hanging from the creepers and a small garden in disrepair. The garden was overgrown with weeds, and it’s obvious that people don’t come here very often.

“Well, I just saw a younger sister who used to be from the same college as me.” Zhang Qian smiled and looked at the end of the school road. Observed a moment of silence for the dirty dress.

“She was so lucky to meet you at your alma mater after graduating for so many years.” Director Yang asked, “Is she back to work?”

“Well, maybe.” Zhang Qian didn’t want to talk about it, so he changed the topic without a trace. “Let’s go, don’t keep Headmaster Wang waiting for a long time.”

Chen Xu returned to the library in a dirty skirt and pretended to be calm in front of the  eyes of passers-by.

She had some regrets. She knew that Ye Zhiqing would go crazy. She had to wear the black skirt in the morning. This big coffee stain was so conspicuous on the white skirt that it was impossible to clean it.

Chen Xu was depressed when Director Liu called her.

“Xiao Chen, let’s go. Headmaster Wang and they are going to the hotel in a minute. Hurry up.”

“All right, Director Liu. I’ll take a taxi.”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Xu took a pair of scissors and went to the bathroom. Halfway through, she met Song Chunfang, who came out of the bathroom.

“Yo! Xiao Chen, what’s wrong with your skirt? How did this happen?” Song Chunfang was surprised.

“I accidentally spilled coffee on it just now.” Chen Xu didn’t want to tell her more, so she hurried over and went to the bathroom.

“I said where did you go just now, so you slipped out for coffee.” Song Chunfang shook her head directly behind her. “Now, how can you meet someone in a moment when the dress is so dirty?”

The stains were all concentrated on the hem of the skirt. Chen Xu no longer hesitated. She took the scissors and cut off the hem quickly. The skirt that grew to the calf suddenly became short.

The edge of the skirt was somewhat uneven. Chen Xu cut the hem of her skirt again. Wearing a shortened skirt, Chen Xu tiptoes in the bathroom to look in the mirror.

The effect of the rough edge was surprisingly good, and the ordinary umbrella skirt seems to have a bit of a sense of design. Not only did it make her legs look long, but also a little more youthful and lively.

The only drawback was that it was a little too short. Just arrived in the middle of the thigh, it was easy to get exposed if she didn’t pay attention.

Chen Xu sighed. Forget it. That is the only way. Director Liu was in a hurry. She didn’t have time to run home to change clothes. Let’s do it. It’s just a meal anyway.

On the taxi, Chen Xu thought about it and called Lu Zhenyu.

“Ye Zhiqing told me that you are going to take part in Tong Tong’s sports meeting. What’s the matter?”

When she called Lu Zhenyu, he obviously refused.

Lu Zhenyu immediately asked, “Did she call you?”

Looking at the short skirt with half of her thigh exposed, Chen Xu was very upset and could not help but bring a little sarcasm in her tone. “Mrs. Lu has come to ask questions in person. Lu Zhenyu, would you like to take her to the hospital for examination to see if there was something wrong with her brain?”

Lu Zhenyu: “She also… made a fuss?”

Chen Xu was too lazy to answer. She asked him, “You have changed your mind about the parent-child sports meeting in kindergarten. Are you sure you want to take part in it?”

“En. I’d better go. Make the child happy.”

“Good. Thank you. I’ll send you the time and place later.” Chen Xu didn’t say much nonsense, and hung up the phone.

Once, countless sleepless nights, she hated Lu Zhenyu. Hate his betrayal, hate his ruthlessness, hate to gnash teeth. But now she didn’t hate, facing Lu Zhenyu, her heart didn’t waver. No love, no disgust.

To her, he was just an acquaintance. The biological father of Tong Tong. That  was all.

At the age of 19, she met and fell in love with Lu Zhenyu. She got married successfully and had a son. Everyone said that this was the best way to love.

But what happened in the end?

Finally, there were a lot of trivial matters.

Looking at the scenery out of the window mechanically, Chen Xu closed her eyes a little wearily. She didn’t know if she still has the ability to love someone.

This failed marriage made her deeply afraid of the so-called love.

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